Are Smart TVs Worth It?

Written by Ankit
2 mins, 12 secs Read
Updated On December 20, 2023

A great advertisement for the innovations or advancements of modern-day technology is what we know as Smart TV or connected TV. There’s hardly a commonplace device that screams technological advancement as a television that is mostly operated hands-free, responds to voice commands, and allows for easy streaming of movies and TV shows while recommending new shows. However, most of these features can be achieved through external devices as well, with the TV itself not having to do all that. This begs the question of if Smart TVs are worth it, especially when you consider the price of a Smart TV. Still, being that most TVs offered and sold today are considered Smart TVs, it is a given that most people certainly find them worth the price, but let’s find out. 

What is a Smart TV?

In determining the worth of a Smart TV, the first aspect to consider is what a Smart TV is, what it does, and what services it offers. To understand this, it is best to look at a Smart TV as a connected TV, as it is a television that can connect to the internet, while incorporating an operating system that allows for a wide range of applications, without plugging in any external device. A Smart TV allows for access to streaming platforms, like Netflix and Hulu, and provides for the management of such services that would ordinarily require a secondary device. You will need an internet connection to access these services. This can be arranged by searching for home internet near me. Regarding the services offered by a Smart TV, you should note that there is no uniform or standardized line-up of services. Rather, the built-in services of a Smart TV vary from company to company, except for mainstays of expected services like Netflix and Hulu.

How Much Does a Smart TV Cost?

The next aspect to consider is the price you would be getting a Smart TV for. The first issue with this is there is no longer a clear option between a Smart TV and a regular TV. As aforementioned, the TVs available for purchase today all have the “Smart” label, hence, the plethora of TV options are all Smart TVs. In light of that, there is hardly any clear difference in pricing, except for the difference caused by the Smart TV’s size and manufacturer. Whatever the price, it still falls within the range of “expensive”, and depending on the manufacturer and screen size, the price will keep going up. 

Are They Worth It?

When Smart TVs first came out, this question would have been easier to answer, as, at that time, the Smart TVs that existed in one form or another offered services that were only provided by a few providers. Nowadays, the services provided by Smart TVs, like streaming services, are readily available and easily accessible with other devices. A tablet, mobile phone, or devices like Chromecast readily offer the same services at cheaper rates. This fact makes it harder to justify the worth of a Smart TV. However, this doesn’t translate to a Smart TV being a bad buy or being worthless, especially if you need a new TV. The functions and services provided by most Smart TVs like smart home control still make them a decent buy for any home.