Revolutionizing Retail with Ailet: The Ultimate

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Updated On April 12, 2024

With the constant change in trends, the retail industry has always been unpredictable and volatile. However, with the introduction of AI-driven software, i.e., Ailet, this industry is set to see a revolution and change the way things work.

If you are unfamiliar with Ailet, let me tell you! Ailet is an AI-based software that leverages computer and AI technology expertise to optimize processes in the CPG, retail, and pharmaceutical industries.

On top of that, this solution offers many benefits, like automating shelf data collection, store audits, and many others, to offer value to businesses. Thus, today we will discuss how it benefits retailers in detail and how you can use it to elevate your retail business. So let’s dive straight in!

Shelf Audit Solution

With the rising competition in the retail industry, it has become hard to manage stores, particularly shelf auditing. To address this problem, the Ailet can come in handy. You can use this tool to learn how to position the products on the shelves in the right manner, which boosts sales and visibility. 

For that, take a photo of the shelf in your store using the Ailet app. Then the images will be processed and recognized automatically by the app. 

After the processing is complete, you can access the real-time analytics and key retail metrics, like the SKU (stock-keeping unit) availability, brand block, POS Material, price monitoring, and others as shown in the image below.

Key metrics shown in the shelf audit using Ailet

Doing this may allow you to track product availability, placement, and regular and promotional pricing from reliable sources across the web.

Automating Shelf Data Collection

As mentioned above, using the Ailet app on your devices can give you access to the real-time analytics data on the system. This data includes the brand’s product listings, description, pricing, reviews, images, availability, and others. 

It collects this data from e-commerce websites or any marketplace where your products are listed or sold. By decoding the common patterns in the gathered data, the software will help you understand how rivals are positioning their products and how you can improve your strategy accordingly.

Integration into Workflow

Many retailers have this misconception that integrating AI-driven software into the retail store can create problems with the existing routine tasks. However, with Ailet, you can rest assured, as it claims to ensure smooth integration into already existing routine tasks.

Along with this smooth integration of AI, it can also offer the ease of automating routine tasks for sales representatives, allowing them to focus on the core task at hand.

Direct Sales Efficiency

By turning shelf data into real-time insights, you can plan how to execute your sales strategy. 

The sales representative can interpret the data and use the guidelines offered by the software to improve product visibility and optimize shelf space. It will help you deliver accurate product placement and correct pricing on the shelves. 

On top of that, you can analyze the competitor’s pricing strategy and compare it to yours to use the right pricing analytic tools. This streamlined audit and the efficient use of the workforce will drive your sales growth and elevate your business.

Outsource Audit Control

Audit control means systematically inspecting the various aspects of the retail business. These aspects include analyzing store operations, ensuring the accuracy of product displays, looking over inventory supplies, confirming exceptional customer service, and complying with the standards.

If the audit control is performed by external parties, then you don’t get any say in the inspection procedure. However, with Ailet, you can oversee external audits, ensure accuracy in the assessment, and check compliance with the company standards.

Distributor and Retailer Monitoring

As discussed above, while practicing shelf audit, you get insights into the real-time data from reliable sources, i.e., the distributors and retailers. This way, you learn the other retailer’s sales strategy and work on yours accordingly.

Moreover, by monitoring the partner’s performance, you can get insider information about product availability, shelf placement, and sales strategy. It helps you find new opportunities for partnerships and promote mutual success.

Web Portal Accessibility

The best part about this software is that you can easily access the real-time metrics (showing the current situation of your stores) on the web portal. On the web portal, you will be able to access the following elements:

  • Calculated retail metrics with photo evidence from store visits.
  • The filtered data on the store visits with the highest and lowest metrics percentage.
  • Analyze the real-time data on the competitor’s products.
  • Create easy and customizable reports.

Apart from that, you can also access these metrics on the app version, allowing you to access the desired data with just one touch from your smartphone.

Simplified Store Audits

You can simplify store audits with the Ailet IR-assisted mobile app. For that, simply take a picture of the shelf and allow the tool to assess it and provide actionable insights.

With this advanced tool, you will be able to streamline store execution and track live results. The system at Ailet can help you through every step of the sales process in retail, which involves:

  • Key factors boosting sales and locations
  • Set specific goals and KPIs based on the stores
  • Sales representatives performing the retail execution 
  • Managing the execution and performance
  • Impact of set KPIs on sales

To conclude, this tool can simplify your overall sales process in retail stores.

Business Intelligence Analytics

Ailet also offers real-time audit data using the BI (Business Intelligence) dashboards, which usually display the key performance indicators and other metrics that are important for a business, team, or process.

Using this dashboard, you can analyze the business metrics and filter them using retail metrics, country, region, retail chain, store type, and store visit. It helps you gain deep insights into how retail executions impact performance areas and sales.


Ailet has completely changed the way things work in the retailing industry and these evolving technology trends will continue to do so in the future. This AI-driven software can help improve your product placement strategies and simplify the store audit process.

Ultimately, this tool can elevate your business processes by optimizing routine tasks like stock and inventory management. Plus, it only requires three easy steps to perform a shelf audit and is easily available across various devices.

So, I recommend you give Ailet a try and leverage the ease it offers in the competitive retail industry.

Author: Barbara A. Chamblee