Who Are The Best Goalies In FIFA 24?

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Updated On June 7, 2024

In the paced realm of EA Sports FC 24 (previously known as FIFA 24) a reliable goalkeeper is not a mere part of the team – they are the cornerstone on which victories are achieved. A remarkable save can completely change the course of a game, securing points and demoralizing adversaries. However with numerous skilled goalkeepers to choose from, who holds the title of the guardian in FC 24?

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Established Goalies 

For established FIFA clubs seeking a ready-made solution, there are a few familiar names that continue to dominate.

  • Jan Oblak (Atlético Madrid): Remains a titan in the net. His reflexes are unmatched, and his composure under pressure is a cornerstone of his FIFA game. Backed by a high overall rating and impressive stats in diving and reflexes, Oblak is a safe bet for any top-flight club.
  • Thibaut Courtois (Real Madrid): Continues to excel, showcasing exceptional shot-stopping abilities and a commanding presence that fills the box. His strength in penalty shootouts adds another FC 24 layer of confidence, making him a true nightmare for opposing attackers in those crucial moments.
  • Alisson Becker (Liverpool): A vocal leader on the pitch, Alisson embodies the sweeper-keeper EA FC 24 role, thriving on venturing outside his area to snuff out danger. His reflexes are lightning-fast, and his pinpoint distribution allows him to launch lightning-counter attacks. Look for him to be a key figure in teams that employ a high-pressing style of play.

Rising Stars

When leading a EA FC 24 team that shows promise and planning to invest in the future there are some standout individuals, with potential just waiting to be discovered.

  • Gianluigi Donnarumma (Paris Saint-Germain): One such talent is a FC 24 player who embodies world-class qualities. With goalkeeping skills and an impressive ability to stop long-range shots effortlessly, Donnarumma makes difficult tasks appear easy. Add to that his rating and he becomes a valuable investment that is sure to yield returns, for many years ahead.
  • Mike Maignan (AC Milan): Maignan is a rounded player, with reflexes who confidently controls his area. His agility enables him to make saves instantly and his calm demeanor under pressure helps keep his EA FC 24 team composed when facing continuous attacks.

Choosing The Perfect Goalie 

Choosing the right FC 24 goalkeeper goes beyond just their overall rating. It’s crucial to consider your team’s specific needs and tactics. Are you a possession-based team that needs a sweeper-keeper to initiate attacks and launch counter-attacks quickly? Or do you prefer a more traditional shot-stopper who prioritizes securing the net with a strong defensive presence? Squad chemistry also plays a role. Look for goalkeepers who share nationalities or leagues with your defenders, as this can provide a valuable chemistry boost. Finally, don’t forget about budget constraints. Top goalkeepers can be a significant investment. Consider younger prospects with high potential if you’re on a tighter budget.

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Author: Team ityug247