Get Your Locked Facebook Account Fixed in No Time- A Recovery Guide

How to unlock Facebook account

Facebook is much in demand for years now and since its birth, its popularity has only gone higher on the graph. Still, there are users who don’t find it entertaining owing to the issues they face with it. Whether it’s due to their ignorance or Facebook’s, users are facing issues in preventing their accounts from getting locked or disabled.

“Your Facebook Account is Locked or Disabled”

If you have faced the above error message, you must be going through a tough time to get your account back owing to the strict Facebook policies. 

But if you look at the brighter side, you will realize that Facebook is doing its job perfectly in keeping hackers away or whenever it smells something fishy, it locks or disables the account so that no further wrongdoings could happen. 

If you have also bear the brunt of Facebook and got your account locked somehow, there are multiple ways you can undo it and regain access.

Everything related to a locked Facebook account that has been disabled for further use and how you can fix it has been mentioned here. Make sure to read till the end to not miss upon something important. 

Why a Locked Facebook Account?

Before you ask me how to unlock my Facebook account, I think you must know why you are facing a locked FB account. There can be several reasons for which Facebook can ban you temporarily from using its services. Make sure you follow Facebook community standards to be on the safer side. Other than that, check out the following points:

Reported Account

If you have created a fake profile or are harassing someone through Facebook, they can report your account to block it. However, a single complaint will not get your account locked but if so many people have reported your account, Facebook will surely lock it.

Updating Database

Facebook is full of fake accounts and duplicate profiles even when it doesn’t allow for it. During the database update process, Facebook looks for such suspicious or misleading accounts and puts a lock on them forever.

Ignored Warnings

Facebook doesn’t accept any violations of its rules and if you are involved in something unethical or illegal on the platform, it will warn you about the consequences. But in case you continue with the illegal things even after the warnings, your Facebook account will be temporarily locked. 

Adding Too Many Facebook Friends

Facebook allows you to make friends but that doesn’t mean you can go on adding random people and that too in bulk. This sort of behavior is considered inappropriate and because you will be considered a spammer or robot, your FB account will be locked or disabled. 

Acting Suspicious

Facebook keeps a tab on the activities of your account and if something will look suspicious, it will temporarily lock your account for security reasons. 

Malware Concerns

A malicious attack on your device can get you in this trouble, so make sure you aren’t getting spammed and your system is safe and secure. 

Hacking Attempt

Even a single unknown login attempt can get your Facebook locked, so even if you aren’t the culprit, you can face a locked account to prevent your information from getting stolen.

How to Reactivate or Unlock a Temporarily Locked Facebook Account?

Whenever you get locked out of Facebook or they disable your account, you can always get it fixed. However, it will depend on the reason for which things happened, whether you will be able to get access to your account or not.

In 2020, so many users have reported about their temporarily locked Facebook accounts mainly due to phishing. However, it is possible that the account was considered pirated or compromised, hence was disabled.

Let’s look into the ways that you can use to reset your login info and get back to Facebooking:

Clean Up your Browser

First, start with basics and wait for at least some hours before you make another login attempt. Moreover, get the junk off your browser such as cookies, caches and history or else use a new browser to log in. For many users, this trick has worked in recovering their account. 

Get Yourself Verified

If you are still locked, you have violated terms and conditions or have acted suspiciously. Whatever is the reason, you can still perform FB account recovery as follows:

  • Go to Facebook login page- and click on ‘Forgot account’.
  • Next, enter the email address or phone number to search for your account and click on ‘Search’.
enter the email address or phone number to search for your account and click on ‘Search
  • From the list that you see, look for your account and click ‘This is my account’.
identify your account and click ‘This is my account
  • After that, you will get options to recover your account on the basis of information you have added in your account i.e. mobile number or email address or both. 
Add your account i.e. mobile number or email address or both
  • You will receive a verification code on the email address or phone that you have just selected; enter the same in the given space and click ‘Continue’.
Enter a verification code
  • Next, you will be allowed to set a new password and thereafter you will be able to access it as before.

This method has proved useful if you want to unlock your Facebook account without ID proof. 

Get Help from Friends

  • Get Help from Friends

    Facebook also lets you verify yourself with the help of your trusted contacts. Select the one you can contact immediately and ask them to follow the instructions to help you unlock your Facebook account as follows:

    • Click on the ‘Forgot account’ option to start the Facebook recovery process.
    • Look for the account you want to recover by entering the email, phone or username or entering first name will also do the job.
    • Select your account and then have a look at the recovery options; if you don’t have access to them, click on the option ‘No longer have access to these’?
    • Now, enter an email address or phone number that you can access and hit ‘Continue’.
    • Next, click ‘Reveal My Trusted Contacts’ and tell them to go to the link and ask them to give you the code; enter the code in the given space and click ‘Continue’.
    click on Reveal My Trusted Contacts
  • Send an Appeal

    After failed attempts to get your temporarily locked Facebook profile back, you can try sending an appeal to request the officials to give your account back. Here are some of the useful links to send a recovery appeal: 

    You can fill up the above forms as per your suitability and wait for a response from Facebook’s side.

    Proofs accepted by Facebook-

    How to Avoid Getting Locked out of Facebook?

    Getting your Facebook account locked or disabled is a scary thing and no one would ever want to get into such a situation. The major reason due to which users face this is for not giving the required attention to the terms and conditions provided by Facebook. They have all the factors listed that can get you into trouble, hence before you create a Facebook account, make sure you are well aware of its rules and regulations as that can save you from all the hassle. 

    1. Avoid posting, liking or commenting frequently as that may make you look like a spammer.
    2. Make sure the images you are using don’t break the copyright policy.
    3. You are not allowed to have a fake Facebook profile or represent someone else.
    4. Tag people or add them to groups with their prior permission so as to not being considered as a spammer.
    5. Use a Facebook page to promote your business and not your personal account.
    6. Don’t send too many friend requests to people unknown to you.

    All such things can save you from getting the error message “Your account has been temporarily locked”.

    For How Long Does Facebook Lock You Out?

    This is another concern of users; it depends on the reason for which your account has been locked. If it was a minor violation, Facebook will automatically unlock your account after a break. It can take anywhere between 1 day to one month; however, if the violation is severe, it can also get your account locked forever. In that case, no recovery method will work and you can only create a new profile. In case, you have sent some ID proofs for verification, make sure you wait for some time before you finally give up. Also, try to upload clear images of ID proofs to help Facebook validate you easily.

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