All About Project Free TV Site: It’s Specifications, Features, Uses and Working Sites! 

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Updated On January 16, 2024

In today’s time, would you dare to imagine how boring our life will be without any source of entertainment? After all, a person at the end of the day or week looks forward just to enjoy the time with non-stop, ad-free movies, TV shows, web series and much more.  And, this is when the online streaming platforms come to play their role as they offer the facility to watch/stream any or all media content whenever one wants regardless of considering the time and place factor.  Hence, now the majority are moving from wired cable TV to wireless online streaming services. 

However, not every streaming platform caters to everyone’s specific needs and who does, they don’t offer its services for free access. Well, that’s the major drawback we all have experienced related to online streaming platforms, isn’t it!

With that said, it has become vital among people to find a free online source that streams whatever one wants without incurring any cost in return. So, if you’re also one of those then, we bet you’ll not regret reading this blog! Here we’ve discussed in detail about “Project Free TV” which is one of such source that is gaining hype for offering free entertainment with superb streaming quality.

What is Project Free TV or (PFTV)?

Project Free TV is a legitimate movie streaming site that has been introduced in the category of ‘Free Streaming Sites’ to provide thousands of movies, TV shows and all sorts of latest media content to binge-watch. To be precise, if you’re looking for the most talked about movies and TV shows from the world then, you’ll find all of them on Project Free TV.

Besides that, the site also offers you the facility to download and view comfortably in offline mode all your favorite content from a wide range of ‘shows, web series, movies, games, and documentaries’ collection present on ProjectFree TV platform. 

In fact, Project Free TV is not just a website that allows you to binge-watch free movies and TV shows on the platform; it also acts as a search engine that provides a list of links to let you choose from an immense database of over 1 million movies and TV show episodes.

From this, it is understandable that, Project Free TV site has an extensive network system where a third party continuously hosts most of the available content so; you’ll never face shortage of the same! 

Moreover, on the site, you’ll be able to get your hands on a range of information such as about the directors, performers, storyline, critical reviews, budgets, legal streaming places and much more.

So, this is why the popularity of Project Free TV is immensely increasing day by day among all those people out there who cannot always afford to watch a film in a theater and pay the subscription fee of paid-online streaming platforms. Neither can they spend their precious time watching TV shows at their respective clock time in front of their cable TVs.

All in all, Project Free TV website is free across the world and luckily no registration is required to access the website by viewers who love to binge-watch their favorite content online and at times also prefer downloading them to watch offline without the need of internet connection. 

Isn’t it amazing! Of course, yes and bearing all this in mind, you may find yourself curious enough to uncover each and every detail of this great ‘free streaming site’ ranging from the “Specifications of Project Free TV” to the Features of Project Free TV” and “How Project Free TV Works,” right!

Thus, considering your curiosity, let us present everything that you want to know about Project Free TV.  

Specification of Project Free TV.

NameProject Free TV
TypeTV Streaming Website
Distribution MethodAdware Bundles

The Features of Project Free TV.

Well, during the initial phase when you’re into the process of making up your mind to pick up the best online streaming website from the many available options, what first thing you should look for? Yes, we guessed it right! It’s surely the key feature of a website. So, having said that, let us enlighten you about the impressive features of the Project Free TV site that will blow up your mind! So, read it and enjoy—

User-Friendly Interface: It has a user-friendly interface that makes it very easy for users to use the website without any fuss, especially those who’re not tech-savvy enough!
Accessible for Free: The Project Free TV website is free to access for the public all across the globe.
Huge Variety of Content: The site has a huge variety of curated content based on different countries and this helps to increase the mass appeal of the platform in attracting more millions of users.
Collection of Streaming Content for Every Age Group:  It has an amazing and exciting collection of movies, web series, TV Shows and so much more that an individual of any age will never get bored with the platform.
The Receiving of Notification: In a timely manner, the website sends you notifications about the upcoming shows, episodes, seasons and so on to create a sense of curiosity among all the viewers.
Easy to download facility: From the PFTV site, it is quite an easy task to download a video that a user wants to watch offline at their leisure time.
Each and Available Video has Several Options:  On every available video, users can get various sorts of options that can be used to download, save, share, like and make informative decisions whether to watch the video or pin it for watching later. 
Ease of Searching: The site has well managed its content via dividing the same into various categories and in fact, all the categories further have sub-sections that are listed in alphabetical order. So, this makes it easy for users to find in no time whatever they like to watch.
High Quality of Video Streaming: The Project Free TV offers its users the high streaming video quality in the range of 720p, 1080p, 360p, etc.  

Is Project Free Site Safe to Use? (The Limitation of Project Free TV Website)

Considering that the Project Free TV site produces free content for all its users and the majority of the ‘free entertainment serving websites’ are not safety-cautious; if you’re concerned enough to think “Is Project Free Site Safe to Use” then let us tell you, your concern is absolutely valid. 

Although there are so many benefits of using Project Free TV, the only limitation you may face while accessing this site is that the domain of this website is attached to adware. This means, it contains a lot of malicious ads that again and again come in between of the videos you play and clicking on these ad links will become a threat for your device.

However, worry not! There are ways out there using which you can completely avoid this limitation of Project Free TV. Wondering what? Well, you are advised to take some extra security measures such as the use of a “VPN while accessing the site and at the same time, you’re advised to be careful enough to not click on the ads that pop-up on the screen for considering the fact that they consist of some or the other kind of malware and other security threats.

Now, as you’re aware enough of the ways about how you can safely access the Project Free TV website, let’s move ahead to learn the process of using this popular-enough streaming site. 

How to Get Started with Project Free TV Website?

