Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2: Better Than the First But is It Worth It?

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Updated On December 22, 2023

When talking about folding phones with flexible displays, it is hard not to think about Samsung. The world was introduced to the first Samsung folding phone back in September 2019 and the reviews were mixed. Yes, it was a revolutionary device with a certain appeal that made it popular amongst influencers. For the average individual, the clunky hinge, small front display, and the creases developed where the display folded made it unreliable and not worth spending money on.

Things have changed a bit with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2. It seems that Samsung learned from past mistakes and managed to improve many aspects of their flagship folding smartphone. you can learn many new things from Samsung Manuals.

What Was Improved

There are three major problems with the first generation of folding devices that Samsung improved in the Z Fold 2. The most important one is the design of the hinge. Its 7.6-inch display is not supported by a hinge that does not rattle, closes properly, and appears to be more resilient to frequent opening and closing. It feels more solid overall.

Unfolded, the second generation of the flagship Samsung folding phone feels like a small tablet. When folded, it turns into a narrow smartphone. To make it more usable when folded, the front cover display is now much larger. It is much easier to type with one hand on it, browse social media or enjoy videos. While it is more usable, it is still not suitable for productivity apps. If you want to be productive using the Z Fold 2, you have to use the main 7.6-inch display.

Lastly, the improvement that Samsung made revolves around their Android skin. The previous generation was not properly optimized for split-screen use. This time around, the new Galaxy Z Fold works much better with pretty much any app you throw at it.

What is Not That Great

Samsung had to fit in a lot of cameras on the Z Fold. While the device is expensive, the cameras used are not Samsung’s best. They can still take amazing photos if you fiddle around with the settings but the overall impression is that the latest Samsung folding phone received a different set of cameras that would fit it properly along with other components. Trying to fit five cameras on 3 sides of the phone requires a lot of smart engineering. There are 3 main cameras on the back of the devices, one front-facing camera on the cover display and one inside, placed on the large 7.6-inch display.

The second gripe some might have with the Galaxy Z Fold 2 is the price. It is an expensive device and many may not feel comfortable paying the asking price for it. If the Samsung folding phone is really what you want to use as your daily driver, you may want to consider getting it along with a subscription as it may come with some discounts. Regardless of how you get it, the 2nd generation of the flagship Samsung folding phone is a great device that boasts clever engineering and excellent hardware that will make it a capable device even after several years since launch.

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