How to Find Best Mobile Game Development Studio?

Written by Abby Hill
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Updated On August 25, 2023

Today it is really a fact that Web services are very popular and in demand. The development of mobile applications is important because the most loyal conditions for data transfer are constantly created for people. The same goes for mobile games that teenagers and adults alike love to play. If you suddenly have an idea, you can always order the game development of such web services. It is more correct to do this through a trusted company, whose specialists have multifaceted experience in this area. So, you can contact the company: ESK Solutions, where experts in their field will recommend making one or another web service, launching an up-to-date application, and developing a very cool and colorful online mobile game. Accordingly, when contacting specialists, the price for services will be very democratic and normal, so you should still place an order and apply online for this service.

There are several major marketing strategies in the mobile games market right now. Let’s briefly describe each of them.

Selling on Online Sites

The Play Market and App Store provide excellent advertising and sales opportunities. The easiest option is to place the game in the paid section and promote it. Much depends on the pricing policy. You can set a low price and sell additional content in the game (new levels, characters, etc.). Due to this approach, the profit will be constant. Within the framework of this model, the multiplayer mode can be paid.

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Corporate Portals 

Not everyone understands the direct purpose of such web services. So, thanks to corporate portals, it is possible to truly optimize day-to-day work processes and interact with employees. For example, Microsoft’s SharePoint service is a great example, which is very popular.

Android app development has certain features:

  • only 3% of players spend money on mobile applications;
  • 80% of app store sales are games;
  • in 2017, mobile gaming revenue exceeded $ 50 billion, accounting for 43% of the total global gaming market;
  • women aged 35 to 44 are the main consumers of mobile games;
  • in 2015, there were nearly 165 million mobile-only players in the US. This number is expected to increase to 213 million in 2021.

There are many genres on the mobile games market for every taste. New ones appear every day – it’s impossible to list every niche category, so let’s highlight the most popular ones.

Battle Royale

The goal of the game is to become the last survivor. The idea is partially inspired by the 2000 Japanese horror film Battle Royale. The player competes with competitors, trying to stay in a safe zone, which narrows over time. The last survivor becomes the winner.

Creating a game: important nuances in preparation. In most cases Fondlygames, when creating the product goes through 7 stages of development:

  • goal setting;
  • Search for an idea;
  • concept creation;
  • prototyping;
  • closed beta testing or playtest;
  • soft launch;
  • release.

Rating of Developers of Mobile Gaming Applications

This rating is built only from the developers of mobile applications who take orders for the creation of mobile games. When compiling it, game applications published in the Apple AppStore and Google Play were taken into account. To provide you with the most reliable data, 749 applications were reviewed in the Runet Rating.

The principle of construction is transparent: the more ratings were given by users to the mobile games launched by the developer and the higher the average score, the higher it is in this list.

Using the “Filter by Budget”, you can exclude from the general list those participants who do not suit you according to the size of your budget.

For more detailed information about game developers, you can go to the cards and sites of the rating participants and, if you wish, arrange a competition between several of them.

  • AppFox;
  • Seven Winds Studio;
  • FINCH;
  • Kingbird studio.

Author: Abby Hill