7 Manga Series You’d Like to Live In!


Everyone will enjoy and get engrossed in this magnificent fantasy manga on the list.

The Best Fantasy Manga for Otakus!

Mangago is a freeware site that actually holds a fraction of the fantasy manga series that haven’t been adapted into anime. And so, we’ve created a list for you that you will surely love. 

Find out the hidden world of special series in the realm of Mangago. And as a matter of fact, there’s no login and signup needed; you only need to deal with the very few adverts on the site. Nevertheless, you will have the superb user experience you deserve!

1. Witch Hat Atelier

Witch Hat Atelier is a real treat to read since the reader learns about witchcraft at the exact moment Coco (the protagonist), which provides the scenario a constant sense of “surprise.” The manga series’ original illustration is very stunning! It’s a lovely blend of traditional fairytale books and newer manga style, and WHA is one of the greatest mangas out there which don’t have an anime version.

2. Dungeon Meshi

Dungeon Meshi falls upon the wildly popular “gourmet fantasy” genre. Also, at the same time, thriving in the funny manga section. For those unfamiliar with the term “gourmet fantasy,” it refers to a genre of fantasy novels that emphasize cooking much more than the isekai or fantasy components. Dungeon Meshi is among the longest-running adaptations, having started publication at the beginning of 2014, and one of the hilarious magical manga in total.

3. No. 8 Kaiju

Kaiju Number 8 debuted in Shonen Jump pretty lately, and it varies from traditional shonen fantasy manga narratives in a couple of respects. Kafka Hibino, the protagonist, is 32 years old, and the Defense Force is continuously encountering beasts instead of embarking on a quest that is more prevalent in manwha scenarios than mangaowl scenarios. It only has about 50 chapters available right now. Thus adapting it to anime would probably result in massive plotline alterations due to its brief length. Regardless, it’s a story that ought to be acknowledged.

4. Spirit Circle

Spirit Circle is said to be one of the all-time masterpieces before reincarnation narratives became popular in the manner of isekai or “second-life” comic series and animated films. It only lasted from 2012 to 2016, though it was sufficient time to amass a sizable fan base. It narrates a story that flies back and forth from various periods and reincarnations of two main characters without seeming too complicated. The main drawback is the visual aesthetic, which is somewhat simple; however, if Shaman King could upgrade the graphics, this should go the same with Spirit Circle.

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5. Psyren

Psyren is a fantasy novel that gravitates toward the “battle royale” genre. It’s comparable to The Matrix, including that the main character utilizes landline phones to travel to a parallel universe from which they can employ supernatural powers and are seriously at risk; even so, rather than martial arts, they were using psychic capabilities or “Psi.”

6. Fire Punch

A man named Agni has the “blessing” of endless renewal and is set ablaze by someone else who has the “blessing” of everlasting fire. It resulted in an endless chain where he’s constantly burning alive but still couldn’t die. He later realizes to endure the pain long enough, so he wants to take back control of his body, and he embarks on most of the maddest explorations in manga civilization. Who doesn’t want to see a narrative like that brought to life through animation?

7. Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End

The adventure was over at the beginning of Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End, as the title implicates. The Demon King has been crushed by the hero’s party, and “peace” has returned to the world. Not long after the series begins, Himmel, the “warrior” of the narrative, dies of old age. It might take the audience back to the past at first. The main emphasis of this narrative is on Frieren, the hero’s party’s elven sorcerer. Elves have an insanely long life compared to her human friends. So Frieren’s ten-year adventure with the Hero Himmel, the Dwarven Warrior Eisen, and the human Priest Heiter was merely a drop in an ocean of her existence. And the story expresses the guilt Frieren holds for her friend Hero Himmel.

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