Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) – Whom to Choose?

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Outsourcing the manufacturing of electronic devices is a sensible solution for many companies that would like to facilitate the expertise of industry professionals and avoid the costs of investment in building their own manufacturing infrastructure. Yet, the success of using electronic manufacturing services (EMS) requires considering the following points.

Choice of Electronic Manufacturing Services – Financial Factor

Even though a low price of electronic manufacturing services is a common criterion for choosing a service provider, low manufacturing costs cannot guarantee the total expenses will be low as well.

For instance, the lack of proper planning can cause delays in the final product delivery, which postpones its ability to generate profits and subsequently adds up to financial losses. Furthermore, insufficient experience in supply chain management might require switching to the most expensive suppliers for the sake of on-time product delivery.

Still, the worst-case scenario is a batch of products with undetected defects that can put a business under serious threat.

Expert EMS Provider to Meet Your Needs

It is obvious the competency of an EMS provider can significantly affect costs and even the business reputation. The competency to look for definitely concerns manufacturing, both equipment, and technical skills. The evidence of qualification and professionalism includes successfully passed audits and certifications, for example, ISO.

Moreover, production heavily relies on supply chain management. The skills of efficient delivery planning and material management as well as established business connections with trustworthy component suppliers are core for electronic manufacturing.

Smooth Communication

With all the previous information in mind, it is important to remember about effective communication with the provider of electronic manufacturing services is required for seamless and transparent information exchange, while its lack can cause expensive disruptions.

Communication itself depends on the quality of client support offered by an EMS provider, however, many purchasers of such services are also interested in being treated with a more personalized approach allowing flexibility. On the one hand, such an approach is generally part of customer support adopted by an EMS provider. On the other hand, it depends on the scale of the provider’s manufacturing capacities and the batch ordered by a purchaser. It will be easier for a provider to readjust the manufacturing process if needed when the scale of the project is between 30% and 40% of the turnover.

Choosing Your EMS Provider – Conclusions

To get the full potential of collaboration with an EMS provider, it is recommended to prioritize the industry expertise and experience, production, and supply chain management skills of an electronics manufacturer over a low service price as it will help you to avoid many unexpected costs and receive the desired quality of products.

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