From Apps to Adventure: 6 Essential Tips for Unforgettable Outdoor Bonding

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Updated On February 6, 2024

Aren’t you already tired of the same boring life that is spent with a screen and becoming repetitive day by day? Well, who wouldn’t be? 

But, we know what you might need the most right now – a rest! A rest to shift from the apps to adventures.

Everybody deserves a little time to rest in their life, we don’t know about others, but at least you do! So, set off on a trip with your family and pack the necessary items for your kids, or buy it from Lifespan Kids.

So, if this is your first time planning an outing, then you must know the basics of outdoor planning, and this article will help you with that. Stay with us to know more about the tips that will help you.

Choose the Destination

If you want to have a memorable trip, then your first step should be to look into the best places where you can spend a fun time with your family and explore new things.

Take opinions from every family member, what they like, where they wish to go, and their liking, so that no one feels left out.

Adventure trips stats image

The above statistics show the growth report of the Adventure Tourism Market in the US in the future.

You would have to double-check if the attractions you have chosen are open for kids of all ages and offer you various fun activities. Make sure it includes a theme park, museums, or other adventure-filled things.

Pack the Necessary Items

No matter if you are planning for a one-day one-night camping trip or a week trip to adventurous places, packing remains the most important thing.

So, what you need to do is make a list of the must-carry items and cross these items out when you are done packing them. The list must have:

Map and Compass

If you think that technology has taken over the compass and maps, then you are wrong. These two things are a must when you are going on an adventure in some remote places, where the network quality is low.

However, if you have chosen a busy place to travel, it would be better to keep a GPS receiver that will make sure you don’t get lost in an unfamiliar place.

Camp Stove

It can’t be always true that you have the skills to dig out the pit and light up a fire. That’s why it would be a lot easier to carry a camp stove to make sure you and your family are not starved on the camping site.

You wouldn’t believe it, but in the time of emergencies, it could be your only lifesaver.

Rain Gear

You can’t predict the rain, so better be prepared before it strikes you and your family falls sick on the way. We would advise you to carry lightweight raincoats that you can easily carry without any problems.

Extra Lightnings to Light up the Way 

Being in the dark can be scary when you don’t know who or what might be lurking in the dark. That’s why you should carry the lights with you to light up the dark alleys or paths. 

These lights could be flashlights, portable lanterns, or headlamps; however, a headlamp could be a better option as you don’t have to worry about carrying it in your hands or losing it. 

First-aid Kit

Emergencies can happen anytime and to anyone, so you need to be always prepared and carry a mini first-aid box. Also, if you don’t know how to deal with emergencies, learn about them before setting off for the trip.

You need to make sure that the kit has bandages, antiseptic solutions, gauze pads, painkillers, ointments, cotton, and other necessary ointments.

Make Sure to Have Fun

Isn’t having fun the main part of the trips? Then, make sure you have lots of fun with your family and kids, exploring the various locations and numerous enjoyable activities.

Family trips stats image

The above graph shows the comparison of people who are willing to spend vacations with friends or family.

Keep your bags filled up to the brim with snacks and treats, so the kids don’t feel bored and left out. You can also pack some interesting sports gear with you to spend some fun time, sharing the thrills of outdoor sports.

It would be better to not have any regrets after the vacation, where you get the most out of this trip, having free time with your loved ones.

Research the Localities for Possible Dangers

After you have selected a location, learn everything about its localities and the dangers that it has. You can take help from the online reviews or ask the locals for information.

There could be signs of animals appearing out in the night, so, be aware of that and keep the spray to chase away the animals and learn how you can deal with the situations when you find venomous snakes or plants.

Make sure to check if the place you have chosen is safe for camping and doesn’t expose your loved ones to any dangers. The dangers could be anything like the camping area is prone to landslides, floods, or avalanches.

Did You Know?
Beach resorts are the top destinations for 41% of millennial parents with children.

Make a Plan for the Must-do Activities

Try to plan the activities in a way that every member can participate, or if your preferences don’t match, be free to split up in pairs to enjoy the activities in a better way.

These activities could vary on the location you have selected, if you are closed off within a cabin, plan some indoor fun activities. Whereas, if you are free to explore, you can try out hiking, biking, horseback riding, and many fun sports activities.

If we talk about people’s experiences, many have said that they have happy memories from the time they went out of their comfort zone and took on a challenge. So, you can also try this out, as life is too short to think too much.

Prepare for Emergencies

As we’ve already talked about, emergencies are always unexpected, that’s why you must pack all the necessary items and educate yourself on how to deal with unforeseen events.

You must carry an extra phone on you, and an extra power source to help you during urgent

situations. A repair box will also guide you in case your devices or machine stops working. 


Don’t miss out on this precious chance and live life to the fullest with your loving family and kids. Make sure your adventure-filled trip becomes an unforgettable experience.

If you’re planning a long trip, choose the housing options before you reach, as you can get the best offers on specific events. 

Remember to dress lightly and according to the destination you have chosen and have a memorable bonding time with your family.

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Author: Barbara A. Chamblee