How to Choose a VPN for Digital Privacy and Security

Written by Ankit
2 mins, 13 secs Read
Updated On December 15, 2023

The Internet is a wide network through which every computer is connected from all over the globe. It allows the sharing of data from one device to another and for this, it is required to have digital privacy and security. To ensure the security of data, some measures need to be taken into consideration and VPN is one of them. 

What is VPN?

VPN or Virtual Private Network is software that allows the encryption of messages while sending from one node to another through the internet. As a result, an individual can save himself/herself from being attacked by malicious or infamous individuals, known as Hackers. Hackers are those who are roaming the internet in search of vulnerabilities. Without the use of a VPN, a user can easily be attacked and a breach can happen to the data. So, it is advisable to use a VPN whenever you are browsing the internet on public networks. Some examples of VPN are Surfshark, Pulse (earlier Juniper), etc.

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VPN at Home Network

Some of you might be wondering if it is necessary to use a VPN on the home network. Here I would like to state that if you are not using VPN on the home network then you are giving a green light to your ISP (Internet Service Provider) to breach into the network and see all your browsing history. If you do not want that to happen, you must use VPN and once you become habitual of it, you will not find its operability difficult.

Traits of Good VPN

Nowadays, there are a number of VPN service providers in the market and as a result, it is becoming difficult to decide which one should an individual opt for. So, to make the decision easier, here a checklist of features is being depicted below. 

Number of Servers

A good VPN is one having enormous servers, as this feature enables the VPN to mask your location and IP address effectively. Once it is achieved, you will not be prone to the hacker’s attack as they will not be able to track you on the internet.

Speed of the Connection

A VPN with adequate connection speed is much more effective than others, as a good connection speed does not make you wait for the connection to get established before using it. So, while deciding to favor a VPN, it is essential to check its connection speed ability.

Number of Connections

It is one such feature of VPN which is required the most, as with a huge number of connections, an individual can easily use the VPN on multiple devices. Generally, 5 to 6 connections are adequate and the VPN providing lower than this should not be favored. Some VPN providers allow using VPN on unlimited devices at a very minimal cost.

Old Record

While deciding on a good VPN, it is essential to track the back record, as, through it, an individual can easily get to know the true traits and blemishes of the same and these can be proven as a great help while deciding on a VPN. Let us take an example of a software update: if any VPN is continuously improving itself through a timely update then it reflects great professionalism and can be considered as a good feature.