Why is Animation Important in Game Development?

Written by Ankit
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Updated On December 22, 2023

Animation in games is very important.  It adds flavor and features, creates a beautiful picture, and makes the game even more interesting.

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What Animation Should be in Games?

Rule one, the movements should be sweeping: for example, imagine how they are hitting a nail with a hammer.  That’s right, the hammer in the swing reaches the level of the ear, then a sharp blow, while the body deviates slightly back and twists.  For games, the word is a little unsuitable, if you are making a strategy, this movement simply will not be visible, for larger shots, it will seem scanty, unfinished.  It means that you need to bend the body more, twist it more, and make the swing longer.  Rule two, you need more details, more detailed: If you are making a sprite game, then everything is solved here a little easier.  

With a 3D game, everything is somewhat more complicated, not every engine allows you to animate clothes, and not every clothes can be animated.  As a rule, this is due to a limitation in the number of bones.

3D Animation

If you have previously had experience in creating classic animation or 2D computer animation, then you know that animation frames that change with a certain frequency.

In classic animation, you had to draw every frame, in 2D computer too, if it’s not simple plane movements or pre-programmed effects.  In 3D animation, both for games and for video clips, you can put only keyframes, between which the program will calculate the necessary movement between keyframes.

The trajectory and speed of this movement depends on the type of interpolation you have chosen, for video clips you can use any type of interpolation, for example: linear interpolation, quadratic interpolation, etc. From the name, it is clear that the rate of change in position, rotation, or scaling will not change with such interpolation.  

Even in the case when you do not need to change the speed of movement, but in the program, you have set non-linear interpolation, the result when unloading may slightly differ from the original animation.

Character Creation

When creating an animated character, the artist must not only imagine how the character will move, but also clearly explain this to the animator, who will subsequently work with the character.  The task of the artist is to disassemble his character in detail into simple forms, to show how to connect them on the axial lines and to clarify the proportions.  The character construction scheme should be simple, logical, convenient, and understandable.  The more competently the construction scheme is thought out, the easier further work with the character will be.

It is worth noting that the technique of creating a character is individual for each artist – some immediately build a character when creating it, others draw a character without building, focusing on their experience and intuition.

Now you know what animation is in games.  And for more details click here.