Desktop Vs. Mobile – Which One to pick for Crypto Gaming?

Written by Abby Hill
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Published On January 17, 2023

Although the idea of virtual game currency is not new, the growth of blockchain technology gives crypto gaming developers a chance to embrace real-world finance in their games. By winning a game, cryptocurrency players may obtain non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and cryptocurrency. In addition, some cryptocurrency games generate revenue by advertising or selling in-game goods like certain skins, weapons, or even virtual territory.

Other cryptocurrency gaming platforms allow users to use their cryptocurrency as a wager in online casinos and other gambling games. The three most well-known cryptocurrency gambling platforms include 7bitcasino, BitStarz, and mBitcasino.

Crypto Gaming

As mentioned above, cryptocurrency game users can earn bitcoins and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) by participating in and completing tasks. They can also trade and sell these items on internet markets. You can play to earn crypto games 2023 ios to experience something new.

The use of cryptocurrencies in gaming appears pretty natural given that players are already aware of tokenization. But, in truth, the idea of virtual money has been used for a very long time in traditional games, albeit to a minimal extent. The main distinction is that players fully control their in-game possessions with crypto games, including experience points, virtual money, avatars, weapons, and other items. 

They might exchange them for many different types of fiat money or digital assets, such as stablecoins or bitcoin. A typical game has all its in-game purchases as its property.

Additionally, the worth of these assets remains primarily restricted to that specific game.

The primary difference is that players fully control their in-game possessions with crypto games, including experience points, virtual money, avatars, weapons, and other items.

Different strategies are needed for computer and mobile games, from controls and visuals to optimization and UX/UI. However, it’s no mystery that mobile games have dominated the gaming industry and is fiercely challenging both Desktop computers and consoles, which cannot overtake them even though they pool their market shares. Following is a breakdown of the PC,  console, and mobile markets.

Desktop vs Mobile Crypto Games 

Desktop crypto games are a stronghold of dependability and the coziest, most remote location where you may play the newest video games if your hardware allows. It’s a system that enables you to use expensive equipment to enhance your gaming experience. All boundaries between the physical and virtual world are eliminated with large monitors, immersive sound, and easy controls. 

The graphics of desktop crypto games are becoming better every year. It displays amazing feats of realism, including ray tracing, particle effects, lighting and weather simulations, and reflections. Furthermore, the availability of multiplayer only stoked the flames of general fandom because it allows players to interact, collaborate, and enter the crypto game world mentally.

Your smartphone is constantly with you, so you may play while riding public transportation, taking a lunch break, or sitting at a cafe waiting for your order. Playing mobile crypto games is enjoyable since they are fully optimized and adapt to any device. 

Mobile phones and their RAM have significantly improved; gaming cell phones are now the norm. Call of Duty and other well-known games released their smash hits on mobile devices long before they realized the enormous power of the mobile market.

You may find all popular games, multiplayer, and other content on your smartphone. Of course, the controls are much worse than on a PC, but portability comes with a price.

However, mobile games can’t take the role of PC games. The smartphone processor, as well as the screen, are unable to display AAA titles’ cutting-edge graphics and 4K quality. Moreover, playing Decentraland or The Sandbox on a smartphone is impossible because the models need to support its features. 

Therefore, it might be improper to compare gaming on a PC against a mobile device. Each of these devices has a unique niche that only one of them can access. The benefits of a cross-platform strategy have been well-documented by developers for a long time. 

This enables you to reach a sizable portion of the player base. 

Fortnite is a console, PC, and mobile video game. It’s a full-fledged universe exposed to new events and skins. Axie Infinity and Splinterlands are examples of these types of crypto games. 

Final Words

It is anticipated that mobile devices will get more powerful and perform better, enabling them to run increasingly sophisticated crypto games. However, the PC and mobile niches may remain mainly distinct, with their respective audiences and specializations, even with the rising cross-platform trend. 

The game teams do not overlap, and they have their best cards hidden. In the battle between mobile and PC, there will be no victor. Fighting serves no purpose. Crypto games are what matters to earn more cryptocurrencies.

Author: Abby Hill