Tesla Model Pi: Elon Musk Phone is Ready to Conquer Smartphone Market

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Updated On December 20, 2023

Tesla Model Pi has outnumbered the expected popularity in the technology world, the reason being its dreamt SpaceX networking links with solar energy-powered batteries on neuralinked Tesla Model Pi.

Although Tesla vehicles were already making a lot of bluster in the tech vehicle domain, the Tesla Pi Model is another hope in the cell phone world.

Let’s illuminate everything that Tesla is hiding in its tech world and unravel the Tesla pi model.

Expected Specs of Tesla Phone

Pi(π) itself in the Tesla Model signifies the possibility of an immortal futuristic version in the smartphone tech era. Let’s know the rumored Tesla Pi Phone specs from its display info to software details.

Category Smartphone 
SpeedHSPA 42.⅖.76 Mbps, LTE-A, 5G Rev.A 3.1 Mbps
Sim CardeSIM
ColoursBlack, etc.
ResistantWater, accident, scratch resistant glass, oleophobic coating
Resolution 1284×2778 pixels
Camera50 MP wife, ultrawide, telephoto
SoundStereo speakers
WifiWifi 802.11, dual-band

Envisioned Feature of Tesla Pi Phone

Tesla pi Model has encouraged a massive audience towards its enlightening features that are pledging to do much more than expected. Let’s meet these ultra-features one by one.

  • Neuralinking

    Neuralinking is another speculation building around the Tesla Model Pi, which might sustain the brain-machine interface. Neuralinking is one of the milestones which if reached will embark on a large market investment.

    The concept of Brain and machine coordination in the Tesla pi phone model is itself a speculation that may awestruck the technology as well as science audience altogether.

  • Solar Batteries

    There is rarely any technology algorithm chart that Elon Musk is not creating. From his operational SpaceX networks to the newly launched Tesla vehicle model, solar batteries with a Tesla-built case is another possibility added to the features of the futuristic Tesla Model Pi.

  • Starlink Networks

    Tesla has somewhere envisioned the tech audience with the hope to provide global-level connectivity in the new upcoming model. SpaceX & Starlink CEO “Elon Musk” itself is speculated to be interlinked to bring a completely evolved mobile gadget that will ward off the current networking issues. 

    If the Tesla Pi phone model thrust its Starlink networks for connectivity then the trajectory in the incoming customer calls will be stagnantly steep due to the least networking loophole issue.

  • Connected Cryptocoin

    Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s dreams of Mars inhabitation seem to be realistic with the coming Tesla Pi phone model. With the crypto-loving world and “Dogecoin” as Musk’s own preferred cryptocurrency, the tech audience is imagining “MarsCoin”(Tweeted by Elon Musk itself)  as the monetary base on the planet Mars. 

    Though it looks a whole lot like a wonderland where the solar cell-charged vehicles float and where owning a space-based internet service is itself a milestone.

  • Much Efficient Vehicle Controller Application

    Tesla already has taken stern and applauding steps towards applications controlling vehicles from the voice systems controls to the lock/unlock settings. Imagination lies behind the vehicle running applications which might be sitting on the berth of the Tesla applications.

Why Will the Tesla Pi Phone Gain Ground After Release?

Tesla Pi Model will gain all the limelight after its launch due to its benevolent features that are coming for the human good.

  • Unexpected Networking

    Tesla is the first thought behind any “EV revolution” thought and its idea of bringing “Autonomous cars” has already brought the unexpected among the speculating tech geniuses.

    The assignment of providing SpaceX-fueled and Starlink-generated networking webs of dreamt Tesla pi models is challenging and may flatter a vast audience to taste the vibe of “true global connection”.

  • Unrealistic MarsCoin

    A large part of Earth is still not expected, and the dream of making life possible on Mars is another milestone to be reached. Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s bend towards crypto and “Marscoin” tweet seems to be an unrealistic mystery.

