Computational Paige 100M Series Casdin Capital, Future Ventures, Growth Mantras, and Much More.

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Updated On December 21, 2023

Paige has managed to attract huge investment for its future goals of helping the pathologist, oncologists as well as the whole medical world through its AI vision. One of the highlighted investments is led by Casdin Capital and Johnson and Johnson Innovation by 100M, C-funding series, “computational Paige 100m series Casdin johnson”.

Currently, with flying colours of new ambitions and headstrong hopes and ideas, they are running into the world of AI in medical data science, imaging, genomics, and a lot more.

Let’s get to know Paige through the shared thoughts of its own CEO, Leo Grady, “Paige combines all three: Robust AI capabilities, access to millions of digital pathology images linked to the key clinical data modalities of imaging, genomic and clinical data modalities of imaging, genomic and clinical/EMR data, and a growing team purpose-built to deliver.”

We got to know the gist of Paige and its robust AI thoughts, now let’s have a look at their future ventures and a lot more by a scroll.


Future Ventures of Paige Through 100M Series Casdin Capital Johnson & Johnson 

After gathering a huge amount of investment, “Paige 100M Casdin capital johnson innovation” and its bright AI thoughts in medical science, Paige have some future ventures they are looking for enlarging pathology pre considered domain i.e. traditional pathology.

Also the Paige CEO, Leo Grady shared that “This investment reaffirms the vast potential of the Paige platform for clinical and biopharmaceutical development application.”

  • Paige desires to illuminate AI-based clinical applications through the investment that is bestowed on them.
  • Developing Biosketchers is one of their goals.
  • To make a swift and strategic move towards diagnostics through their AI-led products and technology.
  • Invest in running their products and ideas in the market through the right sales and marketing.

Paige’s Founder and Their Vision



  • David S. Klimstra, MD,
  • Thomas Fuchs, Dr, Sc.

Paige’s founder and expert team are ADEPT with skilled, accomplished, and proficient ideas and thoughts.

A- Accountable

The Paige team stays accountable for their work and efforts. Paige’s efforts lead to a recent blooming investment of Paige 100m series Casdin capital johnson.

D- Disruptive

Paige doesn’t settle for mediocrity and excels in its pathology AI track without loopholes either in its application service, or its medical products.

E- Execution

Paige is a focused-centric company that serves the medical world with its expert team and strategic goals.

P- Patient-Centric

Paige keeps patients at the core of their goals to solve their medical issues and this has flattered the investors with huge monetary investments for example Paige 100m series Casdin capital johnson.

T- Trusted

With trust, sincere efforts, and communication, Paige expresses its potential in the medical world.

Growth Mantras of Paige


Growth mantras of Paige are exemplary and this further has attracted huge investment including Paige 100m series Casdin capital johnson

  • Enlarge AI Approach In Pathology

Paige’s new vision has the sole desire to accelerate the company’s effort in digital pathology. Paige wishes to untangle the mystery through the patient’s samples through imaging, genomics, and EMR data

  • Headstrong AI Application

Their AI application brings quality technology to clear the path of pathology by detecting various metastases, breast biopsies, and incoming digital biomarkers.

Its benevolent application also helps in the detection, quantification, and indication of suspicious foci in a cell, perineural invasion, and biopsy sample of prostate tissue respectively.

  • Philanthropist Approach With AI Coach

    AI promises the medical world including clinical institutions and pharma to connect them with better tech through LIS interoperability, multi-scanner integration, cloud storage, case management, image review via FullFocus, and powerful AI applications with digital slides.

  • Resourceful Data Engine in Medical World

    PAIGE abbreviation “Pathology artificial intelligence guidance engine” itself encloses its vision of transforming Pathology and empowering oncology through its AI efforts through experts in pathology, machine learning, and healthcare.

  • Paving Way Through Commitment

    Paige commits through its AI software to aid the medical world through its more efficient slides and images to spill out the mystery that stays hidden in the foci of a patient’s tissue.

Investors of Paige

Paige’s paragon leadership in connecting and converting the pathology into a more efficient and effective application.

  • Breyer Capital
  • Casdin Capital Life Science Investments
  • Goldman Sachs
  • HCVP, healthcare venture partner
  • johnson & johnson innovation, JJDC
  • KKR, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts

Paige Customer’s Support

Paige with growing investments also wants to connect with the market and pharma world to spread their AI technology serving the pathology and oncology world. To contact Paige and resolve queries related to the products, Paige has a deserved page for customer support.

  • Headquarters

    11 Time Square, FI 37

    New York, NY 10036

Closing Thoughts

Paige’s commendable steps towards enhancing the medical world and clinics with its much efficient software is worth-praising. Paige geared their engine in 2017 and since then there is no looking back “Paige 100m Casdin capital johnson innovation” is the testimony to this fact. 

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