Manage Diabetes: Powerful Lifestyle Changes to Control Blood Sugar

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Updated On December 22, 2023

Processed foods almost replace pure foods that have increased the many diseases worldwide. Learning about what can make your blood sugar level rise and fall can help you manage your diabetes. So, it is a challenge that you need to accept if you want to live a quality life. 

Studies say that rbs normal range can be triggered by many things, such as lack of physical activity, excessive salt intake, etc. Once I visited the civil hospital in Karachi, where I met with a woman who had developed diabetes due to lack of physical inactivity and an unhealthy diet plan. 

In this article, you will find some effective lifestyle changes that you should make to manage your diabetes.


Excessive use of digital devices has made almost everyone couch potatoes. Physical inactivity can bring many health issues to your life. To control diabetes, you need to add some physical activities to your life. During exercise, your body muscles consume sugar for energy. People who have developed diabetes should exercise regularly because it allows their bodies to use insulin. When your body works in this order, it helps you to control your blood sugar levels. 

When you follow regular exercise, it will help to control your diabetes for a long time. If you are an introvert, you can follow some basic physical activities, like gardening, housework, etc. You should consider how being on your feet can help your body use insulin more efficiently. 

How to Plan Exercise?

Discuss with your Doctor: Being a diabetic, you should not consider on your own what exercise will fit you. People who have not exercised for a long time should talk to their doctor, so they can be examined. For weak muscles, your doctor may suggest some effective exercises to build healthy muscles. 

Check Your Blood Sugar Level Before and After Exercise: Exercise during insulin intake can be dangerous for you. You should check your blood sugar level before and after the exercise. 

Keep yourself Hydrated: Dehydration is the main cause of high blood sugar levels. Experts suggest drinking water during exercise.

Eat Healthy Diet 

Living with diabetes is like walking on fire. You should be careful what you eat as many foods can trigger the symptoms of high blood sugar levels. Eating too much can end up in many health issues. Natural foods like vegetables, fruits, and whole grains can help you manage diabetes. 

Consider only non-fat dairy and lean meats because they are highly packed with sugar and fats. If you are taking insulin, you should be careful what you eat. NICE suggests consuming a high fiber intake with beans and lentils. 

You should avoid sugar-sweetened beverages because they are high in nutrition and calories. It can trigger your blood sugar levels and worsen your diabetes. But if you ever experience low blood sugar levels, sugar-sweetened beverages can help to raise blood sugar levels. 

Manage Stress

When you are stressed, your body hormones can trigger your blood sugar levels. Such routine pressure can interfere with your routine work and leave you even more stressed. You should take control of your stress by learning relaxation techniques and setting some limits. Exercise may also help you to fight against stress and result in lower blood sugar levels. So, if you have developed diabetes, the most important fact is to stay calm and learn what to do.

Be mindful: You need to try mindfulness regularly as it can be practiced everywhere at any time. Studies have revealed that it lowers the chances of stress and its effects, such as anxiety, mood swings, concentration level, and insomnia.

Exercise: Going for a walk with your friends or loved ones can bring incredible changes to your life. All you need is to take a step out of your home and spend quality time with someone who can lift your mood. Experts say that talking and walking with a friend is a very effective remedy to deal with stress issues.

Avoid Smoking and Alcohol: Relieving stress is a trick that you can have with powerful lifestyle changes. Make sure that you reduce smoking and alcohol consumption, or quitting this substance abuse can help you live a healthy life.

Give Yourself A Break: Living a hectic life can affect your overall health. You need to charge yourself before dealing with stress issues. Go and take a break to overcome stress and anxiety.

Cycling: Do you have a cycle? Well, I love cycling as it keeps me fit and helps me to stay physically active. Cycling with your best friend or family members lets you forget about your stress and helps you make the best memories.

Deep Breathing Exercise: You often heard that take a deep breath during any difficult situation to relax. Well, it is a proven technique to deal with stress issues. You need to sit with crossed legs and take a deep breath. Let the fresh air come inside through your nostrils and exhale it through your mouth. It will relax your muscles and boost your energy level.

Meditate: Sitting in a quiet place without disturbing thoughts can give you instant relief from stress. You can see the tips online or watch a video to see how to meditate yourself at home.


When you notice that only exercise and a healthy diet are not enough for your diabetes management, you need to get help from your doctor. But if you are taking medicines for any other health issue, such a dose may cause high blood sugar levels. 

You should discuss with your doctor every new medicine you will take to deal with any disease, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, etc. 


Experts from pak onco care hospital say that diabetes can cause many health issues, such as eye disease, blood vessel disease, stroke, etc. Smoking can put you at high risk of developing such health issues. People who smoke cannot exercise properly as compared to the people who do not smoke. 

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