9 Reasons to Invest in Good Network Security

Written by Rosie Bird
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Updated On April 8, 2024

Do you know, a study claims that more than 50% of all cyberattacks are against SMBs (Small and Medium Businesses)? That’s why it is very important to install a sound security system as a powerful defense. 

But, your responsibility doesn’t end here. You will have to regularly monitor the vulnerability of your devices, where an online masters in cybersecurity learning can make a difference. 

Learning will help you develop logical reasoning and analytical skills to assess available security options offered in the market and invest in the best one for your business.  

However, if you are still looking for arguments to justify the significance of network security, here are the 9 prominent reasons you must consider. 

In-Brief:- What is Good Network Security?

Good network security is a competent system that safeguards various aspects of your business such as technology, devices, and processes. It helps you protect your confidential data, available in both hardware and software technologies. 

In this digital realm, it’s important to protect clients’ and customers’ data and other sensitive information to keep it safe and functionally available on the internet.

Fundamentally, there are three major ways through which companies can protect their data, that are:- 

  • Firewall Protections:- The next-generation firewalls and IPS (Intrusion Prevention Systems) have the potential to block malware.  
  • VPNs:- The simple and effective encryption through VPNs is highly beneficial if you are operating your business remotely. 
  • Network Access Controls (NACs):- They enable the complete protection of your organization’s network perimeter, along also blocking attacks. 

That’s why in this realm of advancing IOT and evolving technologies with the ever-increasing threats on data, it is necessary to implement the right measures. Make sure you keep a backup, stay vigilant, establish a security policy, stay compliant, and update your software products from time to time. 

9 Reasons to Invest in High-Quality Network Security

Since data breach incidents are blooming, they pose a threat to the sanctity of sensitive customer information that simultaneously puts companies to face severe legal and financial repercussions. 

Here are the 9 reasons you must consider involving good network security for your enterprise. 

For Protecting Data of Your Business 

It is understood that data is the most crucial thing you need to protect to secure your organization from potential threats. You may know that you may lose your critical data if any malware or phishing attacks take place, which can result in major losses for the organization. 

For Securing Shared Client Data 

Companies often collect data from their clients for marketing and other purposes. That’s why network security keeps the data safe from any harmful invasion that retains the integrity of your business. 

For Optimizing Network Efficiency 

A safe network is helpful and acts as an excellent and efficient system to work with due to the lack of malicious software. Network security can be a good system for improving your network performance to make it run smoothly. 

For Preventing Ransomware Invasion 

You may know that ransomware is the most dreadful cybersecurity challenge, which allows them to infiltrate your databases. After that, they demand monetary favors to prevent them from destroying, releasing, or blocking your data. Since many organizations have already lost millions of dollars, it becomes very important to deploy a well-designed network security. 

To Align With Privacy Laws and Regulations

Certain laws around privacy ensure that businesses will only operate if they are supported by high-quality working network security. It is helpful to secure client and employee data from security problems. 

For Preventing Identity Threat

Do you know that criminals can infiltrate your systems and do fraudulent activities? For example, they can steal your brand’s identity and use them to commit crimes. So, to avoid this, it is essential to establish a highly secure and actively functional network security for your business. 

Unprotected Network can be Costly

If you are still relying on your old unprotected network to save some money, it might turn out that you end up loose more. It is because the cost of having a repair of immediate damage can rise to millions as per the size of your business and stored data. So, invest in the right solution before turning it into a nightmare. 

Raising Protection is Mandatory for Cyber Insurance 

You may find strict cyber insurance measures burdening, but those are the necessary steps to protect your data and systems from malicious actors. Before you invest in any cyber insurance, it is important to invest in the right digital security solutions to qualify for an adequate insurance policy. 

Safeguard Intellectual Property 

Since, companies believe in investing into research and development to have innovative products and services, it becomes more significant to protect intellectual property. So, that’s why it is good network security is helpful. 

These are compelling reasons to take note of and decide to invest in robust network security measures against data breaches and their devastating consequences. 

How to Evaluate a Network Security? 

The implementation of network security measures helps to protect your networking infrastructure by creating a safe and secure environment. It will enable your employees to perform their tasks diligently without worrying about security breaches. 

However, you need to strategically approach setting up this with available solutions, monitoring measures, and expert assistance. The two types of network security assessment include Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing to evaluate the effectiveness of network defenses. 

  • Vulnerability Assessment

    It comprises the process of identifying, classifying, and prioritizing exploitable vulnerabilities. Here you will get an overview of weaknesses, configurations, open ports, and other issues by using automated tools. 

  • Penetration Testing 

    It is also called as pen testing or ethical hacking, where a cyberattack is stimulated to identify hidden vulnerabilities and weaknesses. It is executed by skilled professionals to probe systems, actively outline the potential impacts of threats, and work to establish countermeasures. 

Tip 💡
Keep in mind to regularly assess your network security. Usually, it is advised to conduct them annually, but must consider when there is any change in an organization IT’s infrastructure. 

These two tools are very valuable for proactive security. By conducting these evaluations, businesses will be able to gain an in-depth understanding of the threats they are facing and implement the right security measures. 

Summing Up

It is very evident to configure the reasons behind enacting strict data protection laws and regulations. Also, as customers entrust companies with their personal information so, any breaches would leave lasting consequences. That’s why, investing in great quality cybersecurity can help you to preserve customers’ trust, and compliance, protect against financial losses, and continually do business.

Author: Rosie Bird