11 Ways to Fix SIM Card not Provisioned MM#2 Error

Written by Sejal Mehra
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Updated On November 16, 2023

Buying a new phone creates unrestrained excitement. Doesn’t it? Being strongly addicted to smartphones today, you put a lot of effort while searching for a branded model before buying. And when your device arrives, your happiness doubles.

But what if you are shown an error message, “sim not provisioned mm2” while inserting a SIM card into your new phone? It will restrict you from making phone calls and accessing the internet. Let’s explore in the article what does sim not provisioned mm#2 mean and what you can do to resolve it. 

What Does SIM Not Provisioned MM#2 Mean?

What does sim not provisioned mm#2 mean?

You may be trying to discover the essence of this phrase, “sim card not provisioned mm#2”, but it would be better that you don’t exert much pressure on your brain to find out what it actually means. The reason is that it won’t give you any clear meaning that can be elucidated. Nor does its precise definition exist.

Merely speaking, a sim card not provisioned mm#2 is an error message that occurs on your Smartphone due to the non-functionality of the SIM card. That’s the simplest form of understanding that you can make regarding the phrase, “SIM card not provisioned mm#2”. 

If you assume that you can explore more information about it in the explanation attached to the message on your device, you are guessing wrong. When such a message appears on your device’s screen, neither it explains what it is nor it guides you about what you can do to solve that glitch. Now, you may be wondering how to fix SIM not provisioned mm 2 error.

First, congrats if you have reached here. Finding this mystery more interesting to know? Good! Just do some more brainstorming about what can be done to resolve this fault. 

By now, you may have numerous questions going through your mind such as, “Why is my SIM not provisioned?”, “How to fix sim not provisioned mm 2?”, and this is the perfect place to get their answers. I will let you know the 11 immensely useful and straightforward solutions to solve this hurdle. Let’s get started and read all of them in continuation.  

How To Fix SIM Not Provisioned MM 2?

I can’t guarantee to get you free of this issue in any universal way but you can try my suggested ways from this article. You may not know which one out of the 11 solutions explained here may work out for you. Yes, you can resolve the SIM card not provisioned mm#2 errors by applying one or two tricks.

To get answers to your query, “Why is my SIM not provisioned?” and “How to fix sim not provisioned mm 2?”, start reading the following solutions one by one. They will help you find a solution that works best for you. Let’s start: 

Check Your SIM Card. See If It’s Broken Or Not

Without going further or checking the advanced settings, see if your SIM card is broken. It’s probably that your SIM card is damaged. At times, SIM cards get activated but due to the physical damage, you face problems retrieving your data through a SIM card. To check, do the following: 

  • Locate the card tray of your phone. Pull out your SIM card from the tray.
  • Inspect the card thoroughly. Check if you are able to visualize any sign of physical damage.

If you find that your card is broken, has some scratch marks, or witnessed any other physical damage, replace it instantly. Call your carrier service provider and they will surely provide you with a new SIM card soon.

However, if you don’t find any physical damage to the card, it means your card is in a good condition. To know the real cause, go through the other explained reasons. 

Verify Whether the SIM Card Is Activated Or Not

One of the essential reasons why your phone shows a SIM card not provisioned mm#2 error might be because of your default SIM card itself which is not activated yet. It is still awaiting its activation. And before it is done, you have started using it which will obviously show you a recurring error message on your phone. 

To solve this problem, you are supposed to activate your SIM card soon. After your SIM is activated, you will no longer see any such error on the phone.

The process for activation of SIM cards through the carrier varies. Some require you to contact them through phone calls while for contacting some other carriers, you are supposed to sign in to your account. 

Make Sure the SIM Card is Placed Accurately

Insert SIM card properly

It happens most of the time that the SIM card is not inserted accurately in its right place and then, this becomes the root cause of the complete flaw. 

There exist several habitual reasons behind this complex muddle. Mostly it’s the intense happiness of the new phone, an urge to use it quickly and show off due to which you put the SIM card improperly in a hurry. Sometimes, it’s the lack of required knowledge too because of which you place the SIM card in the wrong way. 

How can your phone communicate with the carrier when it is not able to read the SIM card? It surely won’t do and you can’t use your phone properly. You will be shown a message that reads, “SIM Card not provisioned MM#2.”

Don’t worry about what you have to do because following the below-mentioned steps will guide you regarding that:

  • Locate the SIM card tray of your phone. Pull the SIM card out of it.
  • You have to remove the card and place it back in the tray again in the right manner in which it should be placed
  • Insert the tray in your phone and switch on your phone.