In order to use Project Free TV site while travelling, commuting, or when on break; users needed to have a computer/mobile device and a working internet connection. Once you’re sure of having them you can then easily create an account on its platform. However, if you do not have any idea how to create one? No worries! Below are the steps to sign up for an account on Project Free TV website. Have a look—

  • First and foremost, install and set up a VPN on your respective device as a security measure.
  • Then, head towards the Project Free TV website.
  • On reaching there, enter your “Email ID” and select a “Password” to sign up for an account.
  • In continuation, enter your—
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Zip Code
    • Country & 
    • Other (asked) Details. 
  • After that, the website needs the user’s details to confirm its place i.e., which country you belong to! 

This is it. Congratulations, this is how your Project Free TV account has been successfully created and now, you can log-in to your account using your email ID and password. 

How ProjectfreeTV Website Works?

This Project Free TV site works in a very intuitive and trouble-free manner. To be precise, it believes in keeping everything simple and never wants its users to undergo too much hassle to enjoy the content they like. 

For instance, as soon as you sign in to Project Free TV, you can simply use the search button which is in the upper-right hand side to find the movie or show you are looking for! Or else, you can browse by looking at the “Categories.” 

And, once you’re able to find the content you like from your favorite category, you must click on the ‘Watch Now’ or ‘Download’ button to stream or download the same. These buttons can be found easily under the ‘Image’ of each and every movie/TV show. 

Additionally, when a user moves the cursor on the image thumbnail on Project Free TV platform, it starts showing the title of the video and if the video is a movie or a TV series or a web series then, the user can click the thumbnail to know about the quality of the video to watch/download movies and TV shows in the high quality range of 720p, 1080p, 360p, etc.  

In this way, the particular site has made sure that people can watch as well as download videos from the platform without any sort of complications.

Other Relevant Information about Project Free TV.

Knowing that the number of “Free online streaming websites” that offer similar content are quite high leading to a high level of competition among all; it is worthy enough to know how this Project Free TV site put in extra effort to stand out unique in the crowd. So, to give you an overview of the same, here’s the other relevant info about Project Free TV that you should be acquainted with!

  • Popular Genres Available on Project Free TV Site
    Action & AdventureNewsDrama
    AnimeSci-Fi & FantasyForeign
    BiographyScience FictionGame-Show
    TV MovieTalkKids
    WesternWar & PoliticsMusical
  • The Popular Platforms Whose Content You Can Watch Using Project Free TV Site
    Apple TVHBONetflix
    BravoFX (US)FOX
    The CWDiscoveryShowtime
  • List of Popular Movies, Shows, TV-Series and Web Series Leaked by Project Free TV
    ParasiteSonic the HedgehogBroke
    365 DaysAvengers endgameAll on the Line
    John Wick Chapter 3Birds of PreyLabor of Love
    RampageBad Boys for LifePartner
    MopeThe predatorSouth Park season 23
    Htgawm season 6The NunCriminal minds season 13
    How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden WorldSpider-man: Into the Spider-versePirates of the Caribbean: At the world’s end
    Supernatural season 15Assassin’s GameMidsommar on putlocker
    Preacher season 5TaintedBasketball wives season 8
    Rick and Morty season 4DrivenWatch the boys online
    Elementary season 7Veep season 7Silicon Valley season 6
    MandalorianAyto season 8Start girl
    Avatar the Last AirbenderBlindspot season 4Infamous
    Glass911 season 2NCIS season 16
    Escape RoomDon’tCatfish, season 8, etc.

Bearing all above-mentioned in mind about Project Free TV – that it offers content from different websites, and it also acts as a search engine that redirects users to different streaming platforms; many hosts have already filed a copyright infringement case against the same. So, despite the fact that Project Free TV was the favorite destination for most viewers who’re looking for access to some free TV online; it was considered illegal and thus, abruptly went down leading to the viewer’s disappointment.

However, the said situation may not be as grim as it seems to you. Wondering how? Well, if you find yourself unable to access the ProjectFree TV site then, what else you can do is try out any from the following list of Project Free TV unblocked/working websites that claims to offer you the same kind of content —

Unlocked/Working Sites of Project Free TV.

URL of Unblocked/Working Sites of Project Free TVStatusSSLSpeed Online OnVery Fast Online OnVery Fast
Projectfreetv.agOnlineOnVery Fast Online OnVery Fast Online OnVery Fast Online OnVery Fast Online OnVery Fast Online OnVery Fast Online OnVery Fast domain Online OnVery Fast
www.projectfreetv.reddit Online OnVery Fast

Last but not least, there’s no harm in having choices that give a best suited option to a person according to his or her ‘likes and preferences.’ Similarly, despite the fact, Project Free TV is one sort of great option to stream content; do you still want to know the other options out there? If yes then, you can simply consider looking at the following alternative sites of Project Free TV site that will give you similar feelings like you experience on the former!

SSR MoviesRdxhdFilmywap
Mp4moviezMadras Rockers9xmovies
OnlinemoviescinemaDownloadhub Worldfree4u
TeluguwapGomovies123Movierulz, etc.

In a Nutshell

This is all about Project Free TV, a website that has a huge variety of movies, web series,   TV Shows and so on present on its platform. And, as the majority of the people nowadays prefer binge-watching on online streaming sites, Project Free TV is an ideal option for the same. To avail the benefits of unlimited downloading & watching of all the latest plus award-winning series, movies, documentaries, and stand-up specials on this free streaming site; all it needed is your small effort to free sign up on the platform. However, while doing so, just be cautious of your and your device’s security!

[Disclaimer: We’ve written this blog mainly for the purpose of providing information to our valuable readers about Project Free TV. So, we in no way promote piracy rather we fully support the copyright clauses and suggest everyone who’s reading this blog to be very much careful while using websites such as Project Free TV.]