Flexiv Chinese AI Series meituanliaotechcrunch Raises $100M in Series B Round Funding

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Updated On November 22, 2023


Each and every step that we are taking at present, it predicts our future in every aspect. One such aspect in which humans are progressing very fast is robotics and artificial intelligence.

Most of the progress in this area has happened in just two decades. It has made humans so fast and accurate that we can now do a task in seconds which seemed impossible a few years ago.

Our robots have become so advanced that most of the hazardous, dusty and risky jobs are done with high efficiency. These robots can solve small to very large and complex problems in a matter of seconds.

No wonder how! In this new era where everything is going to change very fast towards Artificial Intelligence or AI very soon, one cannot ignore what AI is capable of doing!

With the help of Artificial Intelligence, Robots have become so intelligent that they can now learn new things on their own, interact with humans like humans and understand their surroundings.

Now, it is worth mentioning that in the field of manufacturing, these robots are in high demand as they can reduce the production cost and increase the efficiency of work. Therefore, companies making such robots are coming up with new projects to design robots which can reduce human workloads and perform multiple tasks.

One such project is Meituan, the tech brand of Chinese company Flexiv and this is the right place to know in detail about Flexiv Chinese ai 100m meituanliaotechcrunch. So, let’s continue reading—

About Flexiv Chinese Ai Series Meituan Liao Techcrunch

Most of the reputed production companies seek new and upgraded robotic machines for their companies so that they can increase their production growth and supply chains. Therefore, companies manufacturing these robotics machines are attracting more and more attention from investors.

In this chain, Flexiv is the latest company to receive over $100 million in funding from investors for the production of its AI-series Meituan Liao TechCrunch devices.

The Flexiv Chinese Meituan Liao Techcrunch develops hardware and software for Robots. These Robots are based on Artificial Intelligence and hence adaptive in nature. They can control themselves and adapt to their surroundings and work accordingly. 

Flexiv was founded and headquartered in Silicon Valley, California in 2016, its founder Wang Shiquan was Chinese and used to study at Stanford University. 

The company planned to manufacture and deliver 100 robots to customers by 2020 and for this purpose, the company had previously raised $22 million for Series A robots in late 2019. But due to the worldwide pandemic, it could not meet its expectations, and recently again, the company raised $100 million.

This funding by investors around the world, especially from China, will help the company to expand, operate and develop new AI-based machines. 

Flexiv Chinese series meituanliaotechcrunch is planning to ally with more than 50 manufacturing giant companies from China and it already has partnerships with more than three hundred Robotic companies in the United States itself. 

The Robots manufactured by the company are in high demand after an adaptive Robot of the Flexiv named Rizon won an award for design excellence. Rizon gave a new height to the Chinese AI series meituan liao techcrunch as it had seven degrees of freedom in free space which is not possible for any machine to date. 

The algorithm of the robot was very advanced and it controlled the performance of the robot completely. 

The Rizon adaptive robot comes in three models, each with the technology of Force control through its arm. The robotic arms of the Rizon were designed for high precision and quick response. 

The Artificial Intelligence software gave Rizon new adaptiveness to understand surrounding situations and work accordingly. This helps the robot handle complex and complicated tasks effectively. 

After the investment from the food delivery company Meituan, Flexiv has planned to go further with its robotics and artificial intelligence-based software technologies. 

The founder of the company, Wang Shiquan, thinks that most countries around the world need upgradation in their conventional manufacturing units, which creates a scope for his robot manufacturing business. 

Mr. Wang also believes that if the precision of the robots will be better, the requirement will be much higher in production. Also, the AI of the robots should be capable of adapting to any change in its system by itself. This is where the company Flexiv is leading as per its founder.

Flexiv Chinese Ai 100m Meituan Liao Techcrunch

Flexiv Chinese AI 100m meituan liao techcrunch is planning for releasing a new Artificial Intelligence system named Noema. It is a cloud-edge end-based brain of the robot which is capable of doing any work with high perception. 

Flexiv is claiming that Noema is going to be the basis for the ‘General Purpose Intelligent Agent’ or GPIA for all upcoming robots. This will help companies in developing AI solutions and algorithms.

Flexiv AI 100m meituan liao techcrunch team comprises scientists for research from pioneer universities and research institutes of the world whose research is published in prominent academic journals. 

This team of the Flexiv is looking forward to making an AI enabled robotic system capable of solving high end problems mainly related to manufacturing industries.

Flexiv these days has been conducting proof-of-concept trials with the help of the world’s leading manufacturing companies so that it can solve the biggest problems faced by these manufacturing companies and it can attract key industries with its adaptive robotic programs.

The Flexiv AI 100m series success has shown that Chinese investors are very excited and enthusiastic about the prospect of such companies. 

Flexiv has been named a unicorn company in China and this is only the second company that has got $100 million in funding, especially during the post-pandemic time. 

This investment helped Flexiv to reach a few milestones in developing its robots, and software and attracting new talent to its research team around the globe.

Bottom Line

The world’s robot and software company, Flexiv, has grown rapidly since its inception, but following a $100 million investment from Meituan Liao TechCrunch, the company has gained new wings, and is now spread across five continents and gives employment to thousands of people.

The company’s sectional offices are mainly located in Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Taiwan, Foshan and Singapore. These offices are constantly working for the advancement of robots based on the geographical demands of the production companies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans: Flexiv is a leading company that develops robotic machines based on artificial intelligence for the purpose of using them in manufacturing and producing goods. As the robots are based on AI, they have an adaptive brain and can learn new things also that were installed into them. This makes them the first choice of any high-end production company. Flexiv is a member of Insight’s expert collection and expertise in robotic systems, robotic modules, and robotic operating systems.

Ans: Rizon is an adaptive force-controlled robot made by Flexiv using advanced artificial intelligence perception. Also, it contains force-guided manipulation and adaptation of surroundings in real-time. These innovative and adaptive robots improved the manufacturing companies’ production rates many fold. Rizon is laden with the feature of industrial grade safety and because of such features it has proved itself to be a problem solver for many industrial tasks.

Ans: When a robot uses its own brain to understand new things and act accordingly with the surrounding situation. Such robots are known as Adaptive Robots as they are adapting many things from the real world. Such robots can interact with the people and can complete a task very precisely.

Most of the manufacturing companies and industries demand such robots because of their preciseness and completing a process very efficiently.

Ans: Its capabilities include power-controlled assembly, polishing and sanding, and connector plugging. The company has already developed Rizon, its first adaptive robot, and has been recognized with several awards, including the iF Design Award and the German Innovation Award.

Ans: As Flexiv was started in 2016, it raised its first investment in the year of $23 million basically from Chinese firms and after this, it came with an adaptive robot which was appreciated among industrialists. After this, in 2022 Flexih has again raised a $100 million funding by which the company is planning to spread worldwide with its product so that the countries that are lagging behind in its productivity could do better for the encouragement of their economy.

Author: William Adley