The Pros and Cons of Mobile App Marketing

Written by Ankit
3 mins, 12 secs Read
Updated On November 22, 2023

Mobile apps are the next big thing for businesses and other service providers. Mobile apps have made their mark on all industries ranging from commercial banks and e-commerce marketplaces to hospitality and food delivery. These apps have a wide range of use when it comes to marketing a brand. Apps are an excellent way for companies to communicate with their present as well as potential customers. 

You should, however, think clearly as to why you need to develop an app for your business and how it can help you in your marketing efforts. Your company goals should dictate your course of action. This article will help you in understanding what you can gain and lose when you employ mobile app marketing

Pros of Mobile App Marketing

Let us first have a look at the pros of using mobile app marketing.

Constant Visibility

Your audience is not always glued to their desktop screens. They spend a considerable chunk of their time traveling, eating, and relaxing. In most cases, people tend to use their smartphones to do these three tasks. They might come across your campaign while doing so in the form of app advertising or other ways. 

Customers Turn Loyal If They Recognize Your App

While you market your business, you might find it complicated to find a loyal base of customers. Business apps are a proven way to form a vital link between the company and customers using repeated alerts and notifications. The objective of these alerts is to develop a form of awareness in the audience related to the company and its offerings. They prompt the consumer to make purchases and spend time on their app. 

Brand recognition also gets a boost with the help of notifications and alerts. This has several benefits. One of them is that if a customer requires a specific service or product and comes across a product by a recognized company, he is more likely to buy it since he is accustomed to it. 

It Gives a Competitive Edge

Small companies find mobile apps to be very handy. Small businesses might feel reluctant to release their app due to lack of funds; however, they need to understand that the ROI of these apps, if marketed well, can be good. 

When you are more responsive than your competitors, customers will obviously prefer your brand over theirs since they know your response will be adequate to satisfy them at the time of issues. Add the relevant technology to your app to make it more consumer-friendly to increase retention. 

The Role of a Website is to Develop Awareness, Whereas Sales are Made on the App

Whenever a person requires a service or a product, there is a higher chance that he will search for it on his mobile instead of laptop or PC. Some research has been done on this, and the result was surprising. Most of the searches were made while customers were with friends or family or traveling or waiting in a queue and not when they were free or relaxing and had easy access to their desktop or laptop.

Apps have a fast interface and can be accessed more quickly compared to traditional websites. If your company has an app, the chances of a sale happening is much more. Websites are an excellent way to boost awareness; however, actual buying exists on apps most of the time. 

Cons of Mobile App Marketing

There are some drawbacks of mobile app marketing as well. Let us discuss them.

Little or No Scope for Errors

The first impression is the key to creating the best possible marketing campaign. If your app ads do not give an excellent experience to viewers, the story ends there. So, it is crucial to ensure that your ads don’t have any errors. Fixing a mistake after it has happened is tough to execute since the nature of mobile app ads is very quick. 

Potential Navigation Problems

Your ads might not be visible to a lot of users since a large segment of the population does not use a smartphone. These are traditional phone users that you cannot target since apps are available only for smartphone users. This reduces the addressable market for your marketing efforts.

Costs Paid by Users

There is a hidden cost paid by users when they view their ads. Many users do not have an unlimited data plan. Their internet quota gets used up when your ad is generated. This might annoy them and enable them to disable these ads, making the algorithm work against you.


Weighing the pros and cons, we can positively conclude that the benefits of mobile app marketing outweigh the disadvantages. It is a proven way to boost your traffic and get more downloads organically.