Generative AI for Social Media Marketing

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Updated On February 6, 2024
AI for Social Media Marketing

AI has become a buzzword nowadays. Everyone is talking about AI, but very few know what it is actually and how it can help in social media marketing. One aspect of AI that is popular everywhere nowadays is generative AI. 

The AI that can generate images, text, audio, video, etc is called generative AI. Some of the prime examples of generative AI are ChatGPT and Midjourney.  

Although there are lots and lots of uses of generative AI, in this article we will discuss how we can use generative AI for social media marketing.

What is Generative AI?

Generative AI is the deep learning model that can generate content and data like video, audio, images text, etc. ChatGPT has been the core example of generative AI in recent years. 

This large language model developed by open AI can write jokes, poems and even help students with their college assignments. The power and capabilities of this technology are growing rapidly, and we are just in the beginning stage of it. You can see the impact of AI in marketing examples and case studies on the internet. 

Many companies are working on generative AI models nowadays, they are constantly trying to improve the response of their language models to generate better code and answers.

5 Ways of Using Generative AI for Social Media Marketing

Following are the 5 ways of using generative AI, through which you can transform your social media marketing campaign.

  • Content Creation: Content is the key part of every social media campaign. If the quality of content does not match the expectations of the audience, then your marketing campaigns will surely fail. 

    If you implement generative AI in content creation, this will help streamline the process and minimize mistakes and time.  A Statista report shows that over 73% of marketers in the United States are using generative AI in the different aspects of content creation.

    You can use generative AI to brainstorm and generate new content ideas to catch the attention of the audience on social media.  

    You can automate many tasks of content creation through  AI, such as email writing, blog post writing, social media post description writing, etc. Human content creators can refine and post this content later. 

  • Influencer Insights and Recommendations: Influencer marketing is one of the budget-friendly and converting subsets of social media marketing. Marketing managers are nowadays spending funds on influencers for their brand awareness and sales.

    In this process, it is often a tough process to find out which influencer is the most suitable for the product to promote. In this case, generative AI can help you in collecting data and insights about influencers, through which you can decide which influencer suits your brand. 

    Influencer identification plays a vital role in your social media marketing campaign. If the product of your brand is B2B, you should focus more on micro-influencers who are targeting a niche audience of your product. 

    On the other hand, if you have a B2C product then you should consider an influencer, catering to a mass audience.  Apart from that, AI can help you in generating engaging advertising visuals and ad scripts. 

  • Chatbots for Social Media Interactions: Chatbots have become an integral part of social media interaction these days.  AI chatbots are capable of giving responses with emotions to the audience. Chatbot suggests personalized content and products to consumers based on their content and search history.

    It can manage to reply to the DMs and comments on your social media. Chatbots can reduce many interaction-related tasks of your human resources team, so they can focus on other important tasks. 

    Using chatbots will not only enhance your engagement on social media platforms but also increase your conversions and sales. If you want to conduct a survey or poll about your existing or upcoming product, chatbots can do it easily for you. 

    This will help you in knowing about the requirements and mindset of customers.  The use of chatbots is the most budget-friendly and effective way of solving billing and payment-related queries. 

Do You Know? 
Many people think that generative AI always gives accurate answers and it never makes mistakes. But this is not true, generative AI sometimes can give the wrong answers because of pattern recognition confusion. That’s why it is advised to always verify the information from a valid source if you are publishing paramount content on social media.
 Generative AI
  • Trend Monitoring: Social media trend monitoring is the key to success in this competitive era. Marketing managers can use AI to monitor the latest trends in the social media world. 

    One great example of getting success through trend monitoring is Oreo. During the 2013 Super Bowl blackout, Oreo tweeted, “You can still dunk in the dark”. This instant smart marketing move was possible only because of real-time trend monitoring. 

    By monitoring real-time social media trends, you can modify your content creation strategy accordingly, which will help you gain more engagement. 

    Using AI tools, you can easily monitor all trends and present your brand identity accordingly. Creating content around the latest trends is like sending cold emails. 

    When you create engaging content around the trend and use proper tags and SEO, there is a high chance that a new audience will be attracted to your content.

  • Ad Targeting: Generative AI is very useful in targeting personalized ads so that you will get maximum conversion through your ads. One prime example of this is Netflix, Netflix used AI for personalized content suggestions best on their user’s watch history. 

    After doing this process, they found out that users spend more time watching Netflix, and most of them purchase subscriptions for the next month as well. 

    I know we are here discussing the use of Generative AI in social media marketing, but the fundamentals are the same, and this ad and content targeting strategy is also impactful on social media.  

    Using AI in Ad campaigns will help you convert a content viewer into a real customer through the funnel. There are various AI-based social media management tools that you can use for ad targeting and other purposes. 

    AI will also help you in retargeting to potential customers, who have been through your ads funnel and reached your app and website but did not purchase the product.

    Retargeting the consumers using AI will increase the chances of converting them into a regular buyer.

Final Note: Generative AI is transforming all industries. Programmers are using it in writing code and content creators using it in script writing, visual generation, caption writing, etc. 

Experts say that this is the beginning of generative AI, it will become more advanced in coming years. 

In this article, we discussed how you can use generative AI in social media marketing to increase the engagement and conversion rates of your content.  

If you find this article helpful, share it with your friends and colleagues who are content creators or working as social media marketing executives. 

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Author: Rosie Bird