How to Create a Customer Friendly Online Experience?

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Updated On December 20, 2023
Customer service experience 

The customer is an integral part of any business. As such, any business person aspiring for success needs to develop a habit of thinking from the customer’s point of view. Such an approach should extend to every business interaction, business websites, in-person communication, or through the Internet.

Online shoppers have been known to have the shortest attention span. Within a few seconds, they can quickly go through your company’s website and decide whether they want to give it a second glance or not. Therefore, it is advisable to ensure you create a customer-friendly online experience. 

Why is Customer Experience Important?

A good customer experience is crucial for keeping customers, as 95% of consumers believe that good customer service is necessary for brand loyalty. Customers who are happy with your products are more likely to refer them to others and come back for more purchases. Because returning customers typically have lower acquisition costs and a higher lifetime value than new ones, keeping current customers is also more economical than bringing in new ones.

Now that you know why you need it, let’s go ahead and see what you can do to improve the customer experience for the betterment of your business. 

How to Improve Customer Experience?

Customer Service Experiences

If you want to improve your business’s customer experience, there are several strategies like incorporating time-management apps to streamline operations. There are many more strategies that you can implement, let’s discuss them here.

Clear Banner and Branding

The primary purpose of a website is to deliver information about your products and services to your clients. While doing so, it is important to ensure your customers don’t struggle to decide whether the online shop sells the kind of products they are interested in.

To make that a reality, you need to make banners, writings, and branding as clear as possible. Your banner should contain the business logo and a short description of what you offer. Use this online free banner design tool to create a perfect banner for your business.

Fast Loading Time

Slow websites can be very annoying to browse. If your customers have to wait for a long while your websites load, there is a great chance they will leave before they get to view what you have to offer. With that in mind, speed is a vital expectation to meet when creating a customer-friendly online experience. 

Some of the factors that affect website speeds include picture size and the hosting provider. So, ensure you find a professional to handle every aspect of business website creation and hosting. 

Incorporate a Chabot

A chatbot is a software application that answers customer queries through the company’s website. The software automates customer conversations, answering most of their questions faster and more efficiently. 

In most cases, customers will ask questions that aren’t covered in your web content. Incorporating a chatbot enhances the customer’s online experience by introducing a live chat option. With a human customer support system, you cannot ensure customers 24/7 support. A chatbot will give answers they need as quickly as possible. 

Create a User-Friendly Site

Another important step toward creating a customer-friendly online experience is ensuring a user-friendly site. You need to create a website that is easy to navigate. Besides a slow website, there is nothing as annoying as a site that a customer can’t find a way to navigate through.

Monitor Customer Metrics to Know in Depth

You can improve your customer experience strategy by tracking and analyzing metrics to get useful insights. For example, let’s say, a high rate of cart abandonment may point out problems with your checkout procedure, causing you to streamline it for a more pleasant customer experience. Similarly, a decline in your CSAT score may indicate a dissatisfied customer base, which calls for additional research.

Provide Consistent Communication

Messages that are clear, succinct, timely, and consistent help customers feel trusted, and have clear expectations. A more positive e-commerce or other services experience can be achieved by maintaining consistency in managing customer expectations and enhancing your brand image.

Proactive communication, for instance, can assist in preventing customer concerns before they materialize into major issues. By getting in touch with customers first, you can address queries they might not have known they had, making their online buying experience more enjoyable.

Automate Tasks for Faster Operations 

Your staff will have more time to work on complex projects or provide more individualized and proactive customer support when repetitive tasks are automated.

Tasks ranging from basic routing to more intricate process automations are carried out by workflows, which operate according to conditions that you establish. For example, you can create workflows to tag conversations according to particular triggers, move emails to custom folders, and assign conversations to particular teams.

Better customer experiences and more efficient workflows for your team are the outcomes of this automation, which speeds up customer interactions. And, as a result, you can drive more sales for your business.


A business website is the central point of digital marketing campaigns. For that reason, ensuring your customer enjoys the best possible experience when navigating through it is crucial. Your website should clearly map where the customer should click to access what they need. 

A simple customer interface goes a long way to improving the quality of time spent by the customer on your business website. So, ensure you map your site out to save time and enhance the customer’s overall online experience. 

Author: Anastasia Brown