Tips for Anyone Working from Home

Written by Abby Hill
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Updated On August 25, 2023

If you’ve found yourself to be one of the many people now working remotely, it can be a bit of an adjustment at first. No commute and your own coffee or tea is a plus, but it can also feel a little isolating, not to mention the struggle to get a good work/life balance. 

Working from home can be a great asset in your life, though when done right. Here are a few tips for anyone that is working in this way.

Take Breaks

When you work from home, it’s all too easy for breaks to escape you. When you’re in the office, you use breaks as a chance to stretch your legs or get something to eat out and have your other colleagues reminding you it’s time to take one.

Making sure that you take regular breaks, including a lunch break, is so important when working remotely. Even if you have to set the alarm on your phone, anything that takes you away from your desk for a much-needed break is a good idea. 

What’s the point in being able to make lunch or a drink in your own kitchen if you aren’t stopping working when you should. 

Taking breaks has so many benefits, and you shouldn’t miss out on these just because you work remotely.

Get Dressed

The fact that you don’t have to leave your house to start work often means many remote workers don’t get dressed the way they should.

While no one should be putting on a full suit and tie just to sit at home, or even office casual attire, changing your clothes can really set you into the right mindset before working. 

When you stay in your pajamas or clothes that you associate with relaxing in, it’s difficult to feel professional when making a call or planning a meeting. Getting dressed, even if it’s just from the waist up, can make a big difference.

Find the Right Tech to Support You

Remote workers rely on their tech more than office workers as it’s the only thing keeping you connected to the workplace. It’s for this reason, then, that finding the right tech is so important if you do work from home.

Making sure that you have everything you need, and letting your employer know if you don’t, is vital for productive work life at home. If you have to provide your own tech, taking a look at something like the Lenovo Laptops for Work can give you a good idea of what will work for you.

Working from home is a blessing in so many ways but needs to be done right if you want it to be sustainable. Making sure you take breaks, getting dressed every now and then as well as keeping your tech needs satisfied are all small changes that can really make a difference.

Working from home here to stay, it’s the ideal situation for many. Make it work for you and get the most out of it where you can.

Author: Abby Hill