Furnished or Unfurnished? AI Unlocks the Ideal Property Choice for Your Thai Investment

Written by Rosie Bird
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Updated On November 30, 2023

The World Bank considers Thailand “one of the great development success stories”. Somehow, it has managed to rank in 4th position in the ASEAN for capital per GDP after Singapore, Brunei, and Malaysia.

Thailand is nestled in Southeast Asia, welcoming domestic and international buyers with open arms. 

Despite this, since Thailand is a gateway to many other countries in the region, buyers are more interested in buying a property there. Either, one can even invest in property there. 

If you ever dreamt of owning a paradise in Thailand, we are here to help you. Now the question arises “Is it ideal to purchase a furnished or unfurnished property?”.

Let’s delve into the article and find out.

Three Types of Furnished Property Options in Thailand

Each type of furnished property is different from each other. It can further lead to its varying prices. 

In Thailand, there are usually three types of rooms to choose from, those are as follows:

  1. Fully-Furnished: As the name suggests, fully furnished means that the rooms are wholly furnished, be it kitchen, living room, master room, or bathrooms. They are prepared for you to move in.

    Hence, the checklist for a fully furnished property consists of table lamps, a couch/sofa, a coffee table, a shower curtain, storage & shelving, accent chairs, a kitchen table, dining chairs, nightstands, countertop stools, and so on. 

  1. Fully-Fitted: There are evident differences between a fully furnished and fully fitted room. To make it clear, in fully fitted rooms, the majority of furniture is built-in.

    Buyers who are planning for long stays are generally attracted to fully fitted properties. Another reason is they are cheaper than fully-furnished property. 

Do You Know?:
The price index of land in Bangkok and vicinity stood at around 180 points in 2022.

  1. Unfurnished: Individuals with restricted budgets usually own an unfurnished property. 

    But, what’s the great part? Its uses include using it as a miscellaneous storage or a staff lounge. They do not require additional furniture. 

    Regardless, unfurnished properties are like a blank canvas that can be customized as per your needs and preferences. 

The Role of AI For Informed Property Decisions

The Role of AI in Real Estate

AI is evolving across various industries and the real estate sector is no exception. Are you curious to know how?

Well, AI is capable of analyzing vast amounts of data to make accurate predictions later. AI incorporated in real estate refines how one buys, sells, and interacts with properties.

For property owners or for someone who is planning to buy property in Thailand, AI promises to make things a lot easier. 

Concerning the search process, AI enhances lead generation for agents and reshapes the future of the real estate industry.

Benefits of AI’s Incorporation with The Real Estate Industry in Thailand

Now, it is time to explore the benefits of AI when integrated with the property search process in Thailand:

  • Data-Driven Investment Choices: 

    You must be aware of the fact that investment choices are based on the data. So do with the real estate industry. 

    Here AI comes into the picture and enables investors to leverage vast amounts. The collection is of real-time and historical property data. 

    Ultimately, it enables buyers to have a clear picture of existing patterns and predict market trends.

    With the usage of machine learning algorithms, buyers can identify the correlation between varied factors. For instance, demographics, income levels, and customer sentiment.

  • Tailored Leads:

    It’s paramount to distinguish serious sellers from fraud ones. AI helps buyers to overcome this hurdle. 

    The capability of identifying seller behavior and serious sellers is something that is captivating. It analyzes data from digital listings and lead magnets. 

    Buying houses in Thailand for investments can be overwhelming since it enables buyers to focus on high-quality leads and avoid fraud. 

  • Enriched Home Searching Experience:

    Home searching can be time-consuming sometimes. It is found that traditional practices often generate irrelevant results, thus, making it harder. 

    AI on the other hand offers a more relevant, refined, and personalized experience to both buyers and sellers. 

Thailand real estate market size

In recent times (2023), the Thailand real estate market size is estimated at USD 51.44 billion. And, by 2028, it is expected to reach USD 65.67 billion. The growth can be estimated at a CAGR of 5.00% during the forecast period (2023-2028). 

No matter, if you are searching for full-furnished, fully-fitted, or unfurnished property, you will find relevant results concerning your Thai investment. 

Instead, it’s good enough to approach platforms like Thailand-Real.Estate. This platform offers an opportunity to invest money in liquid and profitable housing

Want to know how AI works? AI analyzes user preferences to show results. Let’s suppose, you have searched for the same on the browser. 

AI then gathers the data of previous searches, search filters, and purchasing patterns and tailors the search results.

  • Image Recognition for Property Listings:

    In an era where everything is getting online, sellers nowadays are practicing detailed property listings that include images. 

    Images of the property can attract potential buyers worldwide, without having the need to be physically present at the location. 

    Traditionally, a few sellers include property features instead of images. Nowadays, AI image recognition softwares automatically tags key features in property images.

    Therefore, it is beneficial for both buyers and sellers. 

  • Simplifying Digital Transactions:

    When you are done researching properties, now it’s time to proceed with transactions. Thailand’s real estate incorporated with AI has come a long way. 

Interesting Fact: 
According to the Bank of Thailand, property loan outstanding increased by a moderate 3.3% year over year as of Q1 2022 to THB 3.4 trillion (USD 99.15 billion). However, housing prices fell by 2.4% every quarter. 

Concerning transactions, AI reduces the need to indulge in manual paperwork. You can buy possessions by acquiring digitally generated documents of your property

Henceforth, it will simplify digital transactions. 

In conclusion, frankly speaking, buying property (furnished or unfurnished is way easier than one can think of. 

Incorporate AI to acquire relevant and tailored data regarding properties to make an informed decision for your Thai investment. 

As AI continues to advance, you can witness further advancements in Thailand’s real estate too.

Author: Rosie Bird