You won’t see that recurring error message on your screen about the SIM card. Fortunately, your carrier is connected to you now. Congrats, you are done.

Try Using Other Devices With the Same SIM Card

There may be a problem with your device also. To verify this, you can try putting the SIM card in some other spare phone available with you. After inserting, test the working properly. You can try making a call from this testing phone. 

If you can make it, it’s probably because the SIM card is working properly and the only issue is with your phone. You should see what’s the problem in the phone and amend it as soon as possible. However, if you still see a sim not provisioned mm2 error in another phone, it’s the fault of your defective SIM card.

Reboot Your Device

Restart your smartphone

You may have noticed that sometimes an easy solution works out to get rid of complex matters. Similarly, a simple way to fix the sim not provisioned mm2 error may be to restart your smartphone. 

Simply rebooting your phone can help you fix your sim not provisioned mm2 error. Yes, it can work out. Even many carriers also suggest refreshing your devices by restarting your phones after you place a new SIM card. Restarting your phone can catch the network in your location which it was not able to fetch earlier. If a SIM card can connect to the network available in your area, your problem will be solved.

You don’t have to complete a lot of complex steps. It’s a process of a few seconds only. The process is as follows: 

  • Hold the “power button”
  • You will see some options out of which click the “Restart” button.

As soon as your phone restarts, it will fetch all the back up data. After waiting for some time again, try doing a phone call with the device to verify whether the problem has gone.

Switch on the Airplane Mode

Put your phone on airplane mode

Putting your phone on airplane mode might also help. Keep it on for a few seconds only. Just switch on the mode for a few seconds and then switch it off to the normal mode again. In such a few seconds only, your phone will be able to connect to the network easily and the sim not provisioned mm2 error can be eliminated.

The connection with your cellular carrier will be strong and thus the problem of the SIM not provisioned error will be deleted.

The process is the easiest of all. Android users have to open their notification bar and iPhone users need to open the control center. In both options, they will see an icon of airplane mode. Just click on it. This will  put your mobile phone on airplane mode.

To turn it off, you have to go to the same respective places. Click on the same icon again to switch the airplane mode off. You can try doing this trick if you see the sim not provisioned mm2 error message on your phone. See whether it works for you or not. 

Clean Your Phone

Your phone cannot detect your SIM card once foreign materials are stuck to your SIM tray/slot or on the SIM itself. Foreign material includes dust and dirt. Try removing it from the SIM card or SIM port. To ensure that your device runs smoothly and recognizes SIM cards, the removal of that grime is necessary for which you have to do the following: 

Remove the SIM tray from your phone. You have to clean the ports, slots, and SIM cards. To clean in a proper way, go through the following guide:

  • It’s highly suggested that you must power off your phone before you start cleaning to avoid any risk further.
  • Instead of doing this with a rough and wet cloth, use a soft and dry cloth to remove the dust from the gold contact of your SIM card. Replicate the same for the SIM card tray and slot. Try to be as soft as you can while doing it because cleaning by putting force and pressure can damage the metal products from the SIM card slots.
  • To clean SIM card ports, utilize a can of compressed air to eliminate the free dust. Never blow air with your mouth into the port. The port can be impaired by the water vapor of your breath. 

As soon as you are done cleaning every element, place the SIM card in the tray properly and insert the tray into the phone. Make sure the SIM card is fitted in the right manner.

Download Carrier Settings Update

If you have updates regarding carrier settings in your phone, install them as soon as possible. Carrier Settings operate in diversified ways.  For example, a new feature, Wi-Fi Calling, is introduced by Cellular carriers. This feature will be added to your smartphone with the help of carrier settings updates.

Generally, you don’t have to do anything as these updates are installed on their own as soon as you place a new SIM card into your device. If in any case, the updates are not installed automatically, you will get pop-ups regarding the installation of cellular updates.

However, sometimes, neither the updates are installed automatically nor do you get any prompts to update them. At such times, you yourself have to check for such updates manually. To check it, there is a process for both iPhone and Android users and both are different. Let’s see how it goes:

How to Install Carrier Settings Updates On iPhone?

  • Open Settings >General >About
  • In the About section, check the option to update carrier settings. And that’s it, you are successfully done.
    Settings >General >About” class=”wp-image-10722″></figure></li>

<p>If you can’t find the required option to update, it’s most likely that your iPhone possesses the updated carrier settings.</p>

<h4 class=How to Install Carrier Settings Updates On Android?
    • Open Settings <About Phone
      Settings >About phone” class=”wp-image-10723″></figure></li>

<li>In the About<strong> Phone</strong> section, search for an <strong>Update profile</strong> button. Though, the options in some Android phones may be different. You can find it like this:</li>

<p><strong>          Settings <System <Advanced <System update</strong></p>

<p>On both pages, if you are not able to locate any carrier settings update, then you are supposed to check if your device actually has any Dedicated Carrier Settings page. You can search in</p>

<li><strong>Settings <cellular network <carrier settings.</strong> </li>

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      Better than this is that you search for “carrier settings” through the search bar available in the settings.

