Automation of Transport Logistics: What a Good Program Should be Able to Do

Written by Mehak Gupta
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Updated On December 22, 2023

Logistics is one of the most complex business segments and corporate management processes. Few orders – there are no problems, a lot – chaos can begin in the company. If you lose control over the management of goods and materials (inventory), it is necessary to automate key business processes. These include acceptance, shipment, and transportation.

Let’s talk about the automation of transport logistics.

What is the Automation of Transport Logistics?

Automation of transport logistics – using specialized software, equipment, and machines to optimize distribution processes. The implementation of broad and voluminous tasks is provided by the company’s supply chain management and resource planning (ERP) systems.

ERP (enterprise resource planning) – optimization of resources according to a single data model and processes for all company activities. This is an organizational strategy implemented and implemented through the use of specialized application software packages. ERP provides for the integration of the company’s business processes. Various applications also simplify all the processes in the company, so make an order to a logistics app design company to create it for you. 

Automation of the Delivery Service: Why Do We Need a Program for Transport Logistics

Many retail outlets – from convenience stores to hypermarkets – organize their delivery of goods to customers. The same applies to cafes and restaurants – couriers or waiters bring ready-made food to customers at home or work. Even online stores that do not have offline offices and points of delivery of purchases (only warehouses) often contain delivery services. What processes can be automated and why do I need a logistics program? Let’s consider this in detail.

Planning and Building Optimal Routes

A difficult task if you try to do it manually. With the non-automated construction of routes, the final result is negatively affected:

  • the human factor;
  • the variability of the situation on the roads, that is traffic jams and accidents.

A good logistics program copes with building routes in a few seconds – literally in a couple of clicks. As a rule, it is enough for the user to mark the destinations on the city map so that the program chooses the shortest paths taking into account the time on the road.

Document Flow

Specialized software helps:

  • accelerate business processes 5-10 times;
  • isolate unnecessary steps and reduce working algorithms.

Cargo transportation logistics programs will help to get rid of the following problems:

  • endless correspondence in messengers, by email with customers, suppliers, managers, and the head of the direction, accountants, lawyers, and supply department;
  • constant correction of documents;
  • going to the warehouse and back to clarify information about products, and cargo information.
  • tracking and verification of all documents, acceptance, and revision of accounting documents from the carrier.

Distribution of Orders and Organization of Couriers’ Work

Here is how this segment of logistics is algorithmic if an authorized employee does not use specialized software:

  • the logistician needs to “collect” free couriers who should have time to leave for the delivery of morning orders;
  • you need to upload order data and distribute tasks between couriers and/or drivers. At the same time, it is necessary to strictly observe the order of execution of orders;
  • if the customer decides to postpone the delivery to another time or refuse the purchase altogether, it is necessary to re-coordinate the delivery time, transfer the task to another contractor, and remove the employee from the canceled order.

With such an organization of business processes, the logistician takes the whole working day to process 5-7 complex applications. And if they come in dozens? The logistics automation program helps to solve such tasks literally in one click – in a few minutes, not hours.

Quality Control of Supplies and Cargo

Did something go wrong during the delivery of the order to the customer? The solution to disputable situations is the photo fixation of goods or cargo. The sales department immediately receives visual evidence of a defect or confirmation that everything is in order with the products. A well-thought-out logistics program provides full control over both drivers and the state of transport.

We have listed only the most obvious advantages of implementing an automated system. In reality, there are many more of them. And the time saved can be spent more productively.

Author: Mehak Gupta