What Does ISO Mean on Facebook? Everything You Should Know About It

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Updated On September 8, 2023

Do you know what else social media gave us apart from fun and entertainment? Some really cool slang that we have adapted to an extent that we use in our daily life conversations. One such slang is ISO; if you use Facebook too often, you must be familiar with it. But if you don’t, you must be pondering over what does ISO mean on Facebook? or what does ISO stand for on Facebook? Well, that’s what we are going to find out today through this blog. So let’s get started. 

If You’re in a Bit of a Rush! ISO is mainly used in Facebook groups and Marketplace, it stands for ‘In Search Of’. It indicates that the person is looking for something specific, something in particular. It will show the product to the user directly and if the retailer has the same product, it’ll be much easier for the two to get connected and make an offer.

What Does ISO Mean on Facebook?

ISO on Facebook refers to ‘In Search Of’. Do you know how Facebook has a marketplace and a group feature where users can have their own little shopping spree? ISO is used there only. It is used to indicate a specific request for the products or services users are looking for. So it invites other users to come forward and make an offer if they are providing the suggested products or services. 

Basically, it’s for the buyer and seller to come forward and make a deal for their respective demands and requirements. Let’s have a look at some examples so you will have a better understanding- 

  • ISO iPhone 12 in working condition.
  • ISO tickets to The Weekend concerts.
  • ISO mildly used living room furniture. 

Here, in all the examples, ISO refers to “In Search Of”, in search of iPhone 12 in working condition, etc. I guess now you kind of understood ISO meaning on Facebook, but if you think there could be something else as well, let’s find out what it could be. 

What Else Could ISO Mean?

Generally, ISO meaning on Facebook is none other than ‘In Search For’, but if we talk outside of Facebook, there might be something else to know. Some people have also posted ISO posts about the music they heard on someone’s Facebook profile. Apart from this, the slang ISO could also mean ‘In Support of’ on the internet. 

For moments like Black Lives Matter, such slogans are used to indicate solidarity. Not just for BLM, but for other movements and events as well. 

Did you notice that I just used another slang like ISO? BLM is the slang version of the Black Lives Matter movement. The internet is quite a mischievous place, you can get anything and everything from here and you wouldn’t even notice it. 

Another meaning of the same and the answer to the query what does ISO mean on social media is ‘I’m Still Online’. Basically, it could be anything, but as long as we are talking about what is ISO on Facebook, it’s ‘In Search Of’. Talking about other social media apps, there have also been searches on what does ISO mean on TikTok, or what does ISO mean on Snapchat. Well, for these two platforms, it’s the same as on Facebook. Meaning, on these platforms as well, ISO means ‘In Search Of’. 

And that’s it, that was all about what does ISO mean on Facebook and what does ISO stand for on Facebook. Let’s now have a look at some other slang and abbreviations used on Facebook. 

Other Facebook Abbreviations

Did you know that apart from ISO, there are many other abbreviations that have been used on Facebook? You will find a major proportion of these while navigating through the Facebook marketplace and groups. And if you aren’t really aware of these, this could be a little too daunting for you, but now that you are here, you will get to know each one of them so that nothing could get between your Facebook shopping:

  • AFAIK- As far as I know. 
  • ATM- At the moment. 
  • B/W- Between 
  • B/C or BC- Because
  • BNIB– Brand new in box. 
  • BNNW- Brand new, never worn. 
  • BNWT- Brand new with tags. 
  • BTW– By the way
  • Cross-posted– This refers to the fact that the listed had been posted in other Facebook groups as well. 
  • DM- Direct message. 
  • ETA– Estimated time of arrival. 
  • EUC– Excellent used condition. 
  • F2F– Face to face. 
  • FTO– For trade only. 
  • FTPU– First to pick up. 
  • FYI– For your information. 
  • GUC– Good used condition.
  • HMU– Hit me up. 
  • HTH– Happy to help. 
  • LMK– Let me know. 
  • NBD– No big deal. 
  • NP– No problem. 
  • NVM– Never mind. 
  • OP– Original Post. 
  • PM– Personal message. 
  • SFS– Still for sale. 
  • TY– Thank you. 
  • WBU– What about you? 
  • YSK– You should know. 

And these were some of the most commonly used abbreviations on the Facebook marketplace and groups or maybe in Facebook drafts that you have saved from a marketplace only. 


I hope now you are not wondering about ISO Facebook’s meaning or what does ISO mean on social media. Basically, it’s nothing but one of the most commonly used abbreviations on Facebook, and not on the entire Facebook but on Facebook marketplace and groups precisely. Facebook group is something of a very powerful and useful tool on the platform, the user even has the potential to pause or delete a group on Facebook


Here are some frequently asked questions on Facebook related to what does ISO stand for on Facebook:

Ans: In Search Of. there’s not much difference in the meaning of ISO on different social media platforms or in text or on posts.

Ans: You can simply use this term in your post while creating one. All you have to make sure of is to mention in your post what you are looking for. For example ISO iPhone 12 original charger.

Ans: Point of View. This simply means that the person is elaborating or stating their point of view on a particular topic.


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Author: Mehak Gupta