Telegram Symbols & Their Meanings; What Do They Denote?

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Updated On September 5, 2023

Telegram is one of the most frequently used messaging apps. There are a bunch of tasks that one can accomplish from this one platform; online chatting, loathing movies, and series links, carrying on their business, and whatnot. It offers tons of features that other such apps miss. One such feature is the use of symbols. Telegram uses a lot of symbols to easily portray other users’ actions. However, it may be quite confusing sometimes. So here’s everything you need to know about symbols on Telegram and what they mean particularly. 

Let’s dig in! 

Telegram Symbols Explained

While using Telegram, there will be a bunch of interesting symbols that you will encounter. So before you’re confused by any of them and fail to carry on the conversation because of it, let’s get you familiarized with each one of them. 

Telegram DM Icons

Here’s a list of Telegram symbols used in DM:

  • Clock Icon: The clock icon appears when you send a message on Telegram. Basically, it denotes whether the message has been delivered or not. If you continue to see this symbol on Telegram in your message, there might be chances that you have internet issues.   
    clock icon
  • Check Icon: It appears in the form of a tick, if it’s a single tick it means the message is sent from your end but is not delivered to the other party. If it’s a double tick, it means it has been delivered to the intended person. If the icon turns blue, it denotes that the message has been seen by them.
    check icon
  • Eye Icon with Number- This one appears in Telegram groups only. It denotes the number of views on the message. It can also denote multiple views from one person as well as forwarded copies of the message. 
  • Red Exclamation Mark Icon- This one denotes that the message you sent hasn’t been delivered to the Telegram server even after waiting for 5 minutes. Simply tap on the icon to resend or unsend the message. 
    red exclamation icon
  • Paper Clip Icon- This one appears both in groups and private chats. It denotes the way to send attachments like images, documents, links, and much more. Tap on it if you want to send something besides messages.  
    paper clip icon
  • Emoji Icon- I suppose you’re already familiar with this one. It indicates the emoji window that you can use to send interesting emojis and stickers. 
    emoji icon
  • Plus Icon- This is also for the emoji window. By tapping on the plus icon, you can add more stickers to your collection and use them accordingly. 
    plus icon
  • Clock Icon- Here you will find all the recently used stickers and emojis to easily access the most used ones. 
    clock icon1
  • Cross Icon- Once you’re done sending or using emojis and stickers, use the cross icon to close the emoji window and continue texting. 
    cross icon1

Chat Screen Icons

Chat screen icons are separate from DM icons; here’s what the chat screen Telegram symbol means: 

  • Horn with Slash- You must be familiar with this one. On whoever chats, the icon occurs, it denotes that the person’s messages are muted, and you won’t receive notifications of their messages. 
    mute icon
  • Number Next to Chat- The numbers presented next to the joined chat groups or personal DM groups represent the number of messages that are pending for you to view. Once you open that chat, the numbers will disappear. 
    numbers next to chat2
  • Square with Pencil- This Telegram icon is to start a new chat. You will see this symbol on the homepage of your app in the top right corner. 
    square with pencil1
  • Pin Icon- This also appears next to the chats. This represents that the chat or group is pinned to the top of the messaging window of your chat. Pinned chats mean the chat will remain on top of your window regardless of how many new messages you receive. 
    pin icon
  • Pin with Three Bars Icon- This pin icon occurs inside a group chat. It is basically for any sort of announcement that the group admin has made. However, it’s not permanent; the admin can change it anytime they want. 
    pinned with three bars
  • Down Arrow- This one also appears in the chat; it denotes the number of messages that are still pending to be read by the user. As you scroll down, the number of messages will begin to decrease as you view more messages. 
    down arrow
  • Microphone Icon- This is to record a voice message instead of typing a text message. You can use it in personal DMs and in group chats as well. 
    microphone icon

And that was all about Telegram symbols; let’s now take a look at some fascinating tips and tricks to make the most out of these Telegram icons. 

Interesting Tips & Tricks for Symbols on Telegram 

Here are some tips to make your Telegram experience even better:

  • Try to use these symbols more when trying to emphasize something or add a bit more fun to the chat. 
  • You can even create custom stickers and emojis to make your chats more personalized. 
  • Mix and match different symbols to make the conversation extravagant. 
  • Double-check the symbol code before you hit the send button as wrong symbols can be a little confusing for the rest of the users. 
  • You can be as creative as you want with these symbols; there’s literally no limit. 


Here are some frequently asked questions about Telegram check marks and Telegram symbols: 

Ans: No, Telegram doesn’t allow users to check what time the message was seen.

Ans: Yes, you can, but only if you have an Android device. For this, select the text whose font you want to change, and click on the three horizontal dots to view the available font styles; once selected, click on it, and you’re done.

Ans: The eye symbol denotes the number of views the message has got.


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Author: Mehak Gupta