Netflix Tips to Boost Your Binge-Watching

Written by Abby Hill
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Updated On August 25, 2023

Although binge-watching is not a new idea, it is quickly becoming the new standard. The occasional TV marathon and DVD sets were the only means to get your binge-watching fix ten years ago, before introducing streaming services. 

Streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime have made binge-viewing — watching two or more (sometimes many more) episodes of a single series in rapid succession — a popular and rapidly growing activity.

Binge-watching may not be the best way to watch your favorite TV shows, according to various related studies. Binge-viewing has been linked to poor sleep quality, and studies have also revealed that binge-watching shows are less remembered and pleasurable than watching new episodes monthly.

So, if binge-watching makes us bleary-eyed on the couch, why is it so trendy? The solution rests on how our brain works as we watch Netflix movies or other streaming platforms’ content, as well as how filmmakers and streaming services design their products to keep us engaged.

To help you with that, here are some awesome tips to facilitate your binge-watching.

Turning-off Autoplay can Save You from Unwanted Shows

Netflix auto-plays trailers when you log in to search for something to watch, to promote its original content. Even if you’re just trying to explore the app, autoplay with audio can be extremely unpleasant. But now, Netflix has listened to your complaints and introduced the option of turning off autoplay. On a desktop, navigate to Manage Profiles by clicking your account avatar in the top right corner. While browsing on all devices, go to your account and deselect Autoplay previews.

 A Sleep-Timer is of Great Use

Are you still watching the show? When Netflix asks this bothersome question, the answer is almost always a humiliating yes. Some of us enjoy drifting off to episodes of Schitt’s Creek or other soothing entertainment. Netflix will eventually cease playing a show after a few episodes, display a “Are you still watching” alert, then eventually go to sleep if you don’t react.

What if you want the service to shut off after a certain period has passed? Netflix is said to be testing a sleep timer option since it has not been released yet but get ready as it will be available for users real soon.

Turning-off Post Play

You can also turn off Netflix’s Post-Play feature, which automatically plays the next episode of the series a few seconds after the credits roll, to avoid continuous play while you sleep (or to stop bingeing). Uncheck the box that displays ‘Autoplay next episode in a series on all devices’ under Account > My Profile > Playback Settings.

Instantly Find What you are Looking for

Netflix offers a massive content catalog that can be difficult to navigate. You may search by genre, but do you know you can also search by using codes? Unlike the Netflix app, which allows you to search for thrillers, Netflix secret codes like Action Thrillers (43048), Classic Thrillers (46588), and Crime Thrillers (10499) can allow you to search for more detailed content within that genre.

Rate What You Watch

When you dislike watches, the only person you affect is yourself. If you don’t grade what you’ve watched, Netflix will assume you enjoyed it and suggest more of the same. Netflix abandoned its five-star ratings in 2017 in favor of a simple thumbs up or down, similar to Pandora. So, if you really appreciate something, giving it a thumbs up is the greatest way to find more like it.

The Netflix algorithm has been designed in a way to facilitate the audience instead of causing them more trouble. Therefore, the feature of rating through the thumbs-up and thumbs-down icons can help the app learn more about your interests, consequently presenting you with recommendations that align with them.

Select Audio Descriptions

You only get a partial picture when you listen to a show. Important indications that are obvious to the sighted are frequently missed by the people who are visually challenged. Netflix has been adding audio explanations to some titles over the past few years; as of this writing, there are 1,654 titles with audio descriptions. The audio description gives vocal descriptions of what’s on-screen and may be accessed by selecting English – Audio Description on supported films under the audio and subtitles option.

Download the Shows

Download a couple of episodes of Bridgerton or your favorite series if you know you’ll be without a network connection. The majority of Netflix Originals are available for download, but there are also some more shows and movies.

When a title is available, click on the download button. Alternatively, go to the bottom menu and tap the Downloads icon to locate anything to download. This is also the location where you may find and delete downloaded stuff. Some titles will expire 48 hours after you first hit play, so keep that in mind if you’re going on a long trip without access to the internet.

Wrapping Up

Netflix offers an extensive content library to its audience, but not everyone is aware of its app’s complete features and functionality. Thus, with these aforementioned tips, you can personalize the Netflix app and take your binge-watching to a whole new level. Which one do you like the most, tell us in the comment section below. 

Author: Abby Hill