How to Track Your Husband’s Phone Without Touching It?

Written by Abby Hill
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Updated On November 24, 2023

Marriage brings with it a number of joys, but for some people, the fact that they cannot simply open their partner’s phone and see what they are up to can be particularly irritating. Nowadays, many people tend to keep very private things on their phones, which they would not want their spouse or partner to know about. If the partner is acting suspiciously, having access to their phone would be necessary.

However, most people do not want to go down the route of actually spying on their partners. This is simply because this would violate the trust that they have in each other and could easily lead to dire consequences in terms of their relationship. 

Thus, the best option to keep track of his smartphone activity without touching it is an app to track his phone.

How Spy Apps Work to Track Your Husband’s Phone?

Spy apps will provide you with key information about your spouse while avoiding things like rooting or jailbreaking the target device.

They are basically small apps that can be easily downloaded without the knowledge of your spouse. With some of these spy apps, you will get the opportunity to monitor phone calls, read text messages, see call logs, and even track your husband’s location. All this data is uploaded in real-time so that it becomes visible to you on your online account.

What Does a Spy App Track?

Depending on the spy service that you select, you will have different features available, some of them include: 

  • Track text messages. You can see all text messages sent or received by an individual on their target device. 
  • Monitor calls. By using this feature, you will get access to all the incoming and outgoing calls made on your spouse’s mobile phone.
  • See contact list. You can see all the contacts that are on his target phone. 
  • View photos and videos. When you install a spy app, you will get access to all the photos and videos taken by your spouse’s mobile phone.
  • View browsing history. This includes all the websites that were viewed by your spouse.

Free Ways to Track Your Husband’s Phone

Are you looking for a way to monitor your partner’s phone without using a spy app?  If so, try any of these alternatives and see whether you can break through your partner’s lies.

Use iCloud Backup

If your partner is hiding his phone or deleting texts, you might be able to find evidence of cheating on an iCloud backup. If your partner doesn’t delete their messages from iCloud before deleting them from their phone, they will still show up in the app even if the app has been deleted. You can restore iCloud backups using a PC or Mac, but not an iPhone. The app will show you the time and date of each message, as well as a preview of that message.

Grab His Phone When He’s Not Around

If your partner has a pattern of looking at his phone at certain times of the day, try to get it once he is in the shower, going out the door to work, or just fast asleep. If you’re worried he is already suspicious of your behavior, try to act like you are looking for something in your bag or on the desk while quickly glancing at his phone when he is not around.

Use a Keylogger

Keylogger app is a free app that records every keystroke and stores it on your account, which you can access from anywhere as long as there is an Internet connection. This app works incredibly well as most people never think to check their history of keystrokes. You can subtly insert the app’s icon onto his app screen, so he would not notice it.


Using an app is the most accurate and easiest way to track your spouse. However, there are free ways to do so as well, such as an app to track his phone with a keylogger as described above. Whether it’s a cheating husband or just making sure that children aren’t spending too much time on their smartphones, these apps will provide you with all the necessary information.

Author: Abby Hill