Stick Deodorant v. Spray Deodorant

Written by Abby Hill
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Updated On August 25, 2023

Deodorants have been our lifesavers for decades because they save us and others from unpleasant body odor. They come with many designs, scents, shapes, and brands. The main difference comes with their mode of application. We can buy different types of deodorants depending on our needs. In this article, Ishine365 debates the difference between stick and spray deodorant. And helps you pick the one which suits you best. As we all want to make the best out of summers, this article will be helpful for all summer fanatics.

Spray Deodorant

Spray deodorant is the deodorant formula in the form of aerosol spray applied directly to your skin to combat the unpleasant odor of sweating. In the past, spray deodorants were criticized as they had chlorofluorocarbons in their formula which is destructive to the ozone layer. But now, its formula has been improved. Propellants like nitrous oxide and hydrocarbons are present in its formula, making it safer for the user as well as the environment. Its application is the simplest; give a short spray to dry and clean the underarms area or any other part of the body that is potentially sweaty.

Pros and Cons

The biggest pro is its quick and easy application and re-application. Once sprayed on the skin, it dries quickly, so you don’t have to wait before putting the clothes on. Unlike other deodorants, they don’t leave residue and white marks on the clothes. Moreover, spray deodorants can be used on other sweaty parts of the body such as the feet. They can be used for a normal office day without humid climates or intense exercise. Most spray deodorants cannot be taken along on flights because their containers outdo the maximum liquid-size regulations. Also, they produce vapor clouds during the application, making uncomfortable air in shared places. Sprays may cause allergy and irritation on the skin, so you should carefully buy spray deodorant formulated for sensitive skin types.

Stick Deodorant

Stick deodorants have an odor-killing formula in the form of a solid stick or gel. The stick or gel can be easily exposed for application by rolling up through the dial or pores respectively. Due to its wet and liquid nature, it takes time to dry. Apply 2-3 swipes to clean and dry armpits and wait till it dries before putting the clothes on. Re-application depends on your needs.

Pros and Cons

Stick deodorants are favorite because of their portability, even on flights, it was first considered to be a luxury beauty item. It has a manageable coverage with no risk of overdoing it, just swipe as much as you need it. Stick deodorants can be used during any climate and can hold up well after heavy physical exercise. A major drawback is a residue it leaves that results in stains on clothes. Moreover, excessive application can block your pores, causing inflammation on the skin.


It can be deduced from the above discussion. Spray deodorants can be used in daily routine as it dries quickly and can be re-applied easily at any time and place. As it has less coverage so it can’t hold up well after extreme exercise. Whereas stick deodorant is easily portable even on flights, gives maximum coverage, and can be used after gym-ing or sports. It is used best with luxury swimwear because the residue cannot affect swimwear.

Author: Abby Hill