How 3D Architectural Visualization Affects the Construction Industry

Written by Abby Hill
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Published On November 10, 2021

Visualization of objects is a universal tool from the category of 3d graphics. Their capabilities are well known to professionals in various industries and fields of activity.

Visualization of objects

Object visualization

Its essence lies in the creation of a volumetric realistic image of a construction object. They are using computer technologies. This so far exists only in the format of design drawings. This is its fundamental difference from video or photographic shooting of already implemented projects with architectural 3d visualization services by 3Nitro.

So, Who is this Service Intended for, and What Advantages Does it Provide to Its Customer?

Visualization of the future home, office, or any other structure is carried out in full accordance with the technical and architectural characteristics. They are defined by the project documentation. That is a client who ordered a 3D image of a building for some reason needed its 3D realistic image. It’s even before the start of the construction process itself. There are many reasons for this, but there are several main categories.

If the customer of the service is the developer of the construction project, then the 3d image will become part of the process of his work on the documentation. Visibility will allow “in real-time” to evaluate the intermediate result and make edits along the way.

This will eliminate unpleasant surprises at the end of the work. This means it will save you from the global time losses associated with major adjustments to the project. In addition, it will be easier for the designer to achieve mutual understanding with customers and convey to them the need for certain solutions.

The service can also be ordered by the future owner of the house or building before taking steps to start construction. His motives are also obvious. It’s the desire to avoid costly and time-consuming alterations of real walls, roofs, and windows.

Any construction project is designed for a specific target audience of consumers. In conditions of high competition, it is not always enough to simply high-quality products. No less necessary is its proper advertising. 3d visualization of objects will be the best way to advertise them. This will significantly increase the chances of finding buyers of residential or tenants of office space even before the end of construction and their commissioning.

room visualization

The service in question cannot be classified as expensive and exclusive. It has long been available to the mass consumer and is in great demand by them. Like any other type of work, the visualization of construction objects has its own characteristics. This to one degree or another affects the cost of its implementation and determines the existing price “fork”. These factors include:

  • the complexity and scale of the model. The scale of a building is determined by its area and height. Or, in other words, the number of floors. It is logical to assume that the physically larger the structure, the more difficult and longer it will take to render. For a rough estimate, all construction projects are conventionally divided into low-rise, multi-story and complex buildings. In addition, one should not forget about the factor of architectural complexity of buildings of various styles with 3d furniture modeling services by 3Nitro;
  • quality requirements. Customer expectations for quality can vary greatly, ranging from low to high. Of course, the more carefully and in detail all the work is done, the more convincing the final result and the higher its cost. But in some cases, the customer is not satisfied with the maximum degree of elaboration of the elements of the image, and this is his right;
  • a number of angles. The minimum standard of 2-3 angles will obviously not be enough for the visualization of complex structures or complex development. The creation of an extended view range will entail a corresponding change in the price of the service.

A 3d visualization is an unrivaled form of presentation of any product or service. Therefore, it is especially in demand when it is necessary to promptly attract reputable investors to the project. In these cases, the ability of 3d rendering to impress will come in handy more than ever.

Author: Abby Hill