    Ponder “Mars tech world with Tesla cell phone model inhabitants driving “Y” Model cars while making payments through MarsCoin concept”

    This is a whole insidious concept that needs a range of ideas and thoughts with the right planning and execution. People will surely accept this idea and it may not fail due to its unique concept.

  • SpaceX Satellite Base

    Smart gadgets have got an omniscient presence but their networking, hardware, and software blunders too stay to be fixed. Tesla runs through its own software and if the Tesla pi Model guess is the right pick then “SpaceX support for networks” is not just speculation.

  • Sustainable and Reliable Batteries

    The thought of being liberal and bringing the best-inflated thoughts in the technologies of Tesla and Solar panels is one of them. The world is running towards sustainable green energy capable of withholding earth and its resources with utmost care.

    The environment-friendly concept is the core goal of Tesla’s new cognitive ideas and the Tesla pi model will most probably go for solar energy batteries and cases to encourage the same thought.

  • Blooming Tech

    World is pacing with the growing tech, and the audience will welcome blooming ideas of new-green tech. Neuralinking, the Best vehicle-automation application empowers Tesla Pi Model to be the apple of the audience’s eye. Solar panel usage is to illuminate not just the house but to power the vehicle, and the rumored Tesla Pi Model is a booming unique concept. 

    Tesla EV “Y” Model has currently gained a 5-star rating from NCAP and one of the reasons behind it is the “quintessential safety protocols” in the veins of Tesla eVehicles. Tesla does not have many competitors but Mercedes launched EQ EV Range is trying to touch that pace through its zero local emission feature thus moving together.

Estimated Date & Price of the Tesla Cell Phone

With breathtaking features Tesla pi Model cell phone will take mass attention and may snatch the headlines of global multimedia. 

Currently, the Tesla pi phone has got inflated by rumors and mere speculations by the conjectured Tweets of Elon Musk and his automation industries’ previous inventions. There has been no leakage of any expected Tesla cell phone launching dates still 2030 is part of theoretical postulations. 

It was also pre-assumed that the new launch of “The Tesla pi model will be arriving by the end of the year 2022 on the month of December.

As the Tesla Pi phone will gain all the limelight due to its Macqueen features, the expected price of the Tesla-owned Pi Model might not be much affordable on the first launch. 

Still, the presumed amount for the Tesla Pi phone is $700 to $2500.

Tesla’s Earlier Amazing Tech Launch


Tesla is renowned for the various achievements and explorations that it has gained in the high-tech technology world. Let’s know some of them briefly.

  • Unlike the plethora of other companies, Tesla has its own software, thus it makes swift moves in the Tech vicinity with its own algorithm.
  • The concept of the EV revolution has been brought up by Tesla and is one of the marking achievements.
  • Tesla has an applauding performance in its vehicle manufacturing and resulting in this it has received a 5-star rating from European New Car Assessment Program(NCAP).
  • The Tesla Y Model has the highest score among any earlier tested NCAP constituted survey.
  • “Autonomous Driving” has been first brought into action by the efforts and endeavors of Tesla itself. Earlier Autonomous driving was mere speculation and Tesla threw a ray of hope on this concept through its launched new vehicle models which have self-driving features.
  • SpaceX, which itself is a manufacturer, Spacecraft launcher, and satellite communication corporation is one of the robust Tesla achievements.

Tesla pi Phone & Red Planet


Tesla cell phones are not just a need but surely will become a want until launched in the speculated 2030 year. In the coming years, inflation, marketplace stress, and simultaneous tech growth might make Tesla’s cell phone need to enter another planet i.e Mars as people will love to enter a new planet other than Earth.

Elon Musk’s “MarsCoin” is the replying fact to the desired Red planet habitation. SpaceX Satellite capabilities with Starlink networking web can make a whole Musk world on Mars itself.  

Closing Thoughts

Tesla pi phone Model is rambling across the world with rumors but the speculated ideas running it are next-level adventures in the technology world. Other names for Tesla can be “Hope” and “Execution” as it embarks on a path that is dreamt of in the technology world. With its own software and solar panels, SpaceX Tesla is literally the S of the word “Space” on the planet Earth.

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