Briefly About What is a Help Desk Manual

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Updated On December 26, 2022

The effectiveness of the support service is one of the key indicators of the company’s quality. Having a good support service is especially important for online businesses. The quality of a customer support service largely depends on how well employees can handle customer requests.

Maintaining the quality of a helpdesk without help desk software is quite difficult. But it is not enough to find a reliable tool. It is necessary that your employees know all the features of the chosen software.

And the corresponding Help Desk Manual will help you understand all the processes of the selected help desk software in more detail. This manual is a detailed guide for users and describes every aspect of the chosen platform. It also describes how to use the platform to make internal and external communications as smooth as possible (including complaints, support requests, issues, etc.)

Who Needs Such Manuals?

There are 3 main occupations that use these manuals regularly.

Help Desk Admins 

These employees are responsible for setting up your help desk software. They are also responsible for deepening and professionalizing these programs, improving them, integrating new features, and so on. Thanks to the manual, admins will know exactly how to set up everything correctly.

Support Managers 

Manuals are also used by customer support managers who oversee all customer support processes. The manuals usually describe in detail all the processes and procedures, which allows each employee to master their specialty even better. Furthermore, they will learn how to work in non-standard situations while doing their job effectively.

Support Agents 

These people are at the forefront of the support service and they are responsible for communicating with customers, answering their requests, and solving their problems. The manual usually shows them how to work with tickets and process all requests as efficiently as possible.

Briefly About How to Create Such a Manual

The quality of the work of the support service largely depends on the correct creation of the manual. In short, the creation process can be described as follows:

  1. It is necessary to give each support ticket its own status to make sure that they go through its life cycle correctly.
  2. Priorities. Each ticket should also have its own priority so that support agents can resolve the most pressing and urgent issues quickly.
  3. Processes. The manual should describe the entire process of work from the creation of a ticket to its closing and customer satisfaction.
  4. More complex requests. Most requests can be answered immediately by the agent, but some require the intervention of superior professionals. The manual should regulate such interventions. Also, the manual should describe cases when the intervention of higher workers is necessary, and when the problem can be solved independently.

If the support service has a well-written and comprehensive manual, you will greatly facilitate their work and organize it more efficiently. Additionally, having a manual and making it available to your support team ensures all customer requests are answered quickly and efficiently, and they will be satisfied.

Author: Abby Hill
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