7 Essential Pieces of Tech to Take on Your Next Vacation

Written by Bhavya Singh
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Updated On November 16, 2023

When you’re packing for your next vacation, don’t forget to consider taking tech devices that will help your vacation be more enjoyable and safer. Here are a few small devices that are worth finding space for in your luggage.

Voice Translator

If you are traveling to another country, being able to speak a few key phrases in another language can be essential. Taking the time to become fluent isn’t always reasonable and if you’re visiting several countries as you will on an Eastern Caribbean cruise, one language may not be enough. Taking a small voice translator with you on cruise can be the answer. You simply speak the phrase into the device and it will translate and speak the phrase correctly in whatever language you need. 

Portable Hotspot

Getting access to the internet can be challenging while you’re traveling, making your expensive smartphone pretty useless. A portable hotspot can help assure that you can connect to the internet when you need to, or even just when you need to.

Universal Adapter

For seasoned travelers, this one’s a no-brainer, but for those that don’t travel overseas frequently overlooking this necessity can really have a negative impact on your vacation. If you’re unsure of the voltage needed in the country you’re visiting, get a universal adapter that will recognize the necessary voltage on its own. Many adapters will also come with USB charging ports as well giving you multiple uses from one small device.


Vacations can be rough for book lovers. After all, there’s never room in your suitcase for all the great books you hope to read. Even if there is, The Complete Works of Shakespeare can make your luggage so heavy that you’ll need a superhero to move it. An e-reader can be the perfect solution. Lightweight and compact, an e-reader will assure that you can read to your heart’s content without straining your back.

Camera Lens Kit

A great camera is a must on any vacation. If you’re traveling to an area with famous landmarks or stunning scenery it’s even more important. Your smartphone likely has a pretty good camera, but won’t have the ability to adjust for the closeup photos you want or those panoramic images that take your breath away. A simple and inexpensive camera lens kit can provide the solution. The interchangeable lenses will give you the ability to give your smartphone camera the boost it needs so you can capture the memories of a lifetime.

Sleep Machine

Sleep can be a challenge on vacation, just when getting some good rest is exactly what you need. You are in a new location with new sounds and smells. Not to mention the fact that the time difference is probably messing with your circadian rhythms. Consider taking a small sleep machine with you. Whether you are calmed by sounds of nature, ethereal music, or white noise, a simple sound machine can make a huge impact on the quality and quantity of your sleep.

Off-Grid Text and GPS Device

Safety is a major concern for travelers everywhere. Especially for those that are taking their time off in a remote area, the ability to reach out for help and communication can be a top concern. Consider investing in a small device, ancillary to your smartphone, that can allow you essential communication even in instances where there is no cell coverage. It can also make sure that you never lose your way when your cellphone loses its GPS capabilities. 

You won’t have a hard time finding room in your suitcase for any of these great devices, and all of them will be a lot more useful to you than a third pair of beach sandals. A few small pieces of tech can make sure you can always communicate with the locals, capture precious memories, relax with a good book, charge your essential electronics, and most importantly, find your way home again safely. 

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