Privacy Policy for ITYUG

Updated On February 8, 2021

With this privacy policy statement we at ITYUG website, try our best to enlighten you about our firm commitment to privacy and how much we respect the online privacy of our readers. We strongly urge you to read our privacy policy practices thoroughly because this will assist you to make informed decisions regarding the pros and cons of sharing your personal information with us. In fact, the same will also help you to determine how we handle the information that you share on our website and how careful you should be while sharing your personal info. So, let’s begin with the overview of the same—

First of all, we’ve a selected team of authorized writers, editors, freelancers, and developers who make their contribution in writing, editing as well as publishing of the content. They maintain a very high ethical standards to altogether work and perform in-depth research to offer you the unique, trustworthy and qualified content on ITYUG platform.

Secondly, we’ve no authority or rights on the information posted on the ITYUG website. For instance, the names and description of the product, application, & services, etc. Rather, we only have the rights to change, convert, modify or delete our website or any of its portions (temporarily or permanently) with or without any prior notice. 

Thirdly, the informational content that we provide on our website is of general-nature and hence, we hold no responsibility for any kind of change that you notice specifically based on your country or region. In addition to the same, our site may or may not be available for access to a particular person or location and therefore, to avoid or resolve such cases of non-accessibility, you may require to have the consent or conformity with the local laws, rules & regulations. 

But, in spite of what said-above, the overall use of the ITYUG portal is subjected to its following mentioned ‘Terms of Use:’

  • ITYUG and its authorized members have all the rights to make any sort of change effective on our site at any given point of time. So, make sure that you should check our Terms of Use regularly. 
  • If you continue to use ITYUG without any inconsistency then, this helps us to determine that you’re agreeing with our site’s terms and conditions.
  • When you visit, access or use our site, it indicated that you’ve given your full consent to ITYUG’s T&Cs as per its terms of use.

Privacy Policy Practices:

  • When you decide to continuously use our site, and subscribe to us using the prescribed domain only then, we can collect personal information details from you. However, the only possible way through which we’re eligible to collect your personal data is none other than your own consent. To be precise, when you choose to sign-up for our newsletters, participate in contests, forums, and other similar activities; it simply resembles that you’re automatically providing us your details like name, date of birth, contact number, address, email ID, IP address, login credentials, your browser details, system settings and so on with your own consent.
  • All the personal information, data and details that we collect from you using tools like Cookies (they’re small strings of text files that are created to store bits of your information, when you visit a website), will be available to read and capture for everyone out there. 
  • Though, we undertake all sorts of administrative, technical and physical measures to protect the data of our users from any unlawful or unauthorized ‘loss, alteration, use and destruction.’ But, we do not guarantee the security of information that is transmitted online. Hence, we suggest you take extra precaution while sharing any of your personal or sensitive information on our site. 
  • We at ITYUG may also provide some third-party website links on our site that are not in our regulation. So, if you click to connect with those websites we strongly urge you to thoroughly check their separate terms of use, security strategies and privacy policies with all your attention. Well, because we make no warranties, no liabilities, and assume no responsibilities of all such third-party websites that we don’t have any control of.
  • The personal data and information of our readers that we retain will comply not only with our Privacy Policy but also with the purposes for which it was retained. For instance, performing data analytics regarding the usage of our site, effectively responding to user’s comments, queries and requests, to provide support, protecting our users against any kind of cyber fraud or illegal activities and/or offering users the opportunities to participate in online (events, programs, & contests) activities, etc. 

How to get informed about our Privacy Policy updates?

We at ITYUG, occasionally update our Privacy Policy and to get informed about the same, you can visit here at regular time intervals. By visiting our Privacy Policy, you can keep yourself informed about all the modifications and changes that we made to our Privacy Policy statement and practices. However, in case if we make any material change on your site, we either post a notice or else we send a personal notification to inform you regarding the same.