What Software Do Business Students Need to Work With?

Written by Ankit
3 mins, 18 secs Read
Updated On December 22, 2023

We cannot imagine education without computer technologies today. Software and apps facilitate lots of important functions today. We depend on technologies so much that modern students can hardly understand how previous generations studied at all.

We need computers to type an essay, read a book, present a paper, or even connect with friends. Thanks to modern computer technologies and the internet, we keep working and stay connected even when the situation goes different.

The COVID crisis has proved it.

Yet, one should be selective when it comes to software. Based on your major, the list of the programs you need may change. In this article, we are going to talk specifically about business students and their software needs. They are pretty diverse, that’s why everyone can find something interesting in the list below.

Office Suite

Microsoft Office Suite is a quintessential business software everyone needs. Using this tool, you can create a written document, make a presentation, or calculate data using a spreadsheet. Word, PowerPoint, and Excel should be your top software if you are a business student.

The features and functions of these programs are things that actually make your computer so irreplaceable. Why would you need it if you couldn’t read or create a file? What would you do if your computer couldn’t calculate based on the formulas you create?

One may say: “Okay, I can do without Microsoft Word if I have an essay writer helper from EssayHub to support me.” True. Essay writing services have become popular recently, and they indeed offer some interesting solutions for business students. However, these companies also send files in Word format. That being said, Microsoft Office is a must-have, no doubt.

There are many alternatives to Office Suite available today, some of them are offered for free. Nevertheless, Microsoft tools remain to be the most popular and highly regarded software for everyone, including business students.


One of the first and most successful cloud technologies offered to a large number of people was Dropbox. Today, it’s still one of the most popular virtual storage where you can keep all your most important files. That means that you’ll never lose them. And, you’ll always have access to them from any place in the world.

iCloud and other cloud technologies are also getting more and more popular. Dropbox, however, remains to be an industry benchmark with the largest market share.


Video conferencing became very popular years ago. Skype has been leading the industry for years now, facilitating communication for businesses and families. The COVID crisis has largely affected the landscape though. Today, video conferencing is literally all about making business.

This is why companies started looking for newer and faster software. Zoom and Google Meets have taken Skype’s place over, offering a more sophisticated software product. Having this in mind, business students should also use these newest technologies to keep abreast of all their features and functions.


When it comes to creating presentations, PowerPoint may not be the tool you are looking for. If you work on a business plan or a product analysis, Prezi might be a better choice. This software allows for creating unconventional presentations with lots of effects and creative tools.

In other words, if your goal is to communicate a message, PowerPoint is enough. If you need to wow your audience, Prezi is there to help.


Business students won’t do without great note-taking software. Evernote has been one of the top choices for many years already. It keeps growing and advancing, acquiring new functions. For example, today, Evernote lets you record notes and automatically converts them into a written file. That means all your information is always at hand.

Google Calendar

Time management is the best function you can learn as a business student. You have to plan your day. Otherwise, you won’t make the most of it. Google Calendar is going to help you with that. You can create as many entries as you wish to take full control of your daily & weekly schedules.

The rest of Google’s products are also useful for business students. You can benefit from Google Docs, the analog of Word, or store your files on Google Drive.

Collaboration Tools

It’s hard to recommend the best collaboration tool. You’ll have to assess available offers and choose which one fits your needs better. ClickUp, Trello, Jira, and many other tools are there to help you organize your group work.

As a business student, you need to keep abreast of these collaboration technologies. After all, communication and collaboration are key for any business.


This article contains a list of several most popular tools for business students. You may consider them basic. The more specific your projects and tasks become, the more sophisticated software you’ll need. Yet, the seven tools discussed above form a necessary basement for other more advanced software and apps.