UAE Golden Visa for Indians

Written by Helly Hales
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Updated On December 22, 2023

Immigration programs are in unprecedented demand now, and there is an obvious explanation. Obtaining a Golden Visa is now available to a huge number of wealthy residents of India who do not want to put off this opportunity for later. Some of the main advantages of Indians get a golden visa in UAE are the following:

  • the opportunity to acquire expensive real estate;
  • an excellent tax system, including no high-income tax;
  • close proximity to their home country;
  • high quality of life combined with reasonable prices.

The attractive features of an affordable Golden Visa in UAE can’t be overlooked by wealthy investors who are not ready to give up such a lucrative chance to get a luxurious life.

Conditions for Obtaining the Golden Visa

It is not difficult to enjoy the benefits offered because the investment program has been revised in favor of the wealthy citizens of India. There are a few simple requirements UAE golden visa holders in India need to fulfill in order to get an official residence permit:

  1. Making an investment. Investing in the UAE allows you to become a full-fledged resident of the country. The amount of investment at this time is 2 million dirhams (the national currency of the country).
  2. Buying real estate. Entering into the ownership of an Indian means that he soon will obtain the desired residence permit in the United Arab Emirates. The cost of real estate must be equal to the previously mentioned amount (2 million).
  3. Submission of documents. Collecting the required documents does not take much time. An applicant for a residence permit will need to provide information about his family, bank statements, and the contract for the purchase of real estate (making an investment).

Golden Visa applicants receive qualified assistance during the preparation of the application and submission of documents at the embassy. The application processing takes some time and the applicant is informed additionally about the results of the check.

Indians get a golden visas in UAE after the application has been accepted and the procedure is completed through the information indicated in the application form. According to the expert Evgeniya Morozova (Immigrant Invest Agency), it is necessary to specify not only the address of residence (stay) but also a contact phone number. 

Advantages of getting a Golden Visa in the UAE

Indians are keen on the idea to get a passport of citizenship in the UAE because the conditions for business development are more attractive than in their home country. Read all information about UAE Citizenship here – As it is enough to buy a house to get a visa, which wealthy investors can afford, the UAE golden visa for Indians investment program offer becomes more advantageous. 

Investment in real estate is not taxed, and a wide list of regions that offer such a system of taxation allows you to get a home anywhere in the state. In addition, the minimum value of the real estate is reduced, which means that it becomes much easier to get a passport. 

It is beneficial to complete the application and become a member of the program for many reasons, including these advantages that attract attention:

  1. The simplicity of the procedure. Reducing the minimum investment fee allows you to qualify for official status in the Emirates. Under the program, investors first receive a residence permit and then become full members of society.
  2. Affordable prices on property. Demand for real estate increased by 15% due to lower average cost. Statistics show that interest in buying is due to greater affordability. This way, wealthy Indians can invest profitably and make a profit.
  3. Opportunities to develop business activities. The Emirates is an international business center. Residents of the country easily make profitable deals, scale existing corporations and invest in new areas (technology, real estate).
  4. Proximity to home country. India is so close to the Emirates that flights and work move trips don’t take much time. Thanks to this, it is possible to do business in two countries at the same time, avoiding double taxation.
  5. Visa validity period. Entrepreneurs and wealthy residents of India receive the right to reside in the UAE for 10 years. This time can be spent on obtaining official citizenship or developing a long-established business.

The conditions of obtaining a Golden Visa are attractive not only to entrepreneurs but also to professionals in various fields. Qualified employees of medical, research, and academic institutions can also qualify for UAE golden visa for Indians and use the benefit. 

A high standards of living, excellent infrastructure, and better education also attract Indians. New citizens of the state receive much more benefits than participants in other investment programs. Since the investment is directed to the further development of the Emirates, investors gain in any case.

Author: Helly Hales