15 Travel Tips Every Rome Visitor Should Know

Written by Samara Davis
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Updated On December 22, 2023

The eternal city of Rome… That effortlessly blends the past with the present, where history lies around every single beautiful corner, and the aroma of freshly baked pizza and Aperol Spritz dances in the air. As you set forth on your journey to this mesmerizing city, let this comprehensive guide be your compass, steering you through the bustling streets, ancient ruins, and gelato-filled dreams. Whether you’re an art enthusiast, a history buff, a foodie in pursuit of culinary ecstasy, or simply an adventurer thirsting for enchantment, these 15 travel tips will equip you with the savvy to make the most of your Roman escapade.

Rome Visit

Hold your horses, though, as there is something important to discuss before we get into our Roman bonanza, and that’s transportation. If you are visiting Rome, you will likely be arriving via air, from one of the many airports in the city. We recommend booking an airport taxi (https://atobtransfer.com/italy/rome-airport-transfers/) to get you to your accommodation, from where you can get your trip started! Spend less time getting from Rome airport, and more time exploring the city by booking your AtoB airport transfer in advance! Being one of the biggest and busiest airports in the country, leaving your airport transfer to chance could lead to getting stuck at Ciampino airport, or worse – having to take public transport! 

Master the Art of Passeggiata

You know what they say: “When in Rome, do as the Romans do” – and that includes the delightful evening tradition of “passeggiata.” As the sun sets and the city illuminates, join locals in a leisurely stroll along the historic streets. The best part? There’s no rush, no schedule – just the pure joy of savoring life’s simple pleasures. Imagine yourself taking part in a centuries-old waltz, where the rhythm of your heart blends with the rhythm of the city.

Colosseum: Beat the Crowd, Live the History

Don’t just stand in awe outside the Colosseum – venture inside! Beat the crowds by arriving early using Rome airport taxi or purchasing a skip-the-line ticket. As you tread the same ground where gladiators once fought for their lives, let your imagination run wild, and perhaps even whisper a cheer for the fallen heroes. The Colosseum is like a time machine, transporting you to a tumultuous era of valor and spectacle.

Embrace Cucina Romana with Gusto

Italians believe that food is not just sustenance; it’s a passion, a celebration of life itself. Dive into the world of Cucina Romana – from mouthwatering pasta carbonara to crispy supplì (rice balls) that beckon your taste buds. Pro tip: Let your inner food critic flourish by hunting down those charming, family-run trattorias that promise authentic flavors, and don’t shy away from debating the merits of pizza al taglio versus the classic margherita.

Coin Wishes at Trevi Fountain

Behold the Trevi Fountain, a magnificent masterpiece that encapsulates the city’s romantic allure. Legend has it that tossing a coin over your left shoulder into the fountain guarantees your return to Rome. Take a Ciampino airport transfer to come here or while you’re at it, indulge in some whimsy and toss two coins – the second ensures not just your return, but a new romance. Just remember, while Rome can work its magic, you’re still responsible for maintaining a certain level of charm!

Vatican: Heavenly Art and Heavenly Queues

The Vatican is a treasure trove of art and history, home to Michelangelo’s breathtaking Sistine Chapel ceiling and countless other artistic marvels. However, be prepared for the Vatican’s popularity – long queues can be a formidable opponent. To outsmart the masses, purchase your tickets in advance or reserve an AtoB airport transfer to consider joining an early-access tour. As you stand beneath the Sistine Chapel’s celestial ceiling, you’ll realize the wait was worth every second.

A Gelato a Day Keeps the Blues Away

It’s a universally acknowledged truth that gelato is the ultimate mood-lifter. Let your taste buds embark on a journey of delight as you sample the array of flavors in gelaterias dotted around the city. From classic pistachio to the more adventurous ricotta and fig, every scoop is a spoonful of happiness. And hey, with all the walking you’ll be doing, consider it your well-earned indulgence.

The Roman Forum: Where History Whispers

Stroll through the Roman Forum, where ancient columns and ruins share stories of the past. But here’s a secret: history speaks loudest when you have a guide to bring it to life. Join a guided tour to uncover the layers of history and imagine the bustling marketplace, the political debates, and the pulse of an empire that once echoed through these very streets.

The Roman Forum

Appian Way: Walk in Ancient Footsteps

For a serene escape from the bustling city, hire an AtoB airport taxi and head to the Appian Way, an ancient road lined with tombs, ruins, and breathtaking scenery. Rent a bike or simply walk this path where history’s echoes can be heard in every rustle of leaves. Just remember to carry water and, of course, your appreciation for the simpler, quieter moments.

Aperitivo Hour: Sip and Savor

As the sun sets and the sky takes on hues of amber, partake in the cherished Italian tradition of aperitivo. Head to a local bar, order a refreshing Aperol Spritz or a Negroni, and enjoy a delightful spread of finger foods. It’s a chance to unwind, savor the flavors, and engage in spirited conversations with fellow travelers and locals alike.

Rome’s public transport system is like a complex opera – slightly confusing at first, but utterly mesmerizing once you get the hang of it. Invest in a Roma Pass for seamless access to buses, trams, and the metro. It’s your golden ticket to traverse the city with the grace of a seasoned local – just don’t forget to validate your ticket before you board!

Piazza Navona: Where Art and Life Converge

Piazza Navona is a living masterpiece, where baroque architecture, lively street performers, and artists create a symphony of sights and sounds. Take a leisurely stroll, admire the Fountain of the Four Rivers, and perhaps even commission a portrait from one of the talented artists. Remember, it’s not just about capturing your likeness – it’s about immortalizing your Roman adventure!

Learn the Language of Espresso

Italians have elevated the art of coffee to a science. To truly embrace the culture, order an espresso like a pro – it’s a quick shot of liquid vitality that fuels your day. Better yet, engage in some delightful banter with the barista, and who knows, you might walk away with not just an espresso, but a new friendship.

Explore Trastevere: Bohemian Charm Unveiled

Cross the Tiber River and discover the bohemian charm of Trastevere. Cobblestone streets wind through an enchanting labyrinth of cafes, boutiques, and hidden gems. Lose yourself in the vibrant energy, and remember, it’s not about where you’re going – it’s about the adventure of getting there.

Siesta: A Moment to Recharge

Embrace the Italian tradition of the siesta – the sacred afternoon nap that rejuvenates both body and soul. As the city quiets down and the sun casts a warm glow, find a quiet spot in a park or your accommodation. Close your eyes, let the sounds of Rome lull you, and awaken with the kind of renewed vigor that only a siesta can provide.

Carpe Diem in the Eternal City

As your Roman sojourn draws to a close, remember that the eternal city isn’t just about the historical marvels, the art, or the culinary delights – it’s about the moments you seize. Whether it’s a spontaneous gelato indulgence or a leisurely evening by the Tiber, embrace every experience, every sight, every taste, as if it were your last. Because in Rome, every moment is a chapter in a story that’s waiting to be written.

In the Wake of History, You Journey On

As you bid adieu to Rome, know that you’ve embarked on a journey that will forever remain etched in the annals of your heart’s story. The Colosseum’s grandeur, the Vatican’s magnificence, the aroma of espresso and the taste of gelato – they’re now a part of you. The eternal city has woven its magic, and you, dear traveler, have become a part of its rich tapestry. So, until the day you return to these storied streets, remember to live la dolce vita, book Rome airport taxi in good time, and let the spirit of Rome accompany you on every adventure yet to come.

Author: Samara Davis