It may also happen that you may not find any clear option to manually update the carrier settings. It’s probably due to the fact that your device has it installed already.

Update the Carrier Services App to the Latest Version (For Android Users Only)

If you are using an Android operating system, then this solution is for you. There is an app called Carrier Services App, supported in Android cellular phones only. The app acts as a mediator between your carrier network and your phone.

Even if the app is installed on your device and still you see the sim card not provisioned mm#2 message, chances are high that there Is a glitch in your app that is creating a problem for your phone to connect properly with the cellular carrier.

Get a thorough guide through the following steps about how you can update the Carrier Services app. Kindly note that this particular solution is only meant for Android users.

  • Open settings. You will see an option that reads, “Apps & notifications”. Click it.
    Settings  >Apps&Notifications” class=”wp-image-10724″></figure></li>

<li>Click on <strong>“See All Apps”.</strong><figure class=Tap on “See All Apps”


Some devices may be having this option by another name, App info. Hence, you should check accordingly.

  • On the top right corner of the page, you will be able to locate the three-dots menu icon. Tap on it and thereafter, choose the “Show system.
    App info > click on the three dots” class=”wp-image-10727″></figure><figure class=Click on Show system
  • From the list of all apps, click “Carrier Services”.
    Click Carrier Services
  • From the drop-down series, click “Advanced.
    Click the option which reads “Advanced”
  • Click on the “App details” option after exploring the store section.
    Choose App details
  • You will be moved to the Carrier Services app in “Google Play Store”.
  • Click on the “Update” button so that you get the latest version of the app. And yay, with this last step, you’re done with this procedure.
    Update Carrier Services from Google Store

However, if still the sim is not provisioned mm2 error doesn’t get eliminated, then you have to reboot your smartphone. Restart and see the results.

Don’t Be Over Stressed, Have Patience   

Sometimes, all you have to keep is patience indeed. At times, you worry a lot about the fact that even after the activation of your card, you are getting continuing error messages on the phone saying,” SIM not provisioned mm2.” 

This happens and it’s pretty normal. There is no need to take any high stress for the same. I have seen many people who, after getting a new phone, get so excited that they try using their new SIM card too early before it should start being in use actually.

Though you receive authenticated messages regarding the activation of your new SIM card still it requires some time at least 24 hours to actually use it. Hence, as soon as you request for the SIM’s activation,  it’s better you wait for an additional one whole day and see the results in your favor thereafter.  

Get Help With The Carrier or Network Provider 

If none of the above-mentioned solutions work to help you get rid of the SIM card not provisioned mm#2 faults, then play the last card. Take the help of your network provider. Your carrier must be aware of the errors you are witnessing continuously so that they can assist you on how to fix the sim not provisioned mm 2.

Contact your Cellular carrier provider through a phone call, email, or reaching out through social media. To make them understand your problem in a clearer way, you may visit your service provider also at the nearest store. 

Meeting face to face has a lot of deciding factors, say your residing location, the distance from your home to the store, and your preferences. You can ask them directly whether your SIM card is registered and active on their network. Inform them what you have done till now to get rid of the sim not provisioned mm2 issue to assist them in their process also. 


Ans: The term SIM not provisioned for voice means the SIM card is no longer connected to the voice phone line. Due to this error, you can’t take incoming and outgoing voice calls but only emergency calls. The causes are depicted below:

  • You ported your number from one service provider to another. You can only wait till the system is refreshed.
  • Sometimes it’s the running maintenance, network congestion, or any other such related reason due to which your service provider is not responding well or taking a too long time.
  • It’s your faulty SIM card which is unable to establish a proper communication with the service provider’s network.

Ans: From the name itself you might be able to recognize that SIM 2 Not Provisioned Error messages appear on a phone with dual SIMs only. Because every slot has a specific number attached to it, you can recognize very easily which SIM is not provisioned. For example, SIM 1 not provisioned or SIM 2 not provisioned.

Ans: In order to activate your SIM 2 slot, follow the steps as mentioned below:

  • Open

Settings> Connections> SIM card manager

  • In SIM card manager, you need to tap on the SIM card that you want to enable.
  • To finally activate the SIM card, switch it towards the side.

Author: Sejal Mehra