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Written by Mehak Gupta
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Updated On November 16, 2023

Not all virtual data room companies can be relied upon to give trustworthy solutions. This is due to the fact that not all online data room vendors provide the same standard of data security, customer support, usability, and necessary functionality.

In VDRs, information protection is the most important factor. Data security is the key concern of companies, professionals, government organizations, businesses, and corporations when choosing virtual data room providers.

Numerous companies and organizations use virtual data room software in a variety of different contexts. It has completely replaced conventional data storage and sharing solutions since it was first introduced to the market a few decades ago as businesses quickly realized the advantages it offers.

What is VDR Software and What is It Used for?

Software for VDRs gives businesses a secure online repository for their documentation. It is sometimes referred to as an electronic data room and is frequently referred to as VDR. The necessity for physical data storage devices is gone thanks to VDR. They offer access to an endless number of parties at any time and are a practical option. Check more information about data rooms at

Its main objective is to give companies and organizations a secure setting in which to communicate vital information to other interested parties. This may refer to individuals from within the organization, such as members of the staff or the leadership, or from outside the organization, such as customers and investors.

The majority of the time, merger and acquisition transactions use VDR software. For divisions or businesses that are being sold or acquired, the software serves as a data repository and a secure collaboration area.

The Main Features of VDR Software

One perk that improves an organization’s due diligence procedures is being incredibly secure. They are an effective and secure mechanism for storing and sharing sensitive and confidential data between individuals within an organization or between organizations, which is probably one of the main reasons they are utilized. 

Virtual data rooms are perfect for a wide range of businesses and circumstances because this is a universal necessity. These types of digital data storage solutions have made it possible for organizations to downsize because they require less physical space to store important data. The added benefit of lower overheads has resulted from this.

Data Protection with VDR Solutions

When choosing data room services for your company, you cannot skimp on data security, especially if you engage in small- to large-scale business transactions. Hopefully, your choice of the best option will be among the best data room providers in the VDR market, which are represented by the names mentioned below.


One of the most sought-after virtual data room solutions on the market is provided by iDeals. This is due to the fact that iDeals VDRs are among the most secure data rooms available, in addition to being simple to use and set up. These solutions also have the advantage of being appropriate for ongoing data storage, due diligence, and intensive data sharing. Additionally, iDeals have a highly regarded customer support team that is extremely dependable in the VDR industry.


Similar to DealRoom, Intralinks is primarily used for complex business deals. All necessary tools for online collaboration and the due diligence process are fully available in Intralinks data rooms. Although Intralinks VDRs don’t have a problem with data room security, they don’t provide much customization. In conclusion, Intralinks VDRs are primarily effective for closing large deals rather than for everyday use.


DealRoom was created specifically to reduce inefficiencies in project management and mergers and acquisitions. It is arguably one of the most secure virtual data rooms available. In 2012, DealRoom began providing secure VDR services, and it quickly established itself as a major player in the M&A industry. DealRoom’s data room is an obvious choice for data-sensitive transactions thanks to its simple user interface, unmatched security, and comprehensive AI analytics.


Since Merrill is frequently used in mergers, acquisitions, and other similarly significant corporate transactions, Merrill, Intralinks, and DealRoom theoretically belong to the same category. Merrill offers all fundamental and sophisticated capabilities for virtual data rooms, including a custom website. In investment banking, law, corporate development, and private equities, these data room services are primarily utilized. Merrill, however, costs more than its top rivals.


The best deal-making facilitation is ForData’s primary objective. The VDRs offered by ForData are extremely secure, easy to use, and have a strong customer support team. The ForData electronic data room is a highly favored option in law firms, banks, and advisory firms because it has all crucial VDR features like document permission settings, auto-indexing, docs viewer, and so forth.


Box can be a great asset for your company if you’re looking for an electronic data room solution for small transactions or regular business operations. The fundamental features of a safe virtual data room, like security measures and quick data sharing, are all present in Box. 


Virtual data rooms from SecureDocs are simple to use, quick to set up and offer clear pricing structures. Although SecureDocs prides itself on its impregnable security measures and ease of use, these data rooms are not strongly advised for due diligence. Digital watermarking, authorization controls, bulk uploads, and drag-and-drop are notable features.


Since its inception in 2010, CapLinked has provided services to more than 200,000 thousand businesses worldwide. The Caplinked data room software is renowned for its ease of use, helpful customer support staff, and reasonable pricing options. Instant chat, a thorough dashboard, and interaction with MS Word and Excel are notable features.


Software for virtual data rooms can be used for many different kinds of company operations and is unquestionably useful when working with sensitive material. A VDR can take the role of a complete archive, documents are stored electronically. 

At the same time, access privileges are clearly defined, and anyone without authorization cannot view a document that several employees are working on at once. A traditional meeting in a conference room where traditional edits are made to a printed version of a document using a red pen can be replaced by such software. There is no chance that this document will be left on the office table unattended.

Author: Mehak Gupta