Can the Scope of Cloud Computing Increase if Combined with AI?

Written by Mehak Gupta
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Updated On November 16, 2023

In today’s world, Artificial Intelligence based on the power of Cloud Computing is experiencing a revolution. If you go back to memory lane, especially in the early 2000s, Artificial Intelligence has attention in multiple areas, and it is growing with the pace. However, in current times, it has taken a significant place.

The primary reason behind the demand for Artificial Intelligence with the power of Cloud Computing is taking over the professionals. Artificial Intelligence has become very popular, and its scope is increasing day by day.

Over the last decade, a majority of companies have implemented this to receive massive growth in business and have found it helpful. Indeed, this position has been engaging a lot of youngsters and mid-aged professionals. Many technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing (CC) continue to grow and will have a significant impact on the quality of our lives.

What are Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing (CC) is the on-demand availability of computer system resources. Cloud storage and computing power can be accessed without direct active management by the user or the delivery of different resources online or through the internet.

The intelligence that machines exhibit is called artificial intelligence. In today’s world, it is a simulation of natural intelligence in machines programmed to learn and mimic human behavior. These machines can learn and perform human-like tasks. There are many different types of AI systems, knowledge systems, and statistics-based systems available currently. 

4 Ways AI is improving Cloud Computing

  1. ‌Artificial intelligence and cloud computing have much to do to improve the lives of millions. Many digital assistants are examples of these technologies, like Siri, Google Home, and Amazon’s Alexa and these technologies merge AI and cloud computing in our everyday lives. 
  1. ‌ Most users don’t even realize that it is a customized merge of the two technology spheres, which are Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Cloud Computing (CC), making these connections and intuitive experiences feasible. 
  1. ‌AI techniques are implemented in the business cloud computing environment to make organizations more effective, efficient, strategic, and insight-driven. AI is now layering with cloud computing and helping companies to manage their data, patterns, and insights in information and optimize workflows. 
  1. ‌Through artificial intelligence started prior to cloud computing, cloud computing and its technologies have improved artificial intelligence excessively, and. cloud computing has been very effective.

How to Learn Cloud Computing and AI?

They are challenging courses to choose as a career, but simultaneously, they are creative and flabbergasting fields as well. To learn AI and Cloud computing, you need to first understand and learn the critical skills shared below. Once done, here is how you can begin learning these skills.

Cloud Computing: –

Cloud computing is a modern solution for various companies. It has changed the way these companies look into their digital infrastructures as it allows them to share resources directly from clouds over the internet. Cloud computing is known to be more efficient, fast, and cost-effective.

Follow these steps to learn cloud computing:

  • You should have some basic IT skills such as Windows, Linux basics, basic networking skills, and knowledge of how your operating system works. 
  • Prerequisites to learn Cloud Computing are programming skills, familiarity with databases, basics of security and privacy, familiarity with operating systems, understanding of virtualization, basics of networking, ability to write algorithms, and ability to learn new machine learning and deep learning algorithms.
  • Cloud and virtualization concepts must be at your fingertips. Virtualization plays a vital role when we speak about cloud computing. The idea of virtualization is the discovery that enables cloud and organizations to unite their service areas. This allows you to create virtual environments in your organization.
  • A beginner should start with the basics of cloud computing. You have many courses to learn online, and it’s practically hard to choose the best one. You should consider the best ones that meet your specifications. Learn Linux and Networking basics as well. 

Artificial Intelligence: –

The following are the basic requirements to learn artificial intelligence:

  • ‌ Strong knowledge of mathematics
  • ‌ Good command over programming languages
  • ‌ Good analytical skills
  • ‌ Ability to understand complex algorithms
  • ‌ Basic understanding of statistics and modeling.

After knowing all these prerequisites of artificial intelligence, you can start learning artificial intelligence, and you should practice as it’s such a complex field. To learn artificial intelligence, you can refer to many online sites.

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Current Scenario in India

Artificial Intelligence trains computers to learn from experience and perform tasks of certain cognitive levels. Over the past many years, AI has emerged as a significant function, By utilizing advanced algorithms and computing power, it is transforming the functional, operational, and strategic landscape of various business domains.

By merging cloud computing with artificial intelligence, industries and enterprises have been undergoing a transformation, specifically through a digital phase. India is an emerging software-as-a-service hub. It possesses thousands of SaaS companies, over 150 of which have recurring revenue exceeding $1 million annually.

The previous years have shown a whopping investment in cloud platforms’ AI abilities. ESDS is one of the companies that has been working and developing more on artificial intelligence and cloud computing.

With emerging tech companies and educational institutions in India, Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing are already booming. This has resulted in an increase in numerous job openings. Such opportunities are not just in the private sector but also in the government, with majorly all organizations making digital transitions.

There are loads of opportunities in the private sector as well, where beginners can earn around 5 lakhs rupees per annum, and experienced professionals can get more than 10 lakhs rupees per annum in India.

Cloud Computing When Merged with AI

Based on cloud computing theory, a smart education management platform is designed by using cloud computing and artificial intelligence technology. This platform is deployed in a server cluster environment with a Hadoop-managed storage cluster as the data storage centre.

The new-age cloud computing structure is already witnessing the effects of artificial intelligence, which is an exciting change considering the presentation of transformation technologies.

The Bottom Line

Today, this field is considered to be a vast and emerging one for a person to grow and make their career in. There are many institutes in India as well as across the world that provide top-rated cloud computing programs. These programs assist individuals in navigating successful cloud computing career paths.

Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing are poised to transform many industries, including health care, transportation, business, finance, and manufacturing.

It is clearly visible that Artificial Intelligence is the future of technology, and when combined with Cloud Computing, maintains its supreme position. Many Cloud Computing providers and scientists have accepted that the combination of Cloud Computing (CC) with Artificial Intelligence (AI) will transform the technology industry’s present scenario.

Author: Mehak Gupta