Transform Your Phone Case into a Stylish Piece

Written by Abby Hill
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Updated On December 6, 2023
Transform Your Phone Cases into a Stylish Piece

You have got a new phone case to cover your smartphone. Why not make it unique with some DIY ideas?

Store-bought covers are good but can be a bit boring and uninspiring sometimes. We don’t change covers and buy different protection shields for smartphones according to the mood. Why not customize it and make that bland piece look beautiful and expensive? Beautiful cases are expensive, and everyone cannot afford them. 

Some courageous souls might even go without mobile covers. No matter what you want, if you are here, you want to decorate the back of your mobile. There are many ways to do so- getting a Phone case with a chain, adding a pop socket, or adding a device charm. It depends on what you are looking for, but these mobile decorating ideas will blow your mind. They are so easy that you can do them yourself.

Spray Paint on the Lace

Spray Paint on the Lace

Enhance your smartphone beauty with lace. All you need to do is to buy a mobile cover, lace, and spray paint. You can even buy the cheapest case as we designed it with lace. For that, place the lace on your device and spray it with paint. Remove the lace and let it dry. Your foxy is ready.

Neon Studs for a Vibrant look

Neon Studs for a Vibrant look

Neon shades look cool. They stand out from the crowd and are an instant way to pep up things. All you have to do is paste different shapes of neon studs on the back of the phone cover. You can mix and match neon shades and be playful with the designs and patterns. If you want- you can use diamonds, polkas, pearls, and other embellishments.

Starry Case

Starry Phone Case

Star-shaped sequins look stunning. They can quickly add glam to anything. Go for it if you like bling. It is also best for party animals to show off their celebrity styles.

Metallic Studs

Metallic Studs that give a 3D look to your mobile case

There are many types of studs available in the market. If you want something elegant yet catchy. Go for subtle metallic studs that look like a pyramid and appear 3D. Do not cover the entire area. Be creative and make it look like patterns.

Glittery Covers

Glittery Cover Diy on Phone Case

This is so simple even a kid will do it. Just apply glue to your mobile case and spread glitter over it. Let it dry, and your glittery shield is ready. To add some depth, you can mix-match two glitter shades too.

Stick a Jewelry Piece

A phone case decorated with jewelry pieces

An easy way to glam your phone cover is to stick jewelry. It can be a pendant, pearl, or bracelet on an anklet in a way that gives 3D appeal. It also looks unique, and you can customize it in your own way. Like we added a feather or an owl face to make it charming.

Picture Collage at the Back

Picture Collage at the back of the mobile case

Cut the best sassiest images from the magazine of your favorite celebs and paste them on your phone cover. Simple! Wrap it with an enamel coat so that- it stays in place for a longer duration.

Criss Cross Stitches

Criss Cross Stitches on Phone Case

Plain crisscross stitched fabrics are available in online and offline stores. Get them and paste them into your device case. It looks pretty and neat. You will love it.

Vintage Map

Cover your smartphone cases with Vintage Map over it

If you love vintage, it is best to cut out a vintage map or articles and paste it. Later place enamel over it to give it a see-through and glossy look. 

Do You Know? The first phone case was invented by Andy Fathollahi and made up of black leather 

Watercolor cutouts

Watercolours Outcuts looks pretty good over phone covers

You might think it a good idea. But yes, it is. Make designs on paper, cut them out in varied shapes, color them with watercolors, and paste them on. It looks customized and provides a blingy effect on your case. Do not forget to coat it with transparent enamel.

Washi Tape

Decorate your device covers with Washi Tape

You can create beautiful combinations using Washi tapes. Choose a color scheme and pattern and paste it. Besides being durable, they look stunning as well.

Pearl case

Paste Pearl Case with Glue

Like we did with studs and other embellishments- Just paste different-sized pearls on the phone case to create a lively design. 

90’s Sticker Charms

90’s Sticker giving a charming look to phone cases

90’s stickers are super cool. It was my favorite in my childhood, and I like it even now. Just stick them on your mobile cover and create a childhood memory.


Decorate Phone Covers with Seashells

If you like to be unique and bold- Try seashells for your phone covers. You can collect them from seashores and clean them before assorting and pasting. You can create a mosaic effect with it.

Pressed Flowers

Flowery Decoration at the back of your smartphone

We like keeping beautiful flowers in our books. Use them to create art. Take a plain white case and arrange pressed flowers. Cover it with transparent enamel and let it dry. Bingo! It looks so good that you can gift it to your friends too.


So, this is all for today, but there are tremendous options to decorate your phone cases. Many third-party websites offer you affordable embellished and peppy mobile covers like Million Cases. They offer a huge variety of covers for iPhones and other brands on a budget but with no compromise in quality. If you don’t have time for DIY, get it online from these trusted online sellers.

Author: Abby Hill