Travel and Invest in Your Dream: Property in Dubai Beckons Expats

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Updated On December 22, 2023
Dream Property in Dubai

There are recent calls for travel and investment opportunities with the properties in Dubai for expats. Certain facts are undeniable about these properties:

  1. They are World Standard: These properties are world standard. One fact about Dubai real estate is that they are built with internationals and ex-pats in mind. To deliver that luxury and class, they are often very standard and well put together by expert designers and developers.

    Therefore, you are guaranteed quality stuff, stability, and vintage stuff. If any property that appears to you is not suitable to taste, move on to another. There are plenty of options as far as Dubai’s real estate is concerned; so, do not feel restricted to a set, a developer, a group, or even to a location, go for something that satisfies your taste and meets your plans.
  1. They have touristy value by their location: Secondly, the properties being advertised recently have touristy value – check them out when you read more on the official website

    The term touristy here means they are luxurious and great for vacationists, and they are located in happening places in town. It is one thing to vacation, and another entirely different to vacation in the middle of the main town where you can have access to endless tourist attractions like Sunny Emirates, Dubai Marina, and more. There are various restaurants, and prime spots also available in the area.

    The properties being developed now, have been sited in localities close to town, in town, or at least somewhere easily accessible to other key locations of the city.
  2. They have good return value: Furthermore, the latest properties for sale have a great return value. Return values should be calculated considering the overall performance of the property in the market, the potential yields, and the annual returns on investment.

    Many factors contribute to the returns possible over a property; however, on average, you can gather a minimum of 5% over rentals in the City. Most importantly, that is the minimum appreciation range over landed properties so that in ten, or twenty years, the property is likely to be double in value or close to it.

    In good investments, the return value could be up to 8%, this 2023.

5 reasons to invest in Dubai in 2023

What are the top reasons people are considering Dubai for real estate? what is the seeming craze over landed units in Dubai, and other parts of the UAE? You will find your answers below:

  1. Dubai is the capital for real estate + Tourism in the world: Dubai was built in the last few decades so; it is the new stuff in the real estate market. Most of the current wonders of Dubai City were conceived in the 90s and were planned as a tourism center, the infrastructure was literally at an “extra-level”.

    And by extra we mean, extra in design, and extra in look, which is what gives the city much allure today. With such an attractive outlay, Dubai quickly morphed into a vacation fantasy, for many, and with an innovative touch, it also became a real estate hive, where much travel and purchase real estate in.
  1. The Crypto-Touch: While countries were unsure what to do with crypto, and the extent of its acceptance in the commercial terrain, Dubai quickly positioned itself as a crypto-capital. Investors are allowed to purchase real estate with crypto, which opens another wide range of capital generation.

    There is more crypto than the world is willing to admit, sometimes legal, and otherwise in some cases. Nonetheless, by allowing foreigners to pay in crypto, a new revenue source is hashed. People feel free to purchase items and use Bitcoin, and they also view the nation as growing and tech-inclined.
  1. Increase in Rental Demands: In 2022, rental demands in Dubai went up by 25%. The high demand for rents has matched the numerous supplies of real estate, such that the value of leases keeps increasing per annum. For business investors, it is great news because it means more profitability.

    For the average person living in Dubai, however, it may be a pain with the increasing cost of housing, as they race to meet up with the inflated prices. This article was created for the investor, so the focus will be placed on the investor.

    These rental demands come from residents and Emiratis, and from vacationists who may only stay for a short while. The increase in factors such as this has made it possible for the consistent growth of the sector instead of a plummet. Not only property, but there are also multiple luxury car rental companies in Dubai are present so that you can easily rent a car to visit different places with ease.
  1. Conducive Weather: If you prefer the heat to the cold, Dubai is a splendid place for you. It is warm all year round, except in cases of freezing waves. Warm weather means more play time, outdoor comfort, and plenty of sunshine.

    Due to its friendly weather, it is quite easy for visitors to enjoy the beach, and the sea, see places, go out any time of the day with light clothing, etc. Meanwhile, indoor heat can be tackled with the proper HVAC system. 
  1. Regulation of the Real Estate Market: Finally, there is proper regulation of the real estate market in Dubai. Experts say it is more well-regulated in the Middle East which brings a measure of confidence in the system.

    All of these factors come together to make Dubai a good investment junction for ex-pats worldwide. It is equally a great place to travel and tour.


Finally, Dubai real estate properties are perfect for travel, tourism, and investment medley. That is the combination of travel explorations/tourism trips and real estate investments. Many visitors plan it such that they retain or buy their first property and then stay in it during their stay, and then put it into commercial use when they are done with the visit.

This is using one stone to kill two birds. You save the hotel and rental money and still earn your investment back in pieces until it is complete, meanwhile, your stake in the apartment could be liquidated anytime you, please.

Author: Cheryl T. Fleming