Stainless Steel Kitchen Work Tables: Create Ergonomic Spaces with the Right Model

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Updated On February 20, 2023

Every professional kitchen is a complex system where everything should be located as conveniently and ergonomically as possible. A good rule of thumb to remember — no extra unnecessary details should occupy valuable space. So investing only in critical elements that will serve your business is the key to success. Yes, planning entails hard work, but with the right tools, organizational moments are much easier. Therefore, when opting for the stainless steel kitchen work table, explore the set of benefits that it will create for the staff and cooks, as well as discover their types, additions, and accessories. Being aware of such details, you will be capable of wisely and competently equipping every inch of the room.

Keep in mind that the selection process must be individual, as it depends mainly on the format of the food establishment, working priorities, as well as commercial needs and wants. It is not a simple undertaking, so it is better to proceed with this issue at the stage of creating a business plan. The thing is that far from every website of a manufacturing or supplying company can share information about all existing models of stainless steel kitchen work tables, the importance of one or another purchase, or possible modifications of standard equipment. Let’s unpack the pivotal information that will help you to make only well-considered decisions. 

Reasons to Opt for a Metal Table

Impressive hygiene due to a smooth surface. Why is the stainless steel prep table worth your money? First of all, steel is recognized as the safest surface for contact with food. It is easy to get rid of dirt and steel is resistant to the influence of aggressive substances. Thus, metal tops are widely used in the food industry. Since there are no pores, metal tables will have a beautiful appearance. Shiny, matte, or glossy surfaces give an exceptional look. Other characteristics are:

  • Longevity: steel is proven to be much more long-lasting than its alternatives. Therefore, despite the high cost of the material, metal products will pay off in the long run.
  • Prestige: food grade steel is a high-class material, which cannot be compared in terms of operation in harsh conditions with ordinary metals, wood, or plastic. It gives products a unique luster and impeccable look.
  • Environmental protection: there are no problems with the disposal of stainless steel waste. As much as 50% of the steel that is on sale is obtained from waste reprocessing.
  • No bacteria: tiny cracks may appear after prolonged intensive impacts, however, this is not the case for a stainless steel prep table, as it is shielded from all enemies, preventing destruction.

Just imagine, the scope of stainless steel application is so wide, that it can be used in exterior or interior construction and for creating decorative elements, facades, advertising installations, and even sculptures or many street structures. The whole point is that first-class steel does not corrode and is not affected by high humidity. These characteristics are also critical for such a product as a table.

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Smart space zoning. The arrangement of equipment is based on a single principle — the sequence of activities needed to process products and, generally, get ready for the food prep procedure — from washing to serving. Ergonomics allows the staff to reduce the time of cooking, rinsing, cleaning, etc. so zoning must be based on established rules. Therefore, it is necessary to think over a sufficient number of surfaces for various processes and create a design where everything is balanced.

There are no problems with placing equipment in a spacious area. However, with tight kitchens, things are more difficult, since it is necessary to place an array of stuff, appliances, and utensils in a limited area. So you can invest in modified table models with extra shelving units in order to cleanly and neatly arrange each object, so it does not interfere with fast cooking processes.

As for the location of stainless steel kitchen work tables, they can be installed both in the central part of the room and against the wall. Since this is not the only metal structure you will buy, it is worth determining in advance the types and number of other units. Thus, you may need, for example, a wall shelf that can be solid or wired — you just need to know its purpose to pick the right one. It also can be racks and shelving kits of different sizes, modifications, amount of tiers, and accessories. Another example is mobile serving carts for collecting dishes, serving guests, or creating a mobile workstation for unique needs. You also cannot do without a sink with several compartments for washing and rinsing huge stock of pans, pots, and utensils. Keep in mind that a sink can be built into your table, so you can check such an option too for the increased level of convenience and for saving valuable space. 

Boosted performance. No one wants to cook in a messy and cluttered kitchen. The staff will end up spending most of their energy washing dishes and surfaces, seeking frequently used items, or moving equipment from one place to another since it doesn’t have its own storage spot. Therefore, think how much more the crew would enjoy the process of cooking if it will occur in a calm, clutter-free place. The correct table and other additional equipment made of steel can greatly increase productivity even in the harshest and most intensive conditions. Remember that spending a little time on the selection process will save you time in the long run. In addition, a well-organized kitchen will make unpacking, placing ingredients and products, and planning meals much quicker.

Work Tables with An Undershelf and Other Practical Options 

Undershelf makes difference to storage capacity. If you do not follow the rules for arranging the equipment, then these mistakes will contribute to the compromised quality of dishes in the restaurant, low speed, and the loss of reputation. Additional shelves will help you comply with the arrangement norms for the smooth implementation of the daily routine.

Consider a backsplash to keep the area clean. Imagine how the walls suffer from intensive work and constant splashes. Stains affect general sanitation, so the stainless steel kitchen work tables with a backsplash are simply a must-have for a higher level of cleanliness.Casters are worth your investment. Caster wheels will add the mobility you won’t get with stationary models. One to two lower shelves can also be installed for greater capacity in such a model. If you have enough surfaces for storing, then the table can be open-base.

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