6 Bucket-list Cruise Destinations for 2023

Written by Abby Hill
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Updated On August 25, 2023

Cruises are one of the best ways to travel and explore the world. The scheduled itinerary, luxury, and time at sea equate to a unique experience unmatched by other forms of travel. 

Most companies offer a cruise for guests to go just about anywhere in the world. While you are planning and scheduling your trip, make sure you consider a location’s unique culture, history, and scenery. Pick a destination that intrigues you the most and fits your vacation motive! 

If you’re considering going on a cruise sometime soon, make sure you’re going on one of the best cruises offered in 2023. For now, check out our comprehensive list of must-see cruise destinations that any traveler should add to their bucket list! 

1. The British Isles

Most British Isles cruises take guests to Ireland, Northern Ireland, England, Scotland, and Wales. Enjoy time spent at ports located in Belfast, Normandy, Paris, Dublin, Cork, Glasgow, and beyond. 

The British Isles is a great place to cruise because of the culture, history, and historical landmarks. Guests can tour the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, Edinburgh Castle, and enjoy the beautiful greenery of Ireland. The endless list of castles, historic landmarks, and museums make the location ideal for any history and travel buff. 

2. The Mediterranean 

A Mediterranean cruise offers beautiful weather, beaches, and fascinating history. These cruises take travelers to some of the greatest ancient ports and cities in the world. Explore the ancient ruins of Rome and Greece, and take in beautiful art and scenery found in Barcelona. 

A Mediterranean cruise will also provide guests with wonderful cuisine that is characteristic of the region. Cruise lines consider the flavor found in each respective country. Not to mention, a Mediterranean diet is a healthy diet. 

3. East Asia 

East Asia offers an experience unlike any other on this list for cruises 2023. China, Japan, and South Korea host an array of distinct architecture, history, and landmarks. Major cities in each country are home to breathtaking skyscrapers, and more rural locations offer sacred temples and shrines far from any other in the world. 

East Asian culture and cuisine attract visitors from all over the globe. Explore world-famous museums, UNESCO historic sites, and one of the most famous 7 wonders of the ancient world, the Great Wall of China.

4. The Baltic Sea 

Baltic Sea cruises combine Eurasian stops in Russia and Estonia and European ports like Germany, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark. A cruise in the Baltics takes guests through a region rich in Viking history and Scandinavian and Slavic roots. 

Most Baltic Sea cruise highlights include a stop at Berlin and St. Petersburg where tourists can explore both cities’ history, breathtaking architecture, and museums. Another major highlight is sailing the same Scandinavian seas that Vikings explored many years ago. 

5. Bermuda 

A cruise to Bermuda is one of the best cruises to venture on during the summer. Known for its beautiful pink beaches and blue waters, any guest will have a relaxing day during the cruise’s overnight stay.

The culture features a blend of English roots and native traditions. Travelers can enjoy this blend during the months that host the Harbour Nights festival. The festival takes place in Hamilton and provides room for a variety of entertainment. Enjoy crafts, artisan food and drink, and live performances!

6. South America 

A South American cruise is ideal for any nature lover. Most cruises take guests to ports in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and the Northern part of Antarctica. 

Argentina offers beautiful waterfalls, and Chile allows travelers to explore Patagonia. Depending on the season, you may even be able to see penguins and whales while sailing around the top of Antarctica. 

Do not forget to climb Mount Corcovado in Brazil to marvel at the famous Christ the Redeemer, and enjoy flavors distinct to South America.

A cruise is a great way to engage with all that any region around the world has to offer. Consider which bucket-list location pulls you in to explore and book a cruise now! 

Author: Abby Hill