Everything You Need to Know Regarding Facebook Jail Including How to Get Out of it?

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Updated On September 20, 2023

Have you ever wondered what this term ‘Facebook Jail’ means? If yes! Then, today you’ll surely get a clear understanding of this phrase as well as all the necessary information regarding it that you should definitely need to know as a Facebook user. So, let’s begin:

As you all know, Facebook is an open place where you can connect with other people from all across the world but apart from its positive benefits, it has many negative points as well. For instance, hackers, spammers, kidnappers, and other categories of fraudsters are using Facebook to target the Facebook account of innocent ones. So, knowing the fact that Facebook— social networking site plays an essential role in around 2 billion people’s lives as they share their personal information, connect with others, promote business and run events; it has enforced its rules and regulations more strictly to ensure their account’s safety and security.

Therefore, while using Facebook as a social media platform to communicate, to post, and to share about your life, about your business, and about your ideas; it is necessary to behave as per its rules and regulations in order to avoid getting blocked from posting on Facebook because even a minimal misuse of the Facebook site could end up with the closure of your FB account.

To be precise, the Facebook team lends you in Facebook Jail as a punishment for violating the following “terms and conditions as well as rules and regulations” of Facebook either knowingly or unknowingly:

  • Do not post any inappropriate content on the Facebook profile.
  • Do not buy too many likes on posted content and photos. 
  • Do not send too many friend requests to un-anonymous users.
  • Do not tag unnecessarily anonymous Facebook users.
  • Do not threaten or misbehave with fellow Facebook users.
  • Do not promote your product/service/ business on other user pages.
  • Do not run multiple Facebook accounts on your Facebook account name.
  • And, last but not least, do not plagiarize copyrighted content on the Facebook platform.

Now, if you’re still thinking about what exactly is Facebook Jail then let us tell you that it is a term used for virtual punishment that Facebook users get from Facebook for breaking the site’s rules and regulations. Basically it blocks or disables your power and ability to perform any kind of Facebook activity such as posting and commenting on the platform. 

So, for violating any of the above-mentioned rules and regulations, Facebook can give you punishment in ‘Three Levels’ and they’re as follows:

Level 1The highest level of Punishment For Facebook JailThis highest level of Facebook punishment means the complete suspension of your Facebook account. It’s more like Facebook Execution.
Level 2The middle level of Punishment For Facebook JailThis middle level of Facebook punishment means your permanent tenure in Facebook Jail. You’ll be given access to use your Facebook account, but with the suspension of some specific features from your Facebook account.
Level 3The lowest level of Punishment For Facebook JailThis lowest level of Facebook punishment means your temporary stay in Facebook Jail. The period of your stay in Facebook Jail will expire within a week or to a maximum of one month.

How To Tell If I Am In Facebook Jail and For How Long Does Facebook Jail Last?

During the Facebook login process, Facebook notifies you with a Facebook Jail report that your FB account has been disabled or blocked based on the nature of your committed offense but for how long Facebook can block you usually depends on the type of offense that users commit as there is a variation in Facebook ban lengths. However, in general, Facebook can lend you in Jail for:  

  • Few hours
  • Three Days
  • Six Days
  • For a week, or
  • Permanently.

How to Get Out of Facebook Jail?

Before moving on to the steps of how to get out from FB Jail, let us tell you that Facebook Virtual Jail is of two types:

  • One is ‘Permanent Facebook Jail’ in which you’ll be blocked permanently.
  • Second is ‘Temporary Facebook Jail’ in which you’ll be blocked on a temporary basis. 

So, remember that, if you belong to the first category then, you can’t regain access to your account or any particular Facebook service in any way as this type of block is designed to block spammers and hackers who’re trying to play with Facebook’s security. On the contrary, if you belong to the second category where Facebook temporarily blocked you then, your account’s activities suspend only for a certain period of time and luckily there’s a way out there to help you in getting out of temporary Facebook Jail. 

The method that helps you in recovering your blocked Facebook account is to submit an appeal in front of Facebook if you suspect that Facebook has locked your account mistakenly. Yes! There is this option by which you can contact the Facebook team to appeal them in order to remove your block restriction and to do so; you need to perform these steps accordingly:

How to Send an Appeal to Facebook?

  • To begin with the process, you need to contact the Facebook team by sending an appeal in front of them and for that, first, open your preferred web browser on your device be it mobile, or computer.
  • Then, navigate from your browser’s homepage to ‘My Facebook Account has been Disabled Page.’
  • There on the page, all you have to do is click on the option of ‘submit an Appeal: If your account was disabled by mistake.’
  • Doing so will open an appeal form in front of you that you need to fill with all the necessary details that are associated with your Facebook account such as—
  • Your Facebook Username, 
  • Your Email Address, and 
  • Your Registered Phone Number, etc.
  • In continuation, you need to provide a proof of your identity to Facebook by uploading a picture of yours using these further steps—
  • Click on the ‘Choose Files’ option
  • Select your ‘Photo’ from your computer’s photo library folder or from your phone’s gallery.
  • Click on the option of ‘Open’ to upload your identity proof.
  • Now, once you’re done uploading your proof of identity, move further to click on the option of ‘Send’ from the bottom of the page in order to finally submit your appeal form to the Facebook team for recovering your temporarily blocked/disabled Facebook account.

That’s it! After doing so, you just have to wait until and unless the Facebook team will send you a notification allowing you to access your Facebook account back. This way, you’ll be able to get out of Facebook jail free card.

Now, make use of the Facebook site properly such as how it works and how you can benefit from its various features by reading its terms and conditions. This way you’ll be able to save yourself and your Facebook account either from being banned permanently or disabled temporarily.

However, sometimes, in the process of reading terms and conditions, you may end up being confused and bored in the middle of it. So, having this in mind, the best way to save yourself from getting in Facebook Jail is to practice the following few essential tips while using the Facebook account—

Essential TipsDescriptionSolution
Avoid plagiarizing the copyright content to post on your Facebook account/profile.On the online platform, posting ‘Copyright-protected’ content is one of the serious offenses that lend you in trouble. Plagiarizing content on Facebook is against its rule and therefore, you cannot post images, text, and links that are subject to copyright. Whether in enthusiasm, determination, or in a productivity rush, if you have a habit of posting the same content at the same time among various pages, groups, chats and that too very rapidly and repeatedly then, you need to put a full stop on this behavior. It is because this craziness can be considered as spamming behavior by Facebook and for this, you’ll likely be thrown into virtual Facebook Jail. To stay out of Facebook Jail, try to create your original content instead of plagiarizing content. For instance, if you want you can create your own photos, cards, and postcards, using websites like ‘PicMonkey.com.’ This way, you’ll be able to save your account from being marked as ‘SPAM’, and also you can gain genuine trust among Facebook users for your profile.
Avoid posting too rapidly on FacebookHate speech, nudity, and content related to drug sales, pornography, weapons, etc are nowhere acceptable on the online platform. It’s a serious offense and if you post such provocative and offensive content on your Facebook profile then, chances are your account can be banned permanently. To get rid of this behavior try to always have some gap between your posts especially when you want to post identical content in multiple groups, chats, and pages such as only post a maximum of 6 posts in a day by scheduling your posts in advance.
Avoid posting bad, offensive, or inappropriate content on Facebook—it’s a serious offense on Social Media.Hate speech, nudity, and content related to drug sales, pornography, weapons, etc are nowhere acceptable on the online platform. It’s a serious offense and if you post such provocative and offensive content on your Facebook profile then, chances are your account can be banned permanently. To secure your account from being banned permanently, never post any such bad content on your account and instead try to understand how you can control over posting such inappropriate and unacceptable material on Facebook.
Avoid Spamming or behaving like a SpammerIn the online world, no site like ‘Spammers’ and it’s quite an obvious fact, therefore, avoid doing any sort of activities or behavior that can be considered equal to ‘Spamming’ by other Facebook users. It is so because, if you behave like a spammer and get involved in spamming activities then, you can be marked by Facebook users as a spammer and for this, Facebook can block your account.‘Spamming’ is an appropriate activity so to avoid such activities, read Facebook policies for both business pages and personal biographies to understand how Facebook actually works, what can be considered spam on Facebook, and how you can avoid being so. However, for the time being, you can keep the following things in mind to avoid spamming—

1) Never send too many friend requests to those users whom you don’t know or with whom you have no connections.

2) Keep yourself away from promoting your product, business, or service on other business pages.

3)Try to connect with users who’re known and who actually recognize you.Stay yourself away from using the name of any know-person or famous personality.

4) Restrict yourself on commenting and liking other posts too much.
Avoid tagging anonymous users on FacebookAlways take some extra precautions while tagging people on your Facebook posts. If you tag anonymous users on Facebook knowingly then, it can lead to your blocked Facebook account because this activity is considered synonymous with spamming and it can decrease your account’s authenticity as well as credibility among other Facebook users.To save your account from being marked as ‘Spam’ try to tag only your ‘real friends’ on Facebook and not everyone else.
However, if you still want to tag anonymous people who‘re not even available in your posted photos, videos, and other stuff then, you can do so by adding them not in your posts but in your comments section.

That’s all! Just keep in mind the above-mentioned essential tips while using your Facebook account in order to keep yourself away from becoming a virtual ‘Facebook Jail’ victim.

Author: Khushboo Chhibber