Why Writing an Article is the Best Way to Get Clients

Written by Alex Smith
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Updated On November 22, 2023

Every business at least once wonders what type of content will attract customers. What if we tell you that content depends on quality, no matter what type? You’ve probably heard it. But you haven’t heard about articles that bring more clients for business. Why?

What Does Article Writing Mean for Your Business?

Articles have a formal style in contrast to blog posts. They have a special goal – to argue a point of view logically. It should be well-researched, structured, and persuasive and have a generalizing conclusion that combines all the text’s arguments.

Articles have a big influence on business. So let’s check it in more details:

Increase Brand Awareness

Professional article writing can grab your audience’s attention, and that’s why it is used for website promotion. In addition, article writers can influence customer growth, and there are different ways to do that:

  • Use SEO for website visibility growth. It means that articles should include the most popular requests to search for in the topic, title, and text. But your content should also be valuable and not look like spam if you want to get organic traffic and expand your customer base.
  • Provoke growth of user-generated content. If you use attractive topics or new research data, you will get more comments and sharing of your article, and your audience will grow.
  • Write quality articles to get organic backlinks. Effective article writers for hire know the secret that provokes backlinks growth. It can be possible to create content with original data or write informative content.

Articles Increase Visitors’ Trust. 

When they visit your site, they will explore all of the information you have. If you write well-researched competent articles, your audience will trust you. Show your expertise and get loyal potential customers.

Articles will Be One of Your Marketing Channels.

We suppose you probably use different marketing channels – social media, paid advertisement, SEO traffic, events, etc. And articles may be one of these channels. According to new data, people don’t trust advertisements. We have growing banner blindness which means we do not perceive intrusive advertisements. Articles become a native way of grabbing attention – people read useful information and meet a mention of your brand, and it won’t cause resistance.

So, now you know why articles should be included in your content marketing strategy. But any business wants to get clients in response to their efforts, and there are a few tips to increase customer base via article writing.

How to Get Customers for Your Business via Article Writing?

There are some rules to succeed:

Choose the Right Topic

Write professional articles in the field of your expertise or delegate this process to article writing services companies tailored to your niche. Readers should be convinced that you are an expert in what you are writing about and you should raise issues relevant to your customers. Your potential clients should think that only you can solve their problems and help them to face difficulties.

How to decide on the topic of the article? Remember your clients’ questions, your main results, and how did you achieve them? Make a list – here are your topics.

Choose a Successful Format for Your Article

The most common formats are how-to or how-not-to articles, they are easy to understand and usually contain step-by-step useful information. Try to explain to your audience how to succeed or how to avoid mistakes in your niche. Your potential clients will be really pleased to get valuable information and take your tip.

Engage in Your Text from the First Words

In the beginning, explain why your article is worth reading. How can you help readers solve their issues? Share a successful case study to convince them. You can promise the benefit (gift, the most useful content) at the end of the article, making your text more valuable.

Make Your Articles Exciting

The article’s tone of voice is formal, but your reader should be engaged throughout the text. It means that you should explain complicated things in simple words (don’t use technical jargon) and present research information in an interesting way.

Choose the Optimal Length for Your Article

The average article length is about 500-1000 words. More important is that your article should be quality, helpful, and captivating.

Promote Your Articles

If you have well-written, relevant, and really catchy text, send it to different websites for posting. You may be lucky to have good backlinks. Websites usually want to post updated, fresh articles to have a better ranking.

Besides, send e-mails or make posts on social media to promote the article and have a huge coverage.

Implement Call-to-action (CTA) into Your Articles

Call-to-action is not only about sales, it could be a suggestion to read a new article-continuing, to read similar articles, to read about your business/service. You should know exactly every step of your customer’s journey and help them to pass it.

Article writing services companies consider all of these points and suggest quality and professionally written content for order. 

To sum up, well-written articles can bring you leads and customers despite the high competition online. You need to be an expert in your niche, know your customers and what they are bothered by, and make articles engaging and helpful for clients. Article writing is the way that successful companies use to reach out to their customers and demonstrate their value.

Author: Alex Smith