Cheryl T. Fleming
Cheryl T. Fleming


The exploratory nature helped her to put herself in a position to address almost all the topics with a comprehensive approach. She loves to dig into whatever is new and learn things about it to add authenticity to her knowledge base.


  • Bachelor’s in Human Resources from the College of Business.
  • Diploma in creative writing from Full Sail University.


  • How to guide
  • Troubleshooting guides
  • Webmail guides
  • Social media ads
  • Microsoft and services


  • Cheryl is an all-around writer who is proficient in every niche, like tech, travel, health, technical, and much more
  • He has served as a freelancer and contributor for renowned websites.

Words from Cheryl

Writing about everything is very interesting. It helped me to expand my horizons and get to know almost everything. Not only this, but storytelling is another fantastic thing for me to do. Apart from that, you can spot me singing, diving into nature, trekking quite often because I love to relish nature, and, of course, storytelling too!