What Determines a Snapchat Score? How to Increase Your Score!

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Updated On October 23, 2023

It would not be wrong to say that Snapchat was the catalyst for everything! Everything that was a Snapchat Original that other social media sites took, including Streaks, Stories, and Filters, is now available on other platforms. However, there are still a few aspects that no other app will ever be able to match. Any guesses? Well, Many people are unaware of Snapchat’s Streaks and Snap score, which continues to fuel the app’s buzz. Because of this, today we will go through everything related to the Snapchat Score and its working. So, let’s get started!

What is a Snapchat Score?

There is a number that can be found on Snapchat user profiles, as many users will note. The “Snapscore” reflects your level of site activity and is a numerical value. The figure is determined by a variety of factors, such as:

  • The count of photos sent,
  • how many snaps have you received,
  • how many stories have you viewed,
  • how many stories have you posted, and
  • How many friends do you have on the platform?

A person’s Snap score is also impacted by additional elements that have not yet been officially confirmed.

Importance of Snap Score

The “just for fun” function on Snapchat called “score” has no real-world application. No matter how well you score, you don’t receive any extra benefits or bonus features, or money. You can gloat to your buddies about your good score at most. The only use of a high Snap score is when you want to grow your business.

A high ranking could lend you some credibility if you are a company. People may feel more comfortable making purchases from you if they notice that your brand is actively engaged. Having a high score can help prevent copycat accounts from being created because they will begin with a score of zero. At times, A snap score can also help parents in monitoring their children’s snapchat. Although it doesn’t work in all cases.

How to See Someone’s Snapchat Score?

You may view your own Snapchat score, as well as the scores of your friends, on their Snapchat profiles. To do this,

  • Open the app,
    Open the snapchat app
  • Then tap the Bitmoji symbol in the top left corner to access your profile.
    Bitmoji Symbol
  • Select “My Friends” from the Friends section’s drop-down menu.
  • Your entire Snapchat friend list will appear after doing this.
    Entire Friend List
  • By tapping on their display photo (you can also search box), select the friend whose score you wish to see.
    Search Friend
  • Right now, you’re looking at their profile. Their Snap score is displayed just below their username and display image. You can tap this score to learn more, just like you can tap your own score.
    Snap Score


Remember that only if you are friends with someone will you be able to see their score.

For your Snap score, Open the Snapchat app, then tap the Bitmoji or profile symbol in the upper left corner. Your profile page will then be shown. A third number can be found on the page underneath your Snap code and profile name. Your Snapchat score is that. If you want to check how many Snaps you’ve sent and received, touch on it.

What is the Working of Snapchat Score?

You can see how active you are on Snapchat by looking at your score. Your score will increase as you engage with other users, contribute content, and watch videos. It differs from the “like” option you’ll find on many social networking sites in that it doesn’t indicate how well-liked your material is. The most comparable comparison is a forum post count score, which assesses a user’s level of activity.

How to Raise Snap Score? 

You can learn how to swiftly increase your Snapchat score from this article. You can submit tales, send and receive image and video snaps, and open them to raise your snap rating. You can perform the following additional things to raise your Snapchat rating.

  1. Get Your Most Recent Snapchat Rating

    It only takes a few easy steps to determine your Snapchat score.

    • Log into your Snapchat account.
    • On the screen’s upper left corner, select the profile icon.
    • The result can be found next to your name.
    • You can click the score to see a breakdown of the points you have earned for sending and receiving snaps.

To see a breakdown of your points for sending and receiving snaps, click on the score. You can make plans for how to improve your Snapchat Score going forward once you know it. To determine whether your strategies are successful or not, you must regularly monitor your Snapchat score.

  1. Send Photos More Frequently

Try to send as many Snaps as you can regularly (this does not imply you have to send one every hour!). Daily Snapchat Score improvement is made possible by it. We have a Snapchat Score cheat if you are unable to send snaps frequently or if you score plateaus after a few days. Take a few days off from using your Snapchat account. By following these instructions, Snapchat will give you six gap rewards and increase your Snapchat Score when you return.

  1. Several Snaps Can Be Sent At Once

You receive 1 point for sending a single photo to one buddy. That’s how it operates. Sending photos to several friends at once will therefore likely get you an extra point. For instance, if you send a snap to 10 people, you can get 10–11 points.

How can I submit many photos all at once?
Sending a single snap to numerous friends is a feature available on Snapchat. Just choose the names from the list by tapping the white “Send” arrow. When you click the “Send” arrow once more, each person you’ve chosen will receive this picture.

  1. Don’t Message People Directly

Sending and receiving “Snaps” aid in earning Snapchat points, as we have already discussed. Sharing photos will only help you score higher. You cannot earn points by sending or receiving direct messages. To prevent sending or opening chat messages, attempt to avoid doing so.

  1. Add Images to your Story

Consider adding more pictures to your story. You will receive one point for each snap that you add. To add a picture to your story, tap the “Send” arrow button, followed by the “My Story” circle in the upper-left corner of the recipient’s screen.

  1. View Pending Images

For each snap you open, you receive one point. Tap the red button next to the sender’s name for photos or the purple button for videos to view an unread snap. No points are awarded for repeating any of these.

  1. Make More Snapchat Friends

Whether you submit or accept a friend request on Snapchat, you can earn points. But with time, this tactic won’t be effective. When you first start using Snapchat and are trying to accumulate points, it is only helpful. You should keep in mind that adding celebrities to your friend list may not improve your Snapchat score. 

Although Snapchat isn’t about self-promotion and advertising, you may use it to sell your company. It can aid in brand development and improve brand recognition. For effective marketing on Snapchat, you simply need to monitor your Snapchat score and aim to raise it frequently. 

Author: Akansha Singhal