Top 6 Troubleshooting Methods to Fix ‘Roadrunner Email not Working with Outlook’ Issue

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Updated On November 16, 2023

Roadrunner is one of the top-notch email services with a clean interface, easy to operate, and several other amazing features. If you set up your Roadrunner email on Outlook, no need to tell how convenient everything gets except sometimes when everything can go the wrong way. Have you ever experienced errors while using Roadrunner with Outlook or have you ever realized that Roadrunner is not working with Outlook? If yes, nothing to be worried about as this can happen due to several reasons, and also the issues can be fixed easily if you know the right way of troubleshooting.

In this article, we will talk about all the possible reasons due to which you may face issues after configuring your Roadrunner account to Outlook and what can be done to get all the errors and problems out of the way.

Troubleshooting to Fix Roadrunner Email Issues with Outlook

1. The Servers are Having Issues

To begin with the troubleshooting, you must start by checking the status of Roadrunner email servers; if they are doing fine or there is an outage. Email services often go down and there is nothing you can do about it. But that time you will not be able to perform anything with your email. So, just to confirm visit this link- and see if the Roadrunner email, owned by Spectrum brand is going through any issues or not.

2. The Internet is the Culprit

Internet connection plays a major role in the smooth functioning of an email service; if you don’t have a working internet or are using a poor bandwidth network, you are going to face difficulty in accessing the Roadrunner email account on Outlook. So, if you are worried about not receiving any emails on your account, check your internet speed before you jump to any conclusion. To fix this, either wait for the internet to restore its normal speed or switch to a different network.

3. Verify the Server Settings

The next important thing that can help you in fixing the Roadrunner email problems with Outlook is to ensure that you have entered the correct server settings as provided by Spectrum for Roadrunner accounts. Server settings are very essential to set up your Roadrunner account on third-party email service. 

Here are the significant Roadrunner server settings you have to enter to access your account with ease:

Roadrunner IMAP Settings

Incoming Email Server account typeIMAP
UsernameYour full roadrunner  email address
PasswordYour roadrunner  email password
Server Port993
TLS/SSL requiredYES
Authentication requiredYES 

Roadrunner POP Settings

Incoming Email Server account typePOP
UsernameYour full roadrunner  email address
PasswordYour roadrunner email password
TLS/SSL requiredYES
Authentication requiredYES

Roadrunner SMTP Settings

Outgoing Email Server account typeSMTP
UsernameYour full roadrunner email address
PasswordYour roadrunner email password
TLS/SSL requiredYes
Authentication requiredYes

4. Use IMAP Protocol

Although anyone out of POP and IMAP can be used as a protocol server while setting up your email account on Outlook, IMAP is more flexible when it comes to synchronizing emails beyond all devices. Not only this, but the features of IMAP are more effective, secure, and advanced when compared to POP. So, if you are dealing with issues while using Roadrunner on Outlook, you must switch from POP to IMAP settings and hopefully, it will help.

5. Re-Configure Your Roadrunner Profile

The next troubleshooting step is to re-configure your Roadrunner email account but first, you have to delete it from Outlook. To remove your Roadrunner email profile from Outlook,

Go to Files> Account Settings> Manage Profiles> Show Profiles> Roadrunner Account.

Right-click on your account and click on the ‘Remove’ option.

After removing your account, you can set up your Roadrunner email account on Outlook using the server settings provided above. Hopefully, this will fix all the glitches that you were facing with Roadrunner.

6. Run Microsoft Outlook in Safe Mode

The last option to fix Roadrunner email issues with Outlook is to try running Outlook in safe mode. In normal mode, the normal functioning of Outlook may get affected due to some add-ons and security programs. Here is how you can run MS Outlook in safe mode:

  • Press ‘Windows + R’ keys at the same time and this will open a RUN dialog box.
  • In the blank field, type ‘Outlook.exe/safe’; hit ‘Enter’.
  • This will run MS Outlook in safe mode and after that, you can try accessing your Roadrunner email account in Outlook and check if the problem got resolved.

That was all about the solutions that you can try to fix whenever the Roadrunner email is not working with Outlook.

Author: Manpreet Kaur Sandhu