10 Best Video Creator to Improve Internal Communication

Written by Ankit
5 mins, 40 secs Read
Published On January 18, 2022

Videos are now being created every day to boost marketing and other ideas. It’s a great step towards allowing customers to understand the various products and services in the market. Currently, animation videos have found their way towards internal communication in a business enterprise. 

How Do Video Creators Improve Internal Communication?

The benefits of considering a video creator for internal communication include:

  • A better understanding of how things work 
  • Animations are funny and exciting. That will help in capturing the minds concerned
  • The videos are short, which means the audience will take less time to understand what’s at stake. 
  • The videos are easy to share since we are in the era of smart devices and the internet. So, it’s effortless to reach out to everyone. However, make sure you explore ways to save your videos from being stolen.
  • You can re-use the videos created when necessary, and that makes them convenient 

Top Video Creators to Improve Internal Communication 

1. Doratoon Video Creator 

People love watching cartoons and 3D animations. If you would like to create one for your coworkers to watch in their free time, you need to check out what Doratoon has to offer. It allows you to refute the need to download software since it’s web-based. Therefore you only need a PC or smartphone connected to the internet and has an updated browser. 

They are separated into different categories, and you can’t lack something that suits businesses in general. The tutorials can help give you somewhere to start if you don’t want to begin from the ground up. 

The cartoon video you need to create will meet simplicity. Why? Because all the tools are there, from the animated characters to adding the subtitles where necessary. As you use Doratoon, you will notice the following specifications:

  • Animated characters ready for use: Doratoon has a whiteboard that you can use to draw the characters you need. If that’s too much work for you, you can use the animated characters available. So, as we said, you don’t need to start from the beginning. 
  • Music and sounds library: There are music and sound samples for you to try out. They suit various environments, and the workplace is included. Therefore, you can’t lack something to use as background music or the leading voice for the characters. 
  • AI dubbing: It refers to converting text input to audio. This is an excellent move for those who don’t have ready voice overs to use in their animation videos. You need to input the text you require the characters to speak and convert it into audio once you choose the perfect voice sample. 
  • Subtitles addition: If you create a video that may require subtitles for better understanding, this cartoon creator will help you add them. You can add subtitles to the video in any position or use the speech bubbles to prevent split attention as your audience watches. 
  • PPT to video conversion: Improving internal communication can also involve PowerPoint presentations. Doratoon will help you take the lessons a notch higher by converting them into videos. You can add the voice and background music you need, among other things, to produce the desired effect.  
  • Ability to upload: If you have some voiceovers and background music to use, you can upload them on Doratoon and utilize them. The same also applies to the pictures you need for the background.

How to Create a Video Using Doratoon 

Step 1: Visit the Doratoon website and create an account.

Step 2: Once you access the workbench, add the characters, voiceovers, text, and pictures you need. What you add depends on how you picture the final output. 

Step 3: If anything is missing, you can upload it from your local storage. 

Step 4: After creation, share the video on social platforms, YouTube, or send the link. You can also download the video and share it manually.  

2. Adobe Animation CC 

This is an application that suits the Windows and Mac operating systems. It’s pretty heavy to use, but it renders some of the best 3D creations that those in your working environment can appreciate. 

You can use it to create animated videos, ads, and characters for an upcoming game. There are numerous animation tools to utilize, and if you would like to involve some comprehensive concepts, Adobe can handle the complexity. 

3. MiniTool MovieMaker 

If you are a full-time Windows user, you can use the MiniTool MovieMaker, a subsidiary application from MiniTool. It’s free to use on Windows, and you can create the cartoons you need to convey the required messages. 

There are templates on it that are ready for use, and that means you need a few clicks on the app to complete your video. You can also add texts, transitions and also upload the voiceovers you need to complete the cartoon video. 

4. Animiz 

You can use Animiz to create the characters you need and produce the video. That makes it the best 3D video creator for your internal communication motives. There are numerous templates and shapes to utilize. 

The characters and audio you need are also ready to create an excellent animation. Animiz enables you to work on a smooth transition from one scene to another, and you have a variety of styles to try out. 


5. Animaker 

If you would like to use online-based tools, then here is Animaker to help you create animation and produce a video. The platform boasts more than 50 background tracks, thousands of animated characters, and 200 sound effects. 

There are six video styles you can choose from, and you can record your voice directly as you create the video. 

6. Powtoon 

Powtoon is also web-based so, you don’t need much apart from an internet connection and a browser. Drawing the characters here is not necessary since there are ready templates for you to customize. 

Everything from visuals to texts can be changed, and there is music for background use. You can choose between animation and presentation modes as you create the video. 

7. FlipaClip 

Would you like to make the videos on your phone? If you don’t go the online way, here is FlipaClip to try out on Android and iOS. You can make the cartoons from the comfort of your phone and have a frame-by-frame animation video. 

You can import the materials you need, and the video output is in MP4 or GIF formats. That makes it suitable if you want the videos to reach a wider audience. 

8. Animation Desk

Many YouTube fanatics love this cartoon video maker since it helps create and enjoy the frame-by-frame animation. It’s mobile-based, and you can use it on Android or iPhone. There are more than 40 brushes to use and about nine layers. 

What you get after downloading is a whiteboard where you can pour your creativity, and there is an option to set the preferred FPS.  Advanced features include exporting and importing photoshop layers and combining the sequences. 


9. Biteable 

You can use Biteable online to create the videos you need for internal communication. There are many templates to utilize, and you can also use the platform to create stunning Facebook covers and other graphic forms. 

While it’s free to use, you get watermarked videos, and you have a limitation of making only five videos per month. There are, however, monthly subscription offers to help you get rid of the restriction and the watermark. 

10. Animation Creator HD

The last one on the list is the Animation Creator HD, available for iPhone users only. There are essentials to use as you create the videos and advanced tools. They include drawing and editing tools, configurable layers, and you can import materials from the gallery. 

Also available on the application is an overlay or onion skinning. 


You can improve internal communication in a business enterprise by creating videos using the ten recommendations above. Video creators have made the job easier than thought to the point that you can learn and apply in minutes of getting the appropriate platform. 

The most recommendable tool here is Doratoon since you can use it online. Therefore, any device with an internet connection is welcome since there is no need to download it to get your video done.