How Locomote Works and What Makes it Stand Out?

Written by Louise Simon
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Updated On December 20, 2023
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In today’s digital world, where every business process is optimized, using video calls and messaging channels is an outdated approach. You should get help from travel solutions, like Locomote to optimize the lengthy processes.

Locomote, is the corporate travel manager that saves you time, costs, and resources in planning business trips. It makes your corporate traveling a lot easier. It empowers face-to-face conferences and improves the company’s relationship with prospective investors. 

There are many available travel platforms and applications online. But if you are looking for the best and most convenient corporate travel platform, check out Locomote.

About Locomote

Locomote is a platform that allows you the freedom to manage your entire corporate travel process. You can make hotel reservations and book flights, cars, and other suppliers. It is a convenient solution that takes care of the schedules and budget in travel planning. 

Locomote has been around since 2012. Its owners, Ross and David Fastuca, made this solution with a goal in mind that was to help companies reduce their business travel costs. It is made possible with the automatization of trip management. 

What It’s Like Working with Them

Locomote offers global services that provide you with the best corporate travel plans. They can also connect you with the top travel experts for further guidance. 

Let’s explore the fine services of Locomote travel management in more detail to get a better understanding: 

1. Setup and Manage the Travel Programs

You can set up your travel policy and change it when required and automate the rest of the tasks. It offers flexibility to companies of all sizes and stays agile to adapt to new challenges. 

2. Better Options

Their team gives you the complete package for your corporate travel needs. They help you negotiate the rates, make bookings, and ensure that you can monitor all your reservations on our platform anytime, anywhere.

It also checks that every action stays true to the company goals and policy.

Did You Know? 
For every dollar invested in corporate travel, businesses see a $2.90 boost in profit and a $9.50 rise in revenue.

3. Expertise Agents Backed with Latest Technology 

Locomote maximizes the use of technology for your travels. You get 24/7 access to the travel agents, making it similar to having a travel expert in your pockets. 

It assists in managing sudden accommodation cancellations and booking of plans by tweaking the schedules. 

4. Reporting Tools

This solution provides reporting tools that make more sense of the data and help you make an informed traveling plan.

It provides real-time data broken by project, team, date, and location, where you can track your travel expenses and assess the policy performance. Review your areas of improvement to help you reduce the time and cost.  

Your Safety is Their Top Priority

Locomote is always visible and available to attend to your concerns 24/7. They give you consistent safety alerts and travel information to make informed decisions about pursuing your trip. 

They are backed up with advanced technology that ensures that your data uploaded on the platform remains secure and reaches the right destination. 

Convenient Travels

Locomote takes pride in its convenient services that save a lot of time in travel organizations. They are just a click away from changes, be it arranging or scheduling. 

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Their platform has a simple interface that is faster and easier to navigate. The Locomote team also makes onboarding trouble-free, allowing you to integrate your company’s tools into its platform. 

Their Team Cares for the Environment

Business travel has become one of the biggest contributors to carbon emissions in the world. Ventures have incorporated sustainable development goals and plans in their operations. Locomote does too!

A sustainable corporate trip is what they aim for. The team’s efforts are seen by offering users tools to calculate and record their carbon footprint. They also want companies to offset their carbon impact by gearing them towards projects. 

What Clients Say 

Client testimonials have proven that Locomote lives by its slogan to get businesses to travel “simpler, faster, and safer.” 

  • “Locomote is an absolute time saver when it comes to arranging and rescheduling travel.”
  • “Great customer service from the team, including troubleshooting assistance when required.”
  • “Since joining Locomote, our business travel has become a more time-efficient and cost-effective process.”
  • “The platform is easy to use and the team at Locomote is responsive if there are problems or questions.”

Reviews say that the platform offers amazing solutions and excellent customer service

Wrapping Up 

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Locomote can be your resident digital travel agent if you are about to plan your next business trip. They practice responsible use of technology while providing quality service for your travel plans. Check them out and see how they can help.

It is the ultimate solution for corporate travel management. So, what are you waiting for, bring your corporate trip to the next level with Locomote. 

Author: Louise